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10 Weed Essentials for Your Next Road Trip

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So you love to travel and it turns out your favorite way of doing it is on the road. If you’re a road trip person and a cannabis enthusiast, combining both hobbies has probably crossed your mind… 

Thinking about the places you want to visit, planning the best route for your multiple destinations, hitting the road with your favorite people with the killer playlist you probably spent hours curating, and adding a little bit of weed to the experience. Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?

In this article I’ve researched the road trip weed essentials so you don’t have to, and then came up with a list of essentials and a few traveling tips. 

Before we go through the list, there’s two important disclaimers: 

1. It’s important that you get familiar with local regulations before traveling. Every law on marijuana and its consumption with miscellaneous articles are different from state to state, so make sure you check them out before planning your route.

2. While smoking is a lot much safer than driving when you’ve been drinking alcohol, it is never a good idea to smoke and drive. When you’re stoned your reaction times are slower and your peripheral vision is decreased, along with other effects. Keep in mind that you’re just a regular person hitting a fun, relaxing road trip with your friends, not a Formula 1 driver.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s begin.


Weed Essentials:

Smell-proof stash bag

    I know it’s convenient to carry everything with you, but it’s even more important that you remain discreet about smoking while you’re traveling, so look for a bag or a container that looks practical and subtle.

    There are countless smell-proof travel kits, so surf the web for the one you like the most! Bags such as The Vault and Firedog may just do the trick.


    KØL mini 2.0 is the perfect companion for your traveling experience. 

    This pipe implements magnetic tech and purifies the smoke, so annoying coughing during your road trip won’t be an issue for you and your friends. 

    KØL mini is made with magnets with the intention of making the cleaning process a very easy task; you’ll just need to snap it open, wipe it, and put the two pieces back together. 


      If you prefer to grind your weed, you don’t want to forget it and ruin your road trip, so pack that grinder, no matter how big it is!

      And if you’re still looking for the perfect grinder, look no more. KLIP will do wonders for your traveling experience, as it is a high-end product carefully produced with quality materials. This grinder also assembles easily because of its magnets, additionally making it very easy to clean. 


        It’s a very common thing to lose lighters whenever we take them to parties, friends houses, let alone a road trip through the country. I suggest you carry a lighter that isn’t very special to you, and try to bring a backup just in case. 

        Rolling papers

          If you prefer smoking joints to pipes or vapes, this rolling HAMP papers are one of the healthiest options in terms of rolling papers. 

          HAMP rolling papers are made of dried cannabis sativa pulp, they’re all-natural, organic, and ultra sustainable. 

          Smell proof containers

            A discreet container or a bag to store your weed will come in very handy for your road trip. Products such as Hemper Camo Smell and Firedog Smoking Smell Proof Bag are great complements, so check out which suits you best. 

            Vape pen or One-hitter

              If carrying weed around the country makes you a bit anxious, maybe now is a good time to try an oil vape pen or a one-hitter. 

              There’s a whole discussion about which is healthier: vaping or smoking. Perhaps one day we’ll get into the details, but for now, the main difference between the two is that vape pens usually use concentrated cannabis oil, making them more discreet with smell. Meanwhile, the one-hitters are considered smoking pipes that resemble cigarettes, packing enough dry herb for a hit or two.

              According to Hemper, vapes provide travelers with an easy-to-use, portable, compact smoking tool that will go unnoticed, thanks to its faint scent. On the other hand, one-hitters are perfect for stealth smoking, saving money and microdosing. 

              Portable pocket ashtray

                Whether you’re parked somewhere enjoying the view in your car, in the middle of the woods, or close to the ocean, capture your ash responsibly with a portable and closable ashtray. 

                Pollution and starting fires are definitely not a choice anymore, so I’ve found a great product: the Meta-U Portable Pocket Ashtray traps smell inside and it's made of flame proof material!

                Resin wipes

                  Resin can be annoying at some times because it will make you get sticky everywhere. Products such as Higher Standards Resin Rags are perfect for this occasion, so be sure to purchase wipes that will work. 


                    If you’re still nervous about having cannabis buds in your car’s trunk, you could try looking for your favorite edibles like gummies or other products such as Fruit Slabs. Try them out before hitting your road trip and decide if they’re a good choice for on the road high times!

                    Tips for hitting the road

                    Key to Cannabis mentions 3 important tips for driving with weed, so keep the following in mind:


                    Do not smoke in the car

                      Besides the effects of marijuana that were mentioned earlier in this article, let me remind you that smoking and even vaping in your car is not the brightest idea. Remember that the lingering scent of weed smoke can get you into trouble if any police officer pulls you to the side of the road. Do not take the risk.

                      Keep your stash under an ounce

                        Keeping your stash under an ounce is a great rule of thumb, even in the states where weed is legal. If you’d like to take more, research information about the state’s marijuana laws, how much a person can carry for recreational purposes and such.

                        Keep the cannabis flower in the trunk 

                          If things turn ugly, here’s a reasonable argument: if you can’t reach it from the driver’s seat, you probably weren’t smoking while driving. Key to Cannabis highlights that this tip could be the difference between a DUI and a simple possession charge. Again, do not take the risk.

                          That’s it for essentials, recommendations and tips. And last but not least, don’t forget to make the greatest music playlist, pack your favorite munchies, and stay hydrated! Make an effort to be the most responsible driver and stoner during your road trip, and don’t forget to have a great time.

                          Author: Mary Jane


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