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Must-Have Stoner Accessories

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Cannabis use is becoming more popular than ever before. As a result, the demand for smoking devices has nearly doubled. When it comes to smoking marijuana, it is essential to always be ready with stoner accessories required to complete the tasks. No one wants to be unprepared for a smoking session outdoors, even if you're at home, at a friend's house, or on the go.

We now have access to some cool gadgets, ranging from crystal bowls to vapes camouflaged as pens. The marijuana industry is filled with innovation in every way one could never imagine! If you want to live this green life to the fullest, there are certain things that a stoner can never go without. We want to stick to the basics but there are some accessories that could be useful in your case. 

Some of the most needed items for any cannabis enthusiast are compiled below. With these 20 important stoner accessories, you will be sure you are ready for any situation you can find yourself in during the day.

Stoner Essential Accessories

Some of the following items are already obvious and well-known in the community, yet we know that there might be beginners who are looking for information and want to educate themselves before or after a few times trying. 

Accessories are sometimes chosen according to the personal taste of the smoker, meaning, for example, a group of you reading the guide will likely think this or that would be a good investment or not. So, consider this more educational, though the products that are about to be mentioned are truly amazing.


To inaugurate this list, we have a top-quality product that will be useful whether you are a veteran or a non/experienced smoker. Grinders allow the airflow you need to have a proper smoke and inhalation, no matter what device you’re using at the moment, being a bong, a pipe, or a joint, this is an unskippable step.

HOJ’s KLIP covers everything to consider when you want to purchase a good grinder. Its design and technology are what guarantees that you won't waste your money and time as it incorporates magnets to operate smoothly so your weed is sliced rather than ground. In addition, it is easy to assemble and easy to manage. Not to mention how elegant and compact it looks. HOJ completely reimagined grinders with KLIP.


Pipes are in the top 3 of the public’s favorite devices, if not the number one now. And it is because of how simple it is. Just pack the bowl and light up! There’s nothing complicated about that, the equation is easy and that is what people love about that. Additionally, it is cost-effective and nothing difficult to maintain. 

Since pipes are tools from the old school, nowadays you can find pipes with more behind, becoming more than just pieces to smoke. HOJ’S KØL pipes offer a better-designed device that keeps the shape we are all familiar with. However, inside it is an improved pipe to let you have a cleaner and cooler high you have never experienced before. 

It implements magnetic tech as well and it purifies the smoke, therefore uncontrollable coughing won’t be an issue in the future. The best part is that thanks to the magnets, cleaning your pipe will be as simple as snapping it open, wiping, and putting the two pieces together again.

Eyes Drops

Having dry eyes or red eyes is one of the side effects of consuming cannabis. It is better to have eye drops ready to solve such a problem for some very clear reason, more if discretion is important for you. But don't just get random eye drops of doubtful origins. Overall, make sure they're safe because your health always comes first.

In a pharmacy, most eye drops can be purchased over the counter, so you can request the pharmacist whether they are effective for red eyes and if it does not pose a risk. Dry burning eyes or red eyes may likely result from the effects of smoking, so it is best to be armed and ready at all times. Visine redness relief is preferred among stoners because it has maximum potency.


A one-hitter is a small pipe built and used for a single toke or one hit with a narrow vertical bowl. For a single hit, it usually holds around 25 milligrams of cannabis, as its name suggests. While this might seem elementary, they really come in handy,  particularly when you are trying to be low-key and on the go. 

Usually, a one-hitter comes disguised as a cigarette and should go undetected wherever you are. However, other common types, such as chillums, can be found. The pros of one-hitters are better as they reduce the odor and ash build-ups inside. It's also good to have a dugout, not only to store your one-hitter but also your buds. Smoke Cartel has cool, beautiful pieces in case you want to order.

Rolling Tray

Do you hate having to deal with a filthy workspace? You need a rolling tray. When dealing with fresh ground herb, expert stoners know how chaotic rolling can be, and there's no telling where it'll end up; your carpet, the sofa, your bed, the pillows, your clothes, and so on.

Furthermore, for those who want to keep their cannabis use secret, weed crumbs are not exactly subtle. Another possible scenario is that you might like to roll a joint on the go and need a comfortable place to do it correctly. Puff Puff Pass It is a store that carries dope-looking trays made of different materials from different brands. Some even have lids, variety in design, and multiple sizes to choose from.

