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KLIP & KØL: A Match Made in Heaven

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The whole is greater than the sum of the parts...

KLIP & KØL look like family. Both are true weed essentials. Both are crafted out of the same sleek, black aluminum, held together magnetically and inspired by the natural world. But, the connection runs deeper than that. While we design our products to be great on their own, they work even better together. From the very beginning, they were created as a pair.

For example, KLIP’s funnel fits perfectly into KØL’s bowl, allowing you to grind weed for putting in the pipe and then transfer it directly into KØL for effortless enjoyment.

Plus, we’ve got a lot more products on the way and all of them will work seamlessly together. We might sell individual products but we’re designing an ecosystem; a magical new world of devices that transform every aspect of your herbal life.

KOL pipe and KLIP grinder two sizes

How to get a better high? HØJ products.
How to boost and enhance that high even further? The HØJ ecosystem of products.

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