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What is One Hitter Pipe?

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The amount of cannabis-related equipment increases as the legalization of this plant takes over the country. Any time a state changes its mind about allowing medicinal or recreational marijuana sale and consumption, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, and often their corporate investors, become more determined to come up with new ways to consume cannabis.

Nevertheless, in the center of all the commotion, there is one form of pipe that has completely gone overlooked: the one-hitter pipe. This gem in the dark allows you to get high without being too extravagant.

Smokers who prefer a simple, small hit of their favorite flower will appreciate these compact, functional pipes, which come in many different cool designs. But what else do you know about these handy and versatile pipes? Continue reading to learn more about what is a one-hitter pipe.

What is a One-Hitter Pipe?

Also known as a "bat" or "chillum", a one-hitter is a small pipe that contains approximately one hit of cannabis. One-hitters may be used individually and as part of a "dugout" kit. Dugouts have room for the bat as well as pre-ground weed, allowing you to quickly pack your one-hitter by twisting the end into the ground herb.

One-hitters are commonly marketed as hollow glass tubes with a mouthpiece on one end and a bowl on the other. Most one-hitters don't use a carb, which is a small hole on the side of bowls and pipes that you cover while lighting the herb since the amount of cannabis used (about 25 milligrams) makes it unnecessary.

One-hitters are offered in a wide range of materials, including glass, wood, ceramic, and metal. They differ in appearance, from elegant and elaborate pieces to simple and modest devices. Many designs are made to pass the one-hitter off as a cigarette. It keeps things straightforward and tidy, making it much easier for you to sit back and enjoy your session.

Types of One-Hitters

There are antique versions of what we recognize as one-hitters nowadays. As you may know, smoking herbs or other substances is not something recent, and multiple devices have been found all around the world. Today they are used as rudimentary and elegant ways to smoke cannabis such as the Kiseru from Japan, Sebsi from Morocco, or Medwakh from the Middle East, all of them considered as traditional forms of a one-hitter used by small communities in the past.

However, the most common form and design for one-hitters are chillums, even though its origins go back to some centuries ago. Chillums are straight and conical pipes with a channel running across them from end to end. They've been around since the 18th century and are traditionally made of clay. These devices were originally smoked by Hindu monks in India, but their popularity has since gained prominence worldwide.

Additionally, you can find these devices in infinite incredible designs to choose from with different prices or materials. It is up to you to choose according to your needs and preferences. Moreover, it is certainly a good purchase when you are someone with low THC tolerance, in a rush, or who wants to control how much weed is consumed. 

Benefits of Using a One-Hitter


If you are hoping to save enough money for tomorrow, a one-hitter will help you do so. You can actively control the quantity of cannabis since they operate in single hits. For each hit, you'll know exactly how much you're getting. In case you want more as you would with a joint or a vape, you won’t experience the disadvantage of already having burnt weed.

Compact and Simple 

One-hitters are all about practicality These are so lightweight that you can take them around with you at all times. Simply slip them into your pocket or tuck them neatly into your bag. 


One-hitter pipes have a lot of benefits. It is amongst all the cannabis smoking devices the most discreet method to consume flower due to its small size, and it can be quickly and easily kept out of sight. You can't go wrong with a one-hitter if you're looking for a low-key smoke sesh. Additionally, it won't be left emitting an abundant source of fragrant fumes like a joint. And, unlike a typical bowl, it doesn't have a distinct shape or size when lighting a one-hitter since it is similar to using a cigarette.

Control of Dosage 

One-hitters are a great option if you're interested in microdosing but also want continue smoking. Medical patients and low-tolerance users will experience the positive benefits of cannabis without enduring too much of the head-buzz by taking smaller, more precisely sized hits. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to monitor your smoking dosage and get through the day without compromising too much efficiency with your daily activities.

One-hitter pipes are indeed a very useful creation. They not only come in handy to smoke cannabis when out and about, but they also make your sessions smoother, more controllable, and discreet. The only disadvantage is that you have to reload each time, which makes them a little tedious if you want to keep taking hits continuously.

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