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How To Sharpen A Herb Grinder


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A weed grinder can be a super useful investment for your stoner kit. Its function is to break the flower buds out so you get smaller pieces that fit into your joint or pipe making it more stable and giving you a smoother smoking experience. Some grinder work also for collecting kief, this would depend on the grinder's uses, pieces, and size.

There are many grinders out there and you should take a look into some of the good ones; when acquiring one, now you don’t have to spend a long time grinding weed by hand. Depending on your style and budget, you can get a two, three or four-piece grinder. We also recommend considering how much weed you’ll be breaking out with it, as if you are planning on using it a lot, you’ll have one that doesn’t hurt your wrist and also maybe a higher-quality one.

In any case, there are different designs and materials that you can search for, such as, ceramic, plastic, wood, aluminum, or metal, and as many shapes as human imagination, there is, so you can find cylinders, squares, and even cards that will do the trick. Amazing, right?

The mechanism for grinding can vary as well: the vast majority have teeth, but some of them, such as our superstar KLIP, have blades that can give you another texture for your herbs and slice the cannabis buds instead of crushing them. This avoids that the herb loses its potency.

Give maintenance to your grinder

An important part of keeping this cannabis accessory on point, keep it useful and for it to last longer is to take some time of your days to give your grinder some necessary maintainance. 

Remember… a good care of cannabis accessories would make them last forever. Well, some of them as HØJ's best sellers and their lifetime warranty. Read more about both KLIP grinder and KØL pipe, here.

Clean your grinder after every use

Try to keep clean the areas where the mechanism of your grinder can be more sensitive, like the teeth, screens, blades, or the twisting area. It depends on the material, but in general, you can just grab a wet piece of cloth and clean the particles that could be stuck there. If you see that there are hard-to-reach places, you can use a small clean brush to take the rest from them.

This will be a very good way of making sure you’ll get the best out of your grinder.

How to sharpen a herb grinder?

Although probably it won’t be that frequent, as every sharp device, your grinder can get dull with time, but don’t worry; there's a way to sharpen a herb grinder easily and you can take some steps to make it work like brand new:

1. First, follow the step we talked about before so you make sure that your grinder is clean enough.

2. Get a file or a piece of sandpaper. Gently pass it through the teeth at an angle.

3. You can also consider using a tool, like a super small dremel —one of those people uses for handcrafts—, but you would need to be very careful so you don’t damage the teeth or the blades.

4. Another option is to buy replacements for your grinder, although only some models have them available for you to purchase. Some brands offer extra blades you can purchase.

5. That’s it! Your grinder will be ready for your new adventures together.

Now that you know how to sharpen a herb grinder we hope you can use yours for longer, as they are an amazing device for any everyday stoner’s life. If you want to know more about grinders, we recommend you read this article about the amazing KLIP grinder. 

KLIP grinder and herb grinder blades
KLIP grinder and blades (HØJ Media)
Herb grinder blades
KLIP grinder blades (HØJ Media)

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We love the idea, Preston! An electric KLIP isn’t on the product roadmap right now, but we are working on something else for KLIP that will make the grip and slicing experience easier. Stay tuned!

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I sure do love my Klip!! Will try this to sharpen my old set of blades for it. Have you ever thought about a rechargeable electric clip? Just some other top attachment that has a little motor on it? Sometimes my hands don’t want to grip the Klip enough to turn it to chop up a weeks worth of herb to get me through till the next weekend.
I invested in electric salt and pepper grinders for this same reason.
I would love love love to have an electric Klip. Just replace top section to make it electric would be awesome. Then it could adapt to the Klip that everyone else already has. Just a thought.

Keep it up!! Y’all are awesome!!!

Be blessed today and always😎

Preston Mein

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