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Weed Doesn’t Get You High Anymore


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You really never forget your first weed joint. The sweet high that made you fall in love with the best herb in the world and the beginning of a hobby that you still like to enjoy from time to time. It’s unforgettable, really, but we bet that nowadays if you are a seasoned pothead, you can't get that same high anymore.

There’s a very simple reason; as with everything else you might enjoy, you start to build up some cannabis tolerance, especially if you are more than a casual smoker, and it gets harder and harder to get the same high as back in the day. Yes, it’s a normal part of the weed life, but the good news is that not everything is lost.

In stoner folklore, there’s plenty of advice and tips to try and get back the full high of a good joint, and here at HØJ, we present you what we consider the best of them. So fret not, fellow pothead, since we bring you today the best solutions when weed doesn’t get you high anymore. So bring your best grinder, maybe one of these, and gather around to learn how to get high properly again.

Still asking yourself... "Why can't I get high anymore?" Try this:

1. Try new cannabis strains

Trimming a leaf of different cannabis strains
Trimming a leaf of different cannabis strains (Envato)

If your old go-to weed of choice isn’t doing the trick anymore, then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere for that high you like. If you are an old-school smoker, you might be just discovering the wide and wonderful world of modern weed, with special blends, strains, and preparation methods that can bring you the chill feeling you want. 

If you have a dealer you trust, then start by asking them to recommend new herbs to try, with different contents of THC and CBD that can bypass your natural tolerance, or research how to grow different strains of cannabis if you prefer a more “homegrown” taste. Also, by frequently switching the types of weed you smoke, your tolerance will build up more slowly, so get exploring new experiences, and you may even find your new favorite strain along the way. 

Don’t be shy to try new things!

2. Get some edibles effect

Brownies edibles with cannabis
Brownies edibles with cannabis (Envato)

Something that many potheads also know is that weed has a diminished effect when smoked, and baking some edibles may be the way to get the total high of it. The trick is preparing the basic weed-infused ingredients, like cannabutter, this type of butter gets a strong reaction without drowning every other flavor of the dish you will cook (it’s easy to happen, as weed has a very strong presence in any recipe), and start small. If you are more used to smoking weed rather than eating it, the effect of an edible can be shocking, so take precautions and don’t get too confident on it, ok?

3. Do you know dabs? Try it!

If the idea of edibles interests you, but you don’t feel like preparing the cannabutter and cooking, maybe dabs are a good option for you. But what are dabs, you ask? 

Well, it’s basically a concentrate of weed, commonly found as some sort of jelly that can be 99% THC, a percentage that might even scare you. And for a good reason; dabs are meant to be used carefully, as an ingredient for candies and the like, or even smoked with a vaporizer.

Whatever option you choose, just be careful with the dose, as it takes hold in about ten minutes and can last for about two hours (or more!), and the flavor can be intense and overpowering, so consider this a last resort in case you really want that high but a good old joint would not be enough. 

4. Mix cannabis with tobacco: Roll a spliff

Rolling a spliff can be a good choice for you! Just a tiny little bit. Tobacco plays really well when mixed with weed, so adding it to your usual joint, making it a spliff, might help you boost the effects. Just grind it along with everything else, and with a bit of luck (especially if you are not an avid tobacco smoker), you’ll get the effect you want. Just remember that nicotine can be very addictive, so don’t go overboard with it!

Learn the difference between joints, spliffs and blunts right here.

5. Get a good weed grinder

Woman grinding weed with a grinder
Woman grinding weed with KLIP grinder (HØJ Media)

As you may know, grinding weed sometimes can be good, but sometimes can harm your herb. Regular plastic grinders usually crush the flower buds as it grinds which makes the herb lose the integrity of its crystals and therefore decreases the potency and effects of the smoke. Smoking a “not correctly” grounded weed can affect your high effect and it can be a reason why you're not getting high anymore.

So, stop buying cheap plastic grinders! To get the best high and get the most out of your cannabis you'll only need one high-quality grinder. We recommend you try the KLIP slicer, truly a game-changer when it comes to grinding. It doesn't crush the herb, it finely slices through it with its custom-built dual blades, creating a much fluffier consistency that burns more evenly.

Investing in a GOOD grinder is the best thing you can do. This type of grinder, such as KLIP, offers a lifetime warranty that proves its quality and effectiveness through time. You'll save much more money on weed in the long term.

6. Eat mango before smoking weed

Man eating mango
Man eating mango (Envato)

Mango? Yeah, mango! It's a great food that enhances your high!

Many potheads swear by it, and although your mileage may vary on the effectiveness of this most delicious fruit, it is said that mango has some similar components to weed that, while they don’t get you high by themselves, makes your body more receptive to the effects of cannabis, so eating a mango some 45 minutes before lighting up help you reach a better high.

It’s not exactly science, but it seems to work for a lot of people, so it may be worth giving it a shot. And if it doesn’t work, you still get to eat a delicious mango, so it’s a win-win, really. If you also put it in the fridge for a little while, it is a great treat for a hot afternoon, too!

7. Consult your doctor or take a weed break

This is just general advice, and we should remind you that we employ exactly zero medical professionals, but in some cases, a condition you might not be aware of could be blocking your reception to weed. A study published in 2014 pointed at a hormone, pregnenolone, that made some lab rats to avoid the effects of weed. So who knows, maybe your body is deliberately blocking the high of weed? 

But well, don't worry at all, maybe you just need to take a weed-tolerance break for some days… remember that every problem has a solution!

Anyway, that’s it for today. We hope that this list helps you to regain some of the buzz you might have lost over the years, so get grinding with the best grinder on the market, grab the edibles, the dabs, your tobacco mix, that new strain everyone is talking about and even a cold mango directly from the fridge and enjoy an afternoon of chilling with the best high. 

Don’t forget to visit our store and arm yourself with the best tools to give your weed the treatment it deserves! 

Happy smoking!

Author: Shaggy

Disclaimer: HØJ is not a medical advice blog, so please consult with a doctor or a specialist if you have any questions regarding smoking, feeling hangover, other cannabis effects, or anything related to cannabis consumption itself.


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