Joint Roller Machine

Being used to leaving others to roll and pack, but always partaking in the smoke is pretty common. You're not alone, hence don't feel ashamed of it. The frustrating art of rolling joints or packing the ideal cone has not been perfected by everyone. Fortunately, you can make cigarettes and cones with a rolling machine that will turn out perfect each and every time.

The time you spend rolling or packing will also be reduced. This enables you to roll several joints easily in one moment, making short-term cannabis storage a kid’s game. You can find electronic or automatic joint rolling machines online on eBay or at any physical store.


You might be a conventional smoker and have loved smoking for a long time, but in the cannabis community, you should also be aware that vaping is a trend. To release the vapor, this smoking device heats the weed to a certain temperature. A vaporizer or vape is a good tool to keep, and as it brings about a smoother and cleaner experience.

There are vapes compatible with certain forms of cannabis, meaning they are suitable for consuming certain concentrates or the nugs only. Check the description of the product before you order. For example, Khan is a dry herb vaporizer known for its quality and incredible aesthetic.


For obvious reasons, you want to maintain your space clean by putting the ashes in an ashtray. Moreover, you can also keep a stash jar that many use to place the bits that have fallen when rolling blunts, joints, and spliffs. It makes it much more hygienic, and it reduces the mess. Stash jars will absolutely hold your weed so that it will not spill on the sofa or on the floor. This Tokio Smoke’s tool works as both, a stash jar and marble tray that not would look good, but it contains the smell in.


Having a lighter of your own to smoke your weed is great advice. You can carry it in your pocket because it is very handy and easy to carry. This way, you won’t go through the hassle of constantly asking for a lighter. 

Just make sure it is working and it won't run off fast. Better to invest in a good lighter rather than getting stuck with no fire in the future. From the basic matches to electric arch lighters, they are a must-have stoner accessory.

Water Pipe

Smoking with a bong is one of the classic ways of consuming cannabis for most professional pot smokers. As they use water that cleans and cools the smoke, bongs are often referred to as water pipes or bubbles. Because it minimizes any contaminants from the weed, it is also not harmful to people’s health.

Bongs can be incredible pieces of art. When you run into one of these, you may wonder if they are really meant for smoking because all you will want to do is put it in a nice place where everyone sees it. BadassGlass offers amazing bongs that make you want to risk your bank account through the window and buy them all.

Smoke Filter

At some point when you’re blazing up, you will realize the place is flooding with the smell of your cannabis, and getting rid of it without everyone noticing is a complete challenge. The Smokebuddy, however, converts your kush-filled hit into fresh, odorless air almost like magic. How does it work? Just take a hit as you would normally do and exhale through the mouthpiece. 

Play it safe and remove passive smoking around friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. The Smokebuddy is presented in a wide range of colors, allowing you to pick a personalized product. Besides, you can find eco/friendly models of this awesome air filter.

Rolling Paper

You have to go through the joint-rolling phase first before you think about buying some wild cannabis products. At least a few hundred times in their lives, every stoner should roll a joint, so make sure you get all the rolling basic concepts checked.

The very first thing you'll need to acquire is the rolling paper to roll a joint or spliff. The consistency of your rolling paper can have a big influence on your smoking experience, as shocking as it might sound. Bad rolling papers seem to have a negative effect on the flavor of your joint, so do not go weak on this part.

Wood papers are not even an option. If you're going to skimp on paper, why buy high-quality flowers? Hemp paper is an excellent possible choice, but ice paper is what you're looking for since they burn slower and cleaner. In case you are wondering how to choose the right rolling paper, find out what are rolling papers made of.

Pipe Screens

No one will ever find it funny or pleasant when you suck a considerable amount of good hot ash through your bowl and it goes into your mouth. This is what many know as getting scoobied.  For people who smoke hand pipes and chillums often, this is typically a problem. By applying an additional layer of filtration to your bowl, pipe screens help to avoid these little buggers coming into you. 

They are extremely affordable, help maintain your pipe cleaner, and can be reused thousands of times in general. It is never a bad investment, and you will thank your future self later.

