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Is Bong Water Good For Plants?

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When it comes to the amazing pastime of cannabis, there’s a whole wide world of advice, life hacks, and common knowledge that every stone, no matter how experienced they are with weed, should be aware of to enjoy this plant as fully as possible. And if you have been an avid reader of HØJ, you know that one of our main things is striving to make cannabis as green (heh) and environmental-friendly as possible. This is totally not a new topic for us at all as it’s one of our main values; from our cork packaging for products, rolling papers made out of hemp and several tips on our blog to grow your perfect garden. Here at HØJ we care for our environment and our planet, so today we bring you a question that plays perfectly into this concern: is bong water good for plants?

As you may already know, the so-called “bong water” is the water used to filter smoke when you use a water pipe, or smoking device that uses liquid to filter and cool smoke before it is inhaled. The popularity of a bong for smoking among weed enthusiasts cannot be overstated when you take into account all the many advantages it offer. Bong have aforementioned water filtration, which traps particulate matter, ash, and other impurities, resulting in a smoother and cooler smoke, how this same process moisturizes the smoke, which can reduce irritation to the throat and lungs; making it more comfortable to inhale. Bongs also are useful to enhance the aroma of the cannabis being smoked by adding scented water or essential oils to it. And last but not least… all the way around it’s the most important thing I think bongs offer, this smoking method helps conserve the substance being smoked, as the smoke is cooled and filtered, which can result in less wasted smoke. 

As you can see, water is a big part of the function of a glass water bong, which is what distinguishes it from other forms of consumption like joints or pipes. This could lead to a particularly creative stoner to wonder if there’s a way to re-use all the water left in the bong after smoking. It’s less about how much water to put in a bong, rather than asking yourself “is bong water good for plants, or anything else?” Or what can I do with it to reduce water waste after an evening of pure fun? So today we are going to explore the best uses of bong water, what to do with it, and some general tips after you enjoy the best smoking experience with your favorite water pipe.

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Reusing bong water: Good or bad?

Okay, as we have already explained, if you know how to hit a bong, the smoke from whatever you are smoking, such as tobacco or cannabis, is drawn through the water, which cools and filters the smoke. That’s all well and good, but you might also notice that the water can become discolored after use, which is not a good sign, and that’s because bong water can contain a range of substances, including particulate matter, ash, and chemicals such as nicotine or THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which are present in the smoke, after you are done with it. After all, the whole point of using a water piper is to help filter all the less desirable stuff out of the smoke, so you end up with a substance contaminated with all sorts of stuff.

So, sorry to tell you this, but no. Bong water is not a recommended solution for watering plants. The water will certainly contain chemicals and other substances that could be harmful to the plants in your garden, and additionally, it may be dirty and contain bacteria or mold that could also harm the plants. It is best to use clean, fresh water for watering plants every time. However, we don’t blame you if you thought that using water that already went through weed could be good for your crops (if you also grow your own weed), but the truth is that the smoking process of the bong releases all kinds of bad stuff that the water helps to catch.

So, if the only water available for your garden is bong water, it is likely that the plants will not thrive and may even be damaged or killed, and it's best to avoid using bong water for watering plants and try to find a safe and clean alternative. That might be a huge bummer, we are not gonna lie, but maybe there’s still some hope left if you want to lead a self-sustaining home and wasting all that water is not something you wish to go through. So is bong water good for anything else besides plants?

No! Let’s avoid reusing polluted water.

Sorry. We know that in places like California, which has been going through severe droughts, every drop of water counts, so the temptation to find a use for your bong water might be higher than normal, but the truth is that this substance can be incredibly harmful. As in “50 parts carcinogens for every part of cannabis” kind of harmful, so you need to dispose of your bong water and clean it thoroughly as soon as you can (after the high goes down, most likely).

The safest way to dispose of bong water is to pour it down the drain and run plenty of clean water after it. This will help to dilute the bong water and prevent it from causing damage to the pipes or the local water supply. Alternatively, you can also pour the water into a sealed container and dispose of it in the trash. However, make sure the container is properly sealed and labeled to avoid any accidental ingestion or contact. It's important to note that disposing of bong water in a way that is not safe or legal leads to fines or penalties, so always consult your local regulations and guidelines before disposing of it.

In conclusion, although we know that using a bong is a perfectly valid way to consume cannabis, and we celebrate the variety of ways the weed culture can manifest, if you are a particularly environmentally-minded person who doesn’t like the thought of contaminating water, then other options might be for you. Why not invest in a KØL 2.0 pipe from HØJ, which has a design that ensures the best possible experience every time you inhale? Of course you won't need any water for it to work and lifetime warranty to avoid constant consumption.  Or a good old joint made with HAMP, the best hemp rolling paper around, which also can include a golden ticket to win one of our awesome products? The possibilities are endless, so exploring what might be best for you is a must. You might be surprised by what you find! Thanks for reading, and until the next time!


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