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Weed Enthusiasts! Successful And Influential Characters

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Many might think that cannabis culture is limited only to music or art. However, this counterculture has flourished in politics, economics, science, entrepreneurship, business, medicine, and raw materials, among many others.

Characters of highest renown have fought against social stigmas to become facilitators of the flourishing of the cannabis economy. It has become such a popular topic that even fictional cartoon characters have come to light who regularly consume and defend the benefits of this plant.


Kyle Kushman

Pseudonym of Adam Orenstein, he is a cannabis grower, and breeder specialized in organic and vegan cultivation. He has been cultivating for more than 20 years. His methods based on a type of ecological cultivation that does not use products of animal origin are a benchmark for other cannabis growers. The pillars of his cannabis authority are based on more than a dozen cups in the Cannabis Cup competition. Constant collaborations with the prestigious High Times magazine in the last two decades and, as a result of legalization in California. Kyle Kushman also has imparted classes at Oaksterdam University (the first university in the world to teach a degree on marijuana).


Paul Armentano

Writer and researcher, he is currently the Deputy Director of NORML, an organization that works to reform cannabis prohibition laws and fee Access to cannabis for patients. He has contributed to more than 1,000 publications on cannabis.

Mr. Armentano serves on the Lambert Center for the Study of Medical Cannabis and Hemp faculty at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and at the Oaksterdam University, where he is the chair of science.

One of the best-known works in which he has participated is Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?



The urban grower is one of the most famous and loved characters in the cannabis industry. The growers adore him; they stop him to ask him questions, take pictures with him and give him products of their crops. He is a very beloved and admired carácter, maybe because of his charisma and goodwill.

Founder and director of the nutrient company Remo Nutrients, the value of this Youtube star lies not only in the high quality of his company products. But also in his high knowledge of cannabis cultivation and his naturalness by bringing his passion for weed to his followers. Here you can take a look at his youtube channel.


Randy Marsh

A successful animated character businessman. The father of Stan Marsh in South Park has something in common with the above characters. He is a passionate grower of cannabis in Colorado. He is a real enthusiast of weed; first of all, he decided to get testicular cancer so he could use marijuana in front of the cops without being told anything at all. That's OG stuff for sure.


Steve DeAngelo

Talking about cannabis without mentioning the great Steve DeAngelo is impossible; he is the founder of one of the world's most famous dispensaries, Harborside Health Center. This influential man in the cannabis industry began his bright career as an activist. His book The Cannabis Manifesto is one of the most relevant arguments in favor of medical marijuana. Also, the dispensary he runs was the main protagonist of the documentary Weed Wars.


Lori Ajax

This 51-year-old woman leads the California Office of Cannabis Control. With administration experience, her previous position was in the Bureau of Alcohol Control. Lori has an important challenge on her table to face in the next two years: laying the pillars of production, distribution, and sale of recreational marijuana in a legal market within a state that is along with the top ten world economic powers.

She´s often in the media spotlight, given that the lines of her office, made up of a team of 15 people, can be the model for the countries that are joining legalization.


Hope Wiseman

The youngest African American dispensary owner continues to be a trendsetter. As do Dasheeda "The WeedHead" Dawson and Mary Pryor, two prominent cannabis entrepreneurs, and advocates. Pryor, who created the education firm Cannaclusive along with two other women, hopes to address the lack of diversity within the burgeoning industry.


Martin Barriuso

This Spanish activist is responsible for the Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) model. He founded the Kalamudia Association, the group that coordinated the first collective cannabis plantations in Spain. Barriuso is also the president of one of the most mediatic associations: Pannagh.

In this case, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court have been implicated, and as a result, Barriuso often attracts the attention of the general media.


As you can see, the cannabis industry has a lot of successful men, women, and even animated characters. Opportunities will appear, and diversification seems to be this people's best allí. Examples of people that follow their ideals no matter what make a difference create awareness and contribute to a more evolved, aware world.


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