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How To Roll A Spliff


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Although all the recent technologies and methods of consumption have changed the way we enjoy cannabis, the old and simple culture of rolling a joint remains as one of the favorite methods for burning your herb. However, when we talk about a spliff, we refer to something slightly different than your traditional joint. 

In essence, a spliff is the same as a joint. You smoke it the same way, you roll it the same way, you grind the weed in the exact same way. What separates the spliff from the joint is that in the first the weed is blended with a little bit of tobacco before rolling it up. Spliff smokers can alter the ratio of cannabis and tobacco to adjust it to their preference. Due to this, a spliff can make you feel more of that energetic and buzzy effects from tobacco.

To have a better understanding on what makes a spliff special, we will share with you some of the main differences between a good spliff and a joint. 

The Benefits of Spliffs

Easier to Roll

Tobacco brings to the mix a great consistency, making it easier to roll a spliff. This is due to the equilibrium tobacco brings to all of the factors that make consistency of weed vary. While the texture of your blended mix of cannabis and tobacco will depend as well on the ratio of those two, this is an indisputable fact.

More Even Smoke

Spliffs are more likely to offer a uniform smoking experience from beginning to end since adding tobacco to the mix within mitigates two annoying problems about pure cannabis joints. First, they often “canoe” burn, meaning that one side burns faster than the other. Secondly, joints have a tendency to turn off on their own. Because rolling tobacco is cut more finely, it fills in those air pockets within the ground cannabis. This also makes the blend less sticky, which makes cannabis less likely to clump together, guaranteeing that way a smooth draw.

Make Your Stash Last

Considering the elevated prices that a high-quality dank cannabis bud can reach, adding tobacco will save you some herb. In some places you can find a gram of good quality weed at prices starting from $12 depending on where you are at. In addition, a bag of 35 grams of high-quality rolling tobacco cost almost the same so, assuming a joint and a spliff weigh roughly the same, the spliff is far cheaper.

Balanced High

Because you mix tobacco and cannabis in a spliff, it usually contains about half of a pure cannabis joint. Moreover, you are also adding nicotine to the high experience which is a known stimulant. Just like how sometimes a sativa strain fits better than an indica, there are some times where some people may prefer a spliff over a simple joint.

How To Roll A Spliff

It is pretty simple to make a spliff. Besides the regular materials you would use to roll a joint, you will need a quality refined tobacco and less herb. Once you have gathered your equipment, follow these tips on how to roll a spliff:

  • Fold the right crutch.

     It is common for joint smokers to put crutches on their joints, and the same thing happens with spliff smokers. Folding the right crutch for your spliff will definitely make your smoking more comfortable, while it also allows you to burn all the weed and tobacco inside your spliff. 

Start by bending the paper back and forth, like an accordion, about halfway up the crutch. Then, make the width of each fold about the wide that you would like the tip of the spliff to be. Avoid creasing the folds too much, as it can end up blocking the smoke’s way out. To finish your ideal crutch, just roll the remaining paper around it. This is because the folds on the crutch make it more resistant, meaning that by clenching it too tight in your fingers or lips, it won’t make an easy collapse of itself. Plus, it is more effective at keeping tobacco out of your mouth. This is a good thing since tobacco is known for being harmful for humans when eaten in large amounts.

  • Choose quality tobacco:

    It is always better to choose wisely and go only with the best of materials available. Many of the benefits that come from rolling a spliff instead of a pure joint are lost if you use dry or crunchy cigarette tobacco instead of fluffy, soft rolling tobacco. Using old cigarette tobacco is one thing if you are in a bind and have access to limited resources. But, if you actually like spliffs, you should try to upgrade your experience by going to a tobacco shop and asking for a quality pouch of good rolling tobacco.

  • Rolling your spliff like a pro: 

    This is the tricky part of any type of rolling. Even if you are already a pro rolling regular joints, making the perfect spliff is a matter of practice. 

From the start of the filter tip, you will want to tuck the rolling paper around your filter and proceed to roll around in line with the rest of the paper. It can be very easy and something that takes just seconds if done well. Then, proceed to lick the glue on the paper and stick it together to complete the spliff cylinder shape. The most important part is to roll tightly around the filter, as you can fix the majority of other problems with the next tip.

  • Air out, smoke in: A good thing to get into your before-smoking-a-spliff habits is removing air pockets inside it by compacting the blend. The easiest way to do this is to get the air out by tapping the tip of the spliff where the crutch is on a hard surface until the mixture has no more air pockets or loose parts within. This will make the spliff burn evenly and prevent it from canoeing. Now that you are packed with a nice spliff on your hand, it is the moment to get into the most fun and expected step. Light your spliff, take that deep breath you were waiting for and enjoy your trip!
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