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How To Use A Dugout Box For Weed

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Let’s get real for a second. You discovered the delights of smoking weed, and while you are no professional, you already know your way around it. But now it’s time to step up your game and diversify the ways you can enjoy this truly magical plant and learn how to use a dugout box like a true connoisseur. 

But what is a dugout box, you might ask? Well, our dear pothead, it’s simply one of the most elegant and easy ways to enjoy a nice smoke session, be it both in private or chilling with good company. And that’s because it is easier to carry than a more cumbersome pipe and more convenient than rolling your joints everywhere.

So let’s get started because the classier your game, the better your relaxation time will become. Onwards!

The anatomy of a dugout box

First things first, you should get to know your equipment. A classic dugout box, which has been popular since the 70s, consists of a stash box and a pipe. They are commonly designed to fit into your pockets discreetly, and they are a great way to save up whatever weed you have leftover.

However, you should know that to get the best out of your dugout box; you need to grind your weed really well, so get a quality grinder that guarantees a fine herb to work with. Also, this will avoid clogging your box, so really, there’s no excuse.

The other part of your dugout is the pipe, which slides snuggly into the box and avoids staining everything with resin, so it really is the best solution for the pothead on the go. But how exactly should you use one? And which ones are the best?

A quick-use guide to dugouts 

Alright, you got your dugout and know you want to look like a pro. Easy, as the dugout is a simple tool that, nonetheless, you still need to get familiar with, so follow these steps and hit the road as soon as you can.

  1. Get grinding

As we said, dugout boxes are designed to work with finely ground weed to avoid clogging it, so a funnel would also be a good idea. You are looking for a really fine texture, so make sure you use only the best grinders here.


  1. Get filling

Now the best part is filling the dugout compartment with your finely ground weed. First, remove the one-hitter from the box, and with the help of something like a credit card or similar, fill the dugout carefully, avoiding pushing it in too much, as condensing it too much will make it not burn as effectively. 

  1. Get filling (again)

Now, fill the cavity of the one-hitter pipe to test it. Select your favorite herbs, be it pure weed or your mix of preference, and use them to fill the small cavity at the top of the pipe. Here it is okay to use pressure because you want to get as much weed as possible in there. 

  1. Get lighting up

We lied; this is the best part of a dugout box. Just light up the pipe and get to enjoy your herbs wherever you choose to, as this tool is discrete, easy to fit in your pockets, and you can carry it anywhere (legal permissions notwithstanding).  

  1. Get cleaning

Trash any buds leftover and make sure you empty the dugout well before refilling it; this will keep your box clean and ready every time you need it. Most of the good dugout boxes will have some tools included to take out any leftovers, so make sure you get familiar with them. A true connoisseur knows that clean smoking tools make all the difference!

How to choose a good dugout box?

As a tool for weed on the go, you should keep a selection of dugout boxes for every occasion because, depending on where you travel, you will have different needs. For example, you can get…

  1. Aluminum dugouts

These boxes are very easy to clean, have long loves, and generally offer a comfortable girth to carry them, but are easy to dent or scratch (an issue if you travel a lot and like to keep your stuff pristine) and being made of metal, probably you can’t travel with them through airports. Also, they tend not to be very cheap.

  1. Wood dugouts

Very classy tools, you can carry them everywhere safely without worrying too much about damage, and it is easier to pack them in your luggage if you travel a lot, as wood is not suspicious in airport checkpoints. However, depending on the quality, wood dugout boxes tend to impregnate with the smell of weed, are more difficult to clean, and can still be pricey.

  1. Plastic dugouts.

It is easy to carry, easy to clean, and impervious to damage, but it can give a weird taste to your weed (depending on the type of plastic and quality). Although they are cheaper, they don’t look fancy for most potheads looking to smoke a joint with some elegance. Still, if you are starting to use them for the first time, they could be a good starting box

So there you have it, a great solution if you want to expand your smoking horizons and have some practical and elegant way to carry your weed without much hassle. Just remember that you will need a good grinder to go with it and good cleaning discipline, but beyond that, a dugout can be a godsend.

Tell us your favorites, and happy chillax, fellow potheads!


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