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Getting A New Weed Dealer: What You Should Expect?

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Depending on where you live, procuring some nice pot to spend the day with may involve plenty of different “channels”, some more legitimate than others, and although getting a trusty dealer is a pretty well-established tradition in weed culture, sometimes you just need to change suppliers. Maybe your old dealer started slacking with his product, maybe you just want to explore new marijuana territories, maybe the dealer is unable to keep his business going for reasons beyond you don’t need to know… Whatever is the case, no matter how seasoned you are as a pothead, meeting a new dealer can always be a scary experience.

But don’t worry! Here at HOJ, we bring you the knowledge you need to guarantee that your next purchase goes off without a hitch, taking some basic precautions and keeping an eye for some potential red flags that can ruin a great day of chillaxing.  So here are some tips for the next time you need to meet a new dealer.



Never go alone

A pretty handy recommendation for most things in life, and doubly important if you are meeting a new weed dealer for the first time. Because no matter how good their credentials may be, how recommended by friends he or she is, or how public the meeting place is, you need to remember that these kinds of transactions are still a shady deal in most parts of the world, so having some back-up in case of anything is always a good idea. 

If you can’t be with someone else for whatever reason (and you should always be suspicious if the dealer insists on conducting business alone), at least try to do it in a public place with lots of foot traffic, and tell at least a trustworthy person where you will be. Better safe than sorry!


Always look for recommendations

Continuing from the last point, the best way to look for a new weed dealer when the old one becomes unavailable, is getting recommendations from friends and acquaintances alike. It’s all about connecting with people you can trust and have a story you can check and ask about, without worry or anything of the sort.

However, is the reason you are looking for a new dealer is because you are out of town and need a quick joint during your travels, we recommend you to look for smoke paraphernalia stores (you now, the ones that sell “FOR TOBACCO USE ONLY” kind of stuff), and ask for a safe place to score some pot. Most of the weed communities are pretty friendly, so you can count on their advice, but still have some precaution. Be safe!


Research your prices beforehand!

Another annoying aspect of finding a new dealer is getting one that will not overcharge you (too much) for weed. This is a seller’s market, after all, and the business is risky, so most of the time this can be an expensive hobby if you don’t know what you are doing deal-wise.

Ask around for opinions on the price, and if you need to haggle the price down (something allowed, and sometimes a rite of passage for many potheads), do it well before the actual meeting takes place. With a new client, most dealers will be suspicious about anything, so the faster and more convenient you can do the transaction, the better. This will also establish a rapport with the new dealer, enough that you might score a discount down the line. The trick is showing your intentions clearly, and making sure you are paying the best price possible for your new grass.

Quick deals are the best

There are other unspoken etiquette rules you probably already know from your previous dealer that still apply with a new one, but it is still worth going through them if you are a little rusty. First of all, if you agreed on a price beforehand, for the love of God, bring the exact amount. Nobody wants to go look for a place willing to exchange a $100 bill in the middle of a weed deal, and it’s just bad manners.

Also, inspecting your weed before forking the cash over should always be allowed (it’s a red flag if the new dealer would prefer you didn’t), but just in case, make that clear in advance. And finally, since this is a new dealer with a new product you are trying for the first time, buy just a little to see if it works. $20 bucks should be enough to start with. Oh, and make sure to go to the bathroom beforehand! You might think we are joking, but you don’t want to interrupt the meeting, or be late to it. It looks very suspicious if you do that, so play it cool and take the necessary steps to ensure the deal is over quickly.

Never buy pre-grinded weed

As you may know by now, the best way to enjoy a good joint, or to ensure you can prepare the best cannabutter possible, is grinding your own weed with some of the best grinders you can get right now, like these! It will ensure you get the exact amount of grinding you like, and they are easy to use and clean. 

And another good reason is that grinded weed is difficult to inspect, and easy to tamper with. It can also be laced with dangerous substances, because no matter who the dealer is, if the first time you buy from a new person, being a little paranoid and over-cautions is not a bad thing. After all, if the weed is good, and the deal went smoothly, and the dealer is trustworthy, you can develop a new client-business relationship little by little to keep enjoying your best hobby.

It’s always sad and worrying to have to look for a new dealer, but that’s just a fact of life for the seasoned pothead anywhere. Just be careful, use common sense, and take precautions to make sure this task ends up in a happy place (and gets you happy in your place!). What are some recommendations you would add? Tell us and share some pot wisdom around!


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