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How Long Does A High Last?: The Effects Of Cannabis In Your Body

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This is a question that has a lot of answers and in which there are many factors that influence the response:


  • What kind of cannabis terpene did you smoked
  • Did you smoke or eat an edible?
  • The amount of THC you consumed
  • Are you experiencing a dab high?
  • How long has it been since the last time you got high
  • Do you consume CBD regularly?
  • The individual tolerance and metabolism

In order to determine how long a weed high lasts we will compare various forms of cannabis ingestion methods and analyze the experience of what weed users say about it. 

How long does a weed high last? Guide to understand cannabis consumption and its effects

Marijuana high is when you feel the effects of THC. But first, let’s talk about the most famous and traditional method of consuming weed: smoking or vaping cannabis. The flower is the most popular way of consumption, therefore it has the most relevant and reliable information. As soon as you hit a joint, THC gets in your lungs and bloodstream. 

Let’s suppose you just rolled a joint, preferably with high quality rolling papers. Even before you finish smoking you can feel the effects of marijuana. 

After smoking a joint, the duration of the high is regularly from one to two hours. If it has been a while since you smoked your last joint the high will last much longer. The effects of smoking will decrease if you smoke again on the same day. And I can relate, the first joint of the day hits very high and the high generally lasts from one to two hours. The second joint of course is something, but the high experience is less. 

Shamelessly, after the third joint of the day the cannabis high is much lower and I just feel like kind of sleepy. After the fourth joint in the same day, I can barely feel the psychedelic experience, and I might just fall asleep. You can stay high as long as you want of course. But you will need to be constantly smoking and avoid breaks or long dead time without smoking or you will fall asleep. The joint high may be the longest because of its practicality, you can carry a joint and light up almost everywhere unlike a bong or a dab, the only way of consumption that can overtake a joint on practicality terms is a wax pen. 


Cannabis high with pipes, bong and wax

Pipes are also an excellent option in terms of practicality, the effects of smoking cannabis this way just feel immediately. However, this cannabis high lasts less. It depends on the weed you are going to smoke of course, and the pipe. Some pipes are too small and you need to be reloading it, and cannabis users can relate this is such a nuisance. The high may only last from twenty to thirty minutes. On the other hand, Using the perfect pipe for you and knowing your doses will the one controlling the time you want to stay high. A pipe which can provide a longer high due to its size will make the difference. The effects last longer because you don’t lose time reloading it. 

Another excellent way for smoking cannabis is with a bong. This cannabis experience just hit you differently, you feel high immediately after hitting a bong. And the duration of your high is more than perfect considering the small amount of cannabis required. After hitting a bong the length of the high is pretty similar to after smoking a joint. 

Now let’s talk about concentrates, wax dabbers and pens. Wax in small amounts contain high levels of THC. Dabbing is quite an experience, and marijuana users can relate. This way of consuming THC is one of my favorites. Dabbing high is a very intense high. You’ll feel the effects of THC so intensely in a matter of thousandths of seconds. You won’t even have the smoke when you're super high. It is kind of a different high sensation, feels like a rush for a few seconds, you won’t reach this sensation by smoking a joint either from a bong. However, 10 minutes after smoking, you won’t be sober, but the high loses its intensity pretty fast. 

Now wax pens, it is kind of a love-hate situation. In terms of practicality and discretion nothing can compare to a wax pen. You can use it anywhere, but how long does the effects last discredit it as the best way to consume THC. And it’s not that it’s a weak alternative. But when you have several smokes the high will last less each time. Here, its advantage becomes a disadvantage, because being so discreet you smoke too much. Making it incipient at the end and prone to running out very quickly. It is a vicious circle that only experienced cannabis users may understand because tolerance plays a very important part.


How long do the effects of edibles last?

Cannabis edibles, nothing compares to them when talking about a long high. Nobody knows how long this high lasts nor when they are hitting. That’s kind of the interesting thing about edibles, they are pure mystery. Smoke weed is nothing compared to eat edibles. Edibles usually  come with high THC levels, the high feels like a mystery. Because after eating them, here you are waiting for them to kick. And when you least expect it, you are tripping about how strong they are. You are just like, yeah, the dealer didn't scam me. 

The edible high depends mostly on your metabolism, however, the chef may be the principal factor as well as the cannabis he used. Some people say the high can last up to 8 hours. Some people even say their experience lasted more than 12 hours. Others say that the effects of consuming edibles will last until you go to the bathroom. With edibles, like with any other way of consumption the amount consumed also determines how long your high will be as well as THC content in it. The longer the amount consumed, the longer the high.

Edibles are also the more versatile way of consuming cannabis. Since it depends on the creativity of the cook. You can create all kinds of dishes and drinks that you can think. There are always weed edibles recipes for every occasion. 

So, in conclusion, the duration of a weed high takes a lot of factors into consideration. It depends on the cannabis you consume or type of THC concentrate. Your tolerance and metabolism as well as the amount of cannabis you consume in one session. To answer the question, how long does a weed high last? It is also important to take into consideration what method you are using when consuming cannabis. The effects of smoking or vaping will always be different than consuming an edible. 


This is an estimation since it's impossible to determine for sure how long a cannabis high lasts. Remember that every body reacts differently to every substance or stimulant it receives. However evidence is based on personal experience of regular marijuana users. Take into consideration that tolerance and metabolism of every individual is different. Always ask an expert or a physician for your perfect dose.

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