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Does Making Edibles Smell?


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Edibles are a good way to get high, and they have their own perks, as they are easy to take everywhere, they don't smell that much, and are more discreet. But even though they are less smelly when eating them, does making edibles smell? Stay with us as we understand the process and the fragrances involved in preparing your own edibles, and discover if edibles do smell by reading this article.

What Kind of Edibles There Are?

First of all, when we talk about edibles we are referring to any food prepared or infused with cannabis. There are some processes that can be used: infused ingredients, integrated into your food, or incorporated into the butter that you can use to bake or cook, also known as cannabutter. The recipes you can find are infinite, from the classic chocolate brownies, also known as “space brownies”, granola bars or candies to savory snacks such as gummies, chips, popcorn, and even beverages like beer or tea.

Whatever the case, for cooking cannabis it is necessary to decarboxylate, which means heating it at a low temperature, so its effects are activated, since raw cannabis doesn't have the same effects. After that, you need to infuse it in oil or fat; that is going to make it easier to distribute while you are cooking or putting it into your food. Now you can use it to cook and get creative in the kitchen. A good tip is to grind your weed first to make the process easier, we suggest you get a high-quality grinder when it comes to baking edibles in which you'll need to infuse it in oil or butter.

edible brownies ingredients, batter, flour, spoons and butter
Edible brownies ingredients (Envato)
Cannabis-infused pasta with broccoli
Cannabis-infused pasta with broccoli (Envato)

Ok, I Get It… But, Does Making Edibles Smell?

Do edibles smell?

Just as it happens when you smoke a blunt and the weed gets burnt, when you heat cannabis for making edibles at home, it will also have a strong smell. It can for sure vary depending on some factors, such as the dosage and the cooking method you are using.

The odor can be strong enough to permeate your kitchen or even your whole house. So yes, the neighbors will probably notice it. Nonetheless, there are some actions you can take to make it go away faster.

Tips For Reducing The Smell of Cannabis When Baking Edibles

If you decided you want to make edibles no matter what, there are some considerations that can help you so the smell of weed is not that bad:

  1. Ventilate the room.

    Whereas in the kitchen or your whole house, you should open some windows so the air can circulate properly. You can also use a fan to help with this task.

  2. Consider using another method to infuse your cannabis.

    Try methods like vaporizing, a technique where you grind your herbs, then place them in a vaporizer and collect the vaporized herbs. This is going to make preparing butter, for example, simpler. You can also make some capsules with it, as it is already activated and heated. For this, you can look for some empty capsules online and fill them with your vaporized product. Now you just take one whenever you feel like it. Don't forget to grind them very well before following this tip.

  3. Watch out for the dosage.

    Look for microdosing as edibles can be more potent than smoking. For better control, we recommend you weigh it and start with small amounts and see how you feel after a while.

Now you are ready to cook the best edible's recipe from your grandma's cookbook with the special stoner touch. Don't let the smell discourage you and use our tips so it doesn't smell that much.

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