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How to Roll a Peace Sign Joint Filter

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While using joint filters is more of a personal choice than a must, there are several advantages for doing so. A joint filter not only improves airflow, but also helps hold the joint together. You're also not restricted to only one kind of filter. There are several different types of filter tips available, some of which can be purchased and others that can be rolled right at home.

Have you ever thought of doing something special with your filter tip? Today, we will show you how to roll a peace sign filter for your joint. This easy step-by-step guide is for those who like crafts and want to get creative when consuming cannabis. You will probably get this  DIY on the first try without trouble.

How to Roll a Peace Sign Joint Filter

You will only need two joint filter pieces of paper from the package you have or use the packaging from a cigarette carton or the cardboard box that stores your rolling papers if you don't have any filter papers around.

  1. Grab one of the filter papers horizontally and fold it four times with strength so it has a well-defined shape as you form what resembles an accordion or an inverted ‘Y’.
  2. Now, roll firmly around towards the end where the figure covers it, creating a circle that kind of ‘protects’ the shape with the remaining long piece you should have.
  3. Put some glue or tie it up using hemp wire to keep it in place. It should look like a stick man without a head and arms inside a circle. You can use a pen or a similar object to work the shape out and improve how it looks by sticking it in the holes.
  4. For the final step, cut a piece of the other paper filter horizontally so it fits under the inverted ‘Y’ when you slide it in there to complete the peace sign joint filter.

There’s another method you can use to make a peace sign joint filter. It requires the same two pieces of paper filter but this time you will be using scissors. 

  1. Take one paper filter or the piece of cardboard you have and fold a wing in one end of about 1 cm.
  2. Then, with the second piece of a paper filter, cut a square the same size as the wing you have made before and fold this in half forming a ‘V’ or a little book. 
  3. Grab the scissors and cut half way where the fold mark you recently made is. Be careful not cutting completely.
  4. Now, cut the center of the wing that is still attached to the long remaining piece, also half way through, this time not where the crease is. You will want to end with two squares with a cut in the middle.
  5. Use these to fit them together and create what looks like three legs. Those are the lines that will be  inside of the peace sign. 
  6. Finally, roll the long piece left around tightly, yet being gentle to not damage the rest and secure everything with glue or hemp wire.

Hopefully, you won’t have a hard time trying to make this. You better take the risk and give your joint this special touch more often and break the routine. Who knows? It could become your preferred choice after you master the art of how to roll a peace sign joint filter.

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