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One Hitter Pipe: Why It Can Be a Game Changer


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If you are new at cannabis consumption and you are learning what the perfect dose is for you, or if you are one of those dudes who like to start the day by smoking a little bit before leaving home, you might be interested in using a one hitter pipe, the perfect smoker's collection addition.

As you can imagine by the name, a one hitter is a device you can use to smoke a little amount of weed, and it can have plenty of perks for you if you want a very controlled dosage for your daily smoking.

Why should I try a one hitter?

One hitters are easy to use

When it comes to rolling a joint, you might know it has some science to get it well done, but also time and patience. You have to grind the weed, prepare the paper, and use your fine motor skills to make the blunt… And although you can perfect them with time, the truth is that a one hitter will give you the capability to avoid all of that by just pressing your device against your weed. As easy as it sounds, you will skip many steps, we know you are a busy person! 

Keep on reading a learn more about how to use a one hitter.

One hitter pipe with cannabis buds
One hitter pipe with cannabis buds

You can control the amount of weed you smoke with a one hitter

Although it is called a one hitter, this kind of pipe can actually give you up to three hits. This is still a small amount that it can hold in its compartment, so you won’t have more than what you need to get the perfect level of high and not risk yourself to green out by smoking too much. At the end of the day, the most important part is to have a smooth and nice experience! 

Learn more about the difference between smoking from a regular pipe, a joint and a one hitter.

Also known as discreet one hitter

Due to its size, a one hitter can fit conveniently in your purse or pocket, as a mini pipe, and its appearance can get camouflaged between the rest of your items, because its design is very simple and minimalistic. A one hitter looks like a slightly longer ceramic or a sleek glass cigarette. Definitely not the same as having a pipe or a whole set of paper, a joint roller machine and other accessories that you might have to use with other techniques, and will for sure help you to discreetly smoke.

Having a dugout with one hitter can be the best option for you if you're looking to be discreet when smoking. A dugout box for weed would be your life saver and the biggest ally for your one hitter. Look online, you'll find great options to buy a dugout with one hitter!

You won’t get mouth burns with a one hitter

If you choose a longer one hitter, your hits will be cooler, as it will take more time for the smoke to travel through it. This will be a game changer if you are having trouble with your smoking technique.

As you can see, a one hitter might be a very good option if you want something quick, practical and easy that will allow you to have a controlled amount.

Glass one hitter pipe in hand
Glass one hitter pipe in hand
Man smoking from a one hitter
Man smoking from a one hitter

How to use a one hitter?

Using your one-hitter pipes won’t be an issue, but to be sure you are doing it correctly, you can follow these steps and have the best hit possible:

  1. Grind your herb. To achieve this in a proper way, with no big chunks and flowers, you can use a grinder, or even better, a slicer like KLIP, that’ll give you the ideal texture and size for your one hitter.

  2. Once you have your grounded weed, you just have to press your one hitter against it by the shorter end (the one with the little space to contain it). This step is just learning how to pack a one hitter, similar to packing a bowl.

  3. Use your lighter on that same side, to light it up carefully and put your mouth on the other end. 

  4. Now you are ready to enjoy a smooth and nice hit!

When to buy a one hitter?

Finally, we want to invite you to experiment with new accessories and tools that may improve your stoner habits. As you can see, one hitters are amazing small pipes for beginners, but also for everyone who wants to measure their consumption better.

If it’s your case, maybe you should try now! Look online for the best option for you.

Author: Rola

Disclaimer: HØJ is not a medical advice blog, so please consult with a doctor or a specialist if you have any questions regarding smoking or anything related to cannabis consumption itself.

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