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Foods That Enhance Your High: A Guide For The Hungry Stoner

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As any experienced stoner can tell you, food and weed are a match made in heaven, and maybe not for the reasons you might think. Sure, we are all familiar with the obligatory munchies after finishing a good bowl of kush, which has inspired a bona fide culture around it (and it’s almost a rite of passage among every pothead), or with how innovation in edibles is leading us to almost gourmet recipes to enjoy a high to remember forever, but it doesn’t stop there. Gastronomy and cannabis have a long history together (just ask anyone with Thai roots!), but today at HØJ we want to explore a different angle that you might find very interesting: the foods that enhance your high, and you should definitely include in your diet.

    Yes, you heard that right! If you are wondering how to enhance your high, there are some foods out there that are not only delicious in their own right, but can help you achieve a better effect if you know how to combine them with your favorite strain of cannabis. And since we know that weed makes you really hungry, we want to show you the some things you can eat while smoking to enhance your high, so your next green session will be the best one and you won’t be starving. 

    As always, thanks for reading, and let’s dive right in!

    Check out the best foods that enhance your high!


    - Broccoli

      Sure, the green you consume now and then maybe is not what your mom had in mind back then, but you can rectify a little bit by knowing that good old broccoli, a staple of the worst dinners you had as a kid, can help you have a really good time as an adult. And not only because broccoli is actually awesome (have you tried it deep fried? S-tier snack right there), but because it pairs really well with a joint or a strong edible. After all, broccoli contains a high terpene content, which makes you a lot more receptive to the effects of cannabis, which is especially helpful to relieve pain and anxiety, letting you slide more easily into a nice relaxed high. Dang, why don't nutrition classes mention this fact more often? Broccoli would shoot up the popularity charts among young people like nothing else. Bring this up at the next Education Council meeting. Change starts with you!

      - Sweet Potatoes

        What is a carb cap? Don’t worry about that right now. This might be a controversial opinion, a hot take if you will, but sweet potatoes are better than normal, everyday potatoes in every way imaginable, so it’s no surprise that this extended to weed pairings and better highs. And the best part is that everything you can do with a normal potato you can do with a sweet one (chips, fries, tater tots, hashbrowns, baking them, adding them to a stew), with the added benefit that any weed you consume thereafter will give you a high better than you are ready for next time you are thinking of hitting a bong. This is due to the fact that sweet potatoes contain lots of carbohydrates and vitamin B, which stimulate the production and release of serotonin in your brain. Add a healthy dose of weed to the whole thing, and you have all you need to get this party going. And please make sure to use the yellow sweet potatoes for the best result!


        - Tea

          For the British audience out there who want to enhance their 5 o'clock tea, we have amazing news. A spot of tea, especially if you prefer it green or black, is a great source of catechins, a class of antioxidants that can help you bind CBD to your system, helping you relax and get into a good mood if you light up a joint afterwards. We recommend this with a lighter strain of weed, since black tea can have quite the strong effect if you are not ready for it, but it will improve your day like there’s no tomorrow. Try it with some biscuits for the next pot of tea you brew!

          - Mango

            Oh yes, we are getting to the really good stuff. Besides being an A+ delicious fruit whose messy sweetness can really make anyone’s day, the humble mango is also another great source of terpenes to enhance your cannabis receptors. However, if you are planning to add mango to your next kush session (and you definitely should, a good mango goes well with everything), you should be aware that the best results are obtained by eating the fruit at least one hour before lighting up that bowl awaiting you, otherwise you might not get all benefits you expect from this wonderful combination. Chill the mango on the fridge too for the perfect summer combo of sweetness and a pleasurable high! Truly, the best pair since peanut butter and jelly.

            - Nuts

              Speaking of, if you want a quick way to speed up the effects of those edibles you just ate, then we have some very good news for you. Nuts! Most nuts have a high (heh) content of Omega-3 fatty acids that, beyond being generally good for you, help your body absorb cannabinoids more easily, leading to a stronger and longer-lasting high. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor if you do this, because it’s known that the combo of nuts and cannabis can be healthy for people with heart issues, so in your next general check-up, see if this green trail mix is just what you needed. You never know. 


              - Chocolate

                Well, this one just makes sense. Chocolate, as it is, is already a great source of happiness and joy for most people, so it’s just mere logic that mixing chocolate with a good bowl of kush can only multiply the effect of both. It’s true! Chocolate, after all, opens up the cannabinoid receptors on your brain, leading to feelings of euphoria that will make your next joint an amazing experience. In fact, this is the reason why brownies are the most popular edibles around, but be wary of one thing. The munchies that you will get after this combo will be brutal. So stack up on snacks for the moment you come down. You will be very grateful for your past-you if you take the necessary precautions.


                Final words

                When it comes to cannabis, experimenting is always the best way to go. These foods that enhance your high are just a sample of the wonderful world of cannabis-enhancers that might be waiting for you somewhere. Here’s another guide if you need some more complete meals you can pair marijuana with.

                Do you have a favorite combination that makes the effect of weed better than you ever thought? Please drop your recommendations and let’s all share the snacks that can make your next bowl of green the best you ever had!

                 Thanks for reading!


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