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How To Smoke A Blunt


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Nowadays, there are top-notch technologies and a really wide range of different types of smoking devices that can deliver all the benefits of cannabis. Nevertheless, traditional cannabis flower smoking remains as the most common and preferred method of consumption around the world.

There are a lot of options currently available in which you can enjoy your favorite cannabis bud. The blunt is among the most popular methods used, and definitely a favorite between experienced weed users. This item is very similar in many ways to a regular joint, with the difference that the weed is wrapped in a treated tobacco leaf or what may seem like the outside part of a cigar, which is called blunt wrap. Because of the tobacco paper, blunts are usually brown, or real close to it, and we can say that is one of the biggest smokables you can take hits from. Your chosen blunt will taste just like the strain inside but mixed with some notes of tobacco coming from its wrap.

If at this point you want to know how to smoke a blunt properly, we will share with you some great tips to learn how to smoke weed out of a blunt just like pros do. With a little bit of patience and practice, you will eventually find yourself enjoying a thick blunt.

How to Smoke Weed out of a Blunt

Use The Right Tools

You don’t need a lot of supplies to smoke a blunt. However, it is better to always prepare well for your smoking space, as a blunt is a whole new experience since the moment you are rolling it up. Therefore, there are few things you have to consider to have in hand when you want to really enjoy a pleasant blunt experience.

Gather your gear and all equipment necessary to make it a nice experience; a lighter, an ashtray, a sploof, and beverages. Play your favorite music or movie if you want to perch on the place you choose, so that you will be relaxed and in the right frame of mind for the experience to come.

Use Top Shelf Cannabis

When smoking a blunt, one of the most important things is the weed you are planning to smoke. The flavor of the cannabis strain you choose is gonna blend up with the sweet tobacco flavor that the blunt wrap provides. 

For this reason, if you have low quality weed prepare, to have a low quality experience with the difference that is going to be in a blunt. We absolutely recommend you to choose the best quality buds that's at your hand. A blunt will only complement its flavor and take the experience a bit higher.

Roll A Beautiful Blunt

This is probably one of the most crucial steps for having an enjoyable experience when smoking a blunt. In order to roll your blunt in a proper way, all you have to do is follow these simple but really important steps.

First, ground your weed with your grinder, hands, or any other suitable element. A blunt usually allows you to burn thicker pieces of bud than regular paper joints. Still, don’t put the entire nug in it without grinding. If so, your blunt will be too big and it will not burn properly once you try to smoke it. 

Then, proceed to place the grinded weed in the middle of your blunt wrap. If you want to, you can put a filter in one of the extremes and then proceed to roll up the blunt as you would do with a regular joint. The only difference is that blunts are a bit bigger and it may require a bit more hand ability to get the rolling process done properly. Once your blunt is tied, it is ready to smoke it.

Light Your Blunt Like A Boss

Sometimes blunts are a bit more dense than regular joints. This will depend on the amount of weed you put into it. However, it is important that you light up the blunt well if you want to enjoy the experience. 

The trick relies on not over burning it but still lighting it up to the point that smoke actually gets into your lungs. Most of the time when you are lighting a blunt for the first time, it is better to do it like a cigar. Hit the blunt two or three times without retaining the smoke just to make sure your blunt is well lit.

Master The Art Of The Toke

Once you’ve mastered the inhale, try to kick up the blunt and hold the smoke in your lungs for longer than you normally would. This gives your lungs extra time to absorb more of the cannabinoids and terpenes into your system through the bloodstream. Moreover, it can make for a quicker, more intense high. 

We don't recommend, however, making this the regular way to smoke a blunt, as it can be harmful for the lungs when done in excess. Remember the idea is just to enhance the experience. Keeping the smoke in for a count of one or two will for sure get the job done.

Take it Slow 

Blunts are big so it is really not necessary to smoke it all at once unless you are enjoying your blunt with a group of friends. Even in such cases, we can assure you that you and your team are going to experience the effects enough to leave some blunt for later. This is because the average blunt length is around six inches, which is twice as long as most joints. 

Additionally, blunts are thicker in diameter than joints, being actually about the size of a dime. So, there is a lot of herb at hand. For this reason, it is better to take it slow and don’t be afraid to stop if you’re already feeling your best high. There’s no shame in stopping smoking midway through. 

Moreover, it is really important that you know your limits in order to manage yourself to enjoy a pleasant experience when you want to smoke a blunt. If you are already feeling your best after hitting a blunt two or three times off, then there is absolutely no way you are going to make it to four or more hits out of a blunt. Remember blunts are much girthier than joints and that it can actually be dangerous to try to smoke that much.

Stay Hydrated

Especially when cannabis is involved. it is twice important to keep yourself well hydrated. Try chugging two cups of water before your smoking session, and then make it a point to drink more water after. You can also fill a water bottle with your favorite liquid, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the whole thing during the blunt experience.

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