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How To Microdose Weed | Check Your THC Dose

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Micro dosing commonly sounds for drugs like LSD or psilocybin. This upward trend has its origins in Silicon Valley, where engineers, designers and creatives found in microdosing a plus to be able to analyze problems from different perspectives. 

Eventually , this practice proved too promising to improve mood in general, reduce anxiety and depression.

In a trial from Imperial College and the Beckley Foundation, brain scanning techniques were used to visualize how LSD in micro doses alters the brain functioning. The results showed that this micro dose produces a kind of disorganization in the activity of the brain, which allows it to act more freely and less restricted than normal. 

The substance works as an imitation of serotonin, which elevates mood, improves creativity, learning, cognitive flexibility and helps deepen the understanding of consciousness and its functioning. 

Testimonials affirm that this practice guarantees a before and after in life in a positive way. Nowadays there are coaches who teach courses and training to get the most out of micro dosing of LSD or psilocybin. People will always be curious and inquire about new methods, techniques, studies and different ways to implement this practice to its fullest. Many people prefer this type of treatment over conventional psychiatric treatment. 

However, there are its risks and setbacks. First, dosage, ensuring a micro dose, about 10 to 30 microns (a regular dose of LSD has 150 to 250 microns) is a complicated issue. LSD is liquid, its pure presentation can be hard to come by, not to mention expensive. 

Some people cut an LSD paper into very small pieces to distribute a smaller dose. However, it is important to know that even when you split only halfway to share with someone, it is likely that someone will have a piece with more microns than the other one. There is no direct proportionality or guarantee that breaking the paper into smaller pieces you can microdose with precision. 

There are also complex dilution processes, but to be honest, it is a somewhat demanding task, and nothing discreet because if you live with someone else, family or friends they will eventually be curious about what you do. And it could be a sensitive issue for some

That ́s why it is better to experiment with micro doses of marijuana. A plant much less strong than LSD, chemically different, but functionally similar (on a smaller scale). An accessible plant, and with a lower moral weight for daily use, an introductory experience to micro dosing, in case one day you would like to try micro doses of LSD or psilocybin. 


Is the risk worth it?

Why might it be better to start experimenting with micro doses with marijuana?

It is the least conventional, this practice is more associated with LSD or psilocybin. We will see it in more detail later. 

Are weed micro dosing results similar to LSD microdosing effects?

Marijuana seems to be taken less seriously on these issues. In fact, there is little scientific research and less documented experimentation. And comparison between LSD and marijuana will be one of the most extensive and difficult subjects. Anyway they are similar, but at the same time they are different. In short, to understand it you have to live it. 

However, marijuana is less impressive than LSD, and more common. Both have countless areas of research yet to be discovered, and researchers working with both all the time. But I see marijuana a more “safe” and enjoyable experience to experience before you try something stronger. 

In the same way, any microdosing carries its risk. Psychiatrist James Rucker is one of the people researching the potential medical applications of psychedelic drugs. Rucker says the dangers people run by  self-medicating in this way are unknown and that, precisely, is a big problem. 

“We don´t know what the long-term  risks are,” he warns; “Before 1970, when drugs were used clinically, there was some concern that , among patients vulnerable to developing schizophrenia or psychotic disorders, these drugs will uncover those problems in some people,” explains the psychiatrist. 

It's impossible for people to stop using recreational drugs. That's a good reason to do more research on the long-term effects on these drugs. Beyond this essay, it is important to become aware. This is not a call to start any drugs. 


On the verge of euphoria and sobriety

The micro dose of marijuana has among its main purposes to avoid marijuana addiction. Addiction and functionality, two controversial words if you talk about weed. Most people say that it does not affect its functionality at all. And the truth is, marijuana has some flaws. If you reach a point where you are really smoking too much, even to perform simple activities, this could be an alternative self-exploration to determine where you are standing. 

The micro dose of marijuana can avoid some side effects such as red eyes, extreme tiredness if you have smoked a large amount, short-term memory and loss or altered perception. 

The records of weed microdosing are mainly personal experiences and personal stories and experiences. This has in certain ways some similarities to LSD. It is constantly mentioned that life satisfaction increases, as does motivation to perform daily tasks. It also seems like a good strategy to boost workflow and creativity. You also feel emotional and mental elevation. All the benefits of creativity and perception without feeling paranoia, tachycardia or anxiety. 

Some people including me might think, well I smoke a lot and can handle work, relationships or tasks without any problem or even better. And  weed micro dosification might seem pointless, if I already use it to work. However, in less amounts the change is unreal, there is a huge difference. 

This “functional high”is gaining relevance due to a demanding economy and workforce that wants to succeed, but also needs help to maintain its competitive advantage. The micro dose of marijuana seems to have similar results to the microdose of LSD. The scope of functionality and creativity for the work area is improved. Like the spiritual realm, significantly reducing anxiety or depression. Some people claim that it has helped them much more than conventional psychiatric medicine, going so far as to claim that this practice has undoubtedly saved their lives. 

How to microdose cannabis?

With marijuana it is really simple to micro dose, it can be a matter of about two or three pulls to the joint. Little enough to avoid psychedelic effects. Micro dosing cannabis involves finding your own unique minimum effective dose. 

This micro dosage of cannabis is not subject to a specific parameter. This practice varies from person to person, turning the amount to smoking completely subjective. For some a hit may be enough, for others it might be necessary a little more. 

The main factors that determine the amount to micro dosing will be individual experience and tolerance. The way it is consumed will also influence the amount needed to achieve a successful micro dose. 

As everybody is different it takes a bit of experimentation to find the right dosage. Smoking a joint is a simple way to microdose. You can make a joint that lasts several days giving it two or three hits from time to time. 

Edibles can be a good option if you prepare them and add exact doses of cannabis for each meal also taking in consideration the portions and times. It can be more laborious so the last way in terms of dosage and precision are oils and tinctures.

Many products come labeled with exact proportions of how many milligrams of the active ingredient (cannabis) are in each drop. 

A good way to start is low and slow. Start experimenting when you don't have commitments or demanding or importante activities, so you can find your quantity of quality. Once you are sure of your quality quantity, start applying it to your routine, work, school, or daily homework. 

You can keep track of the amount consumed and its effects on your body. Compare the difference of one day smoking normal and other day smoking micro doses. A good starting point is between 1 and 2,5 milligrams of THC. 

You can gradually increase the dose of one milligram until you begin to feel the effects slightly. That's why CBD can´t be an option to micro dose. Even though it is a cannabical property, THC is the component that ensures the mentioned benefits. 

The benefits ensure going from ordinary days to great days. An improved mood, a strengthened creative drive and positive affection. Many see their lives improved in different areas, a constant improvement in the work area, concentration and a more pleasant state of mind. 

It remains one to try this practice. Maybe the hardest part lies in controlling yourself and smoking just two hits instead of the whole joint. Maybe that's why it is not a very popular practice, and most are more inclined to try it with LSD or psilocybin. From my point of view, the only way to check it is to try, there is nothing to lose. The worst thing that could happen is to improve your tolerance to marijuana. 


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