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What’s a Blend? - Smokable Herbs

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“Weed is weed,” you may think if you are new to this wonderful world and may not know yet of the possibilities of blending your herbs, shaping combinations that expand your taste and preferences. 

Because yes, cannabis is getting popular lately, and as anything grows in popularity, you start to see how people are exploring things, combining a little of this with a pinch of that, creating blends that can blow your mind. Are you interested yet?

If so, then we have the pointers you are looking for, as we will explain how a blend works, what you can use, and start expanding your mind, man. So first things first, how to do a blend?

The golden proportions of blending

Blending is a fine-tuned art, so it’s best to start with something simple, using three ingredients to explore your taste. First of all, the base: a herb that’s going to carry your joint and give it the proper body it needs. It should be around half of the total amount of herbs you use.

Then, the support, or the herbs that will give it an effect, so choose your favorite strain and add about a third of the total to the blend. 

And finally, the flavoring, or the herbs that will tune the flavor and aroma of the joint, of which you need only a tiny bit, around 10% of the entire blend. Taste different things, explore different kicks, and take note of everything you add so you can make your blends your own.


A potpourri of flavor

However, what herbs can you use, you may ask? Well, here you are going for taste, so make sure to choose those plants that will give you something you already like, like flowers, fruits, and traditional spices.

Roses, for example, give a sweet flavor that you will instantly recognize and can have an additional calming effect; the South American damiana, very common in those cultures, can provide a minty kick to your blend, and even leaves like the ones from the raspberry don’t taste like much by themselves, but enhance pretty nicely everything else you added.

These are just examples of different herbs you can mix and match to your desired flavor, aroma, and effect, and many options exist out there if you are looking for new ways to improve your usual joints.

So hit up your nearest herbalist, ask about skullcaps, lavender, mullein leaf, and anything else that might catch your fancy, and become a true alchemist in the new art of herbal blendings.


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