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Weed Pipe vs. Joint


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There is more than just one way to smoke cannabis. As decades go by, new methods are created to deliver the great effects of the cannabis flower effectively. Among these different ways of smoking weed, there are two that have been around for years and are still considered the best options: pipes and joints.

Although each person has their very own preferences as to how to smoke weed, there are certainly those (especially first-timers) who can’t decide on just one method. Many users find themselves in the intriguing question: weed pipe vs. joint, which one is best?

The Joint

Smoking a joint with HAMP rolling paper

Probably the most iconic method of consumption, a joint contains ground cannabis, which is rolled in hemp or rice papers. Because of their size and convenience, many users like to smoke cannabis with a joint. Often shared among friends, joints can contain whatever you want them to have since you are the one rolling them.

Moreover, some people say that these rolls allow them to feel more the terpenes of the flower. Terpenes are compounds found in flowers and plants, and they are responsible for the flavors and aromas each species has. Since a joint is basically made of all-natural ingredients (the flower and paper), there are no other substances that contaminate the natural flavors of your ground cannabis.

HAMP rolling papers
HAMP rolling papers (HØJ Media)
KOL and KOL mini pipes
KOL and KOL mini pipes

The Pipe

Smoking your herb with KØL 2.0 pipe

Although the most popular pipes are made of glass, there are many other sizes, materials, and shapes that adjust to each user’s preference. Pipes are a quick method to smoke cannabis, since you only need to place the ground cannabis in a bowl, light, and inhale. On the other hand, some users might find the cleaning part a hassle. Although these tools are easy to clean, not everyone has the time to do so.

Moreover, a pipe allows you to control the dose of weed you are going to take. It won’t leave any residues, as you are only using ground cannabis that you know you are going to smoke, and there is no need to throw anything away.

Weed Pipe vs. Joint

The debate over weed pipe vs. joint has been around for years now, and there isn’t a right or wrong conclusion. Of course, both methods of consumption work perfectly for the most basic need: smoking weed. However, it all comes down to personal preferences.

If you have trouble deciding on your next purchase, there are some things you could take into consideration before concluding which one is better between a weed pipe and a joint:

  • Despite little to no scientific research on this claim, some users report that smoking a joint preserves better the terpenes of the flower. The theory is that the material of the pipe could interfere with the resulting smoke you get when inhaling. We all like a flavorful and fragrant smoke, so you could test the waters and see whether this claim is true with your own eyes.

  • Joints can be more gentle than the smoke produced by a pipe. This is because joints conduct less smoke into your lungs than the air channels of a pipe. For this reason, you might find yourself coughing more when smoking from a pipe. Of course, this also depends on the size of the bowl or joint, and your own lung capacity.

  • Because they are smaller and can contain more ground cannabis than a regular pipe, joints are great if you want to share with friends. It is not really common to find groups smoking from the same pipe.

  • If you don’t know how to roll a joint just yet, it could be better for you to buy a pipe. The only thing you will need is ground cannabis and a lighter, and it will ensure you have a quick smoke on the go.
  • Although it can seem like more of an investment at first, buying a pipe is much cheaper than constantly getting your rolling papers. It will last longer than a joint, and so will your weed.

  • Cleaning your pipe is necessary to ensure you won’t taste any old cannabis in the next smoke. Because of this, many users prefer a joint, since you don’t need to clean anything after your smoking session.

  • Smoking weed from a joint will definitely release more aromas than a pipe. If you don’t want to have the smell of weed all over you, using a pipe might be the best option for you.

These are just some benefits and drawbacks of both methods. However, you are the only one to decide which one is better for you. Joints are a way to enjoy a smoking session with friends, and many consumers see the process of rolling a joint as a ritual that must be followed. 

Not everyone has the time to do this, so going for a durable pipe is the most reasonable option for those who just want to smoke on the go. Whatever it is you choose, make sure you feel comfortable with it, and don’t settle for cheap products that can put your health at risk.

Simon Folmann
Simon V. Folmann

Simon Folmann

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