Quartz Banger

Connoisseurs' favorite way to smoke dabs is possibly quartz bangers. For larger dabs, these devices have a large base and high sidewalls, which avoid splashback and wasting dabs. For them, you can also get a carb cap, which helps you to make the most of each dab quickly and leave your banger much cleaner once you are done. In addition, as with titanium nails, there is no influence on taste because of the quartz. In fact, as long as you have the correct joint size, it is possible to add these dab rig attachments to just about any bong to change them into a dab rig.

When compared to dab nails, quartz bangers can take a bit of time to heat up, but to be fair, they last significantly longer, have a much better flavor and allow you to take dabs at a much broader temperature range for an extended time. Quartz Bangers have a lot of models and sizes to choose from. Some are classic shapes and some are designed for more specific tasks and types of bongs.

Joint Filter Tips

Even if you're not concerned about health risks, joints will burn your mouth, and sometimes they often have a pretty ugly taste. Rolling filters are the perfect solution for limiting your exposure to health problems from inhaling resin, poor taste, and burning your throat or mouth when smoking joints.

Riping and bending a business car is one of the pleasures of being a stoner. Or maybe cutting off a corner of a pack of gum is a fair enough move for the infrequent smoker, and very appropriate to stay with the inventive stoner spirit. However, King Palm carries flavored filter tips of different flavors and sizes. Just pop the capsule inside and then you have an enhanced smoking experience.

When joints are your better-suited smoking method, it is a powerful move to grab some rolling tips and add them to the process. A smooth, round filter or crutch helps to create quicker and crispier rolls and avoids the nasty sogginess that comes with a paper joint after a round or two of going around the circle.


Stop eyeballing and blindly trusting your dispensary is giving you the right amount. Sometimes they might be ripping you off a couple of grams. With a digital portable scale you can prevent yourself from being scammed. Pay a fair price and be a step ahead.

Weight up to 100g of buds with this pocket sized scale. It can be effortlessly carried around everytime you know you will restock your supplies. Yet, this can be useful for a recipe, as well. Not everything needs to be negative or shady. 

Res Caps

If you are a regular bong user, these silicone cleaning caps will make your life simpler. In essence, res caps are tiny silicone circles that fit on the ends of just about any size part. They keep the cleaning solution without spills inside the piece, enabling you to comfortably let them soak without leaving smell or mess, and allowing you to shake them to clean certain areas that are difficult to access and clean your device more accurately.

Smell-proof Bags

Choosing the right smell-proof bag can be a difficult task, though there are several options on the market today. Nonetheless, when you want to protect yourself and your weed, these bags are a must. Plus, apart from concealing odors, smell-proof bags have other advantages, including controlling moisture loss, maintaining potency, and preventing others (especially children) from manipulating your stash.

Smell-proof bags come in various shapes, colors, sizes, and materials, it is up to you to pick one that fits your taste and needs. Level 1620 has clutches, fanny packs and other types of bags to store and protect your supplies while looking completely normal.


Similar to the air filter, this is a quick solution for odors when you forget to ventilate your room or car. It is portable and it does not call out attention because it looks like a regular bottle of spray. Get rid of the scent of cannabis with the all-natural marijuana odor sprays in your house, closed spaces, or on the go. Cannabolish sprays are not just masking scents. To simply eliminate odors by using natural plant oils to extract marijuana smoke molecules from the air and surfaces.

Cleaners and Brushes

Your smoking devices should be thoroughly cleaned after your smoking session, whether you use a glass bowl, pipe, or a bong. Be mindful of the fact that hygiene here is crucial.

Purchasing a cleaning kit is worthy, not only to extend the life of your devices but also because it is your health that you need to consider here besides your money. Cleaning products are not expensive, and you can always be creative and find a way to give maintenance with household items you have around.

For cleaning pipes and bongs, specialized cleaners and brushes are made. On the other hand, if you are smoking marijuana in a glass bowl, it is nothing difficult to clean because it's like using dishwashing soap to clean a normal bowl and rinse it thoroughly. Keep your equipment clean and respect the temple your body is.

There it is! 20 essential gadgets for every stoner. Luckily, we didn’t miss anything on the way. As time goes by, you will have your priorities set and know exactly what comes in handy. Time and practice is what makes you a knowledgeable cannabis lover after all. We hope this was the light you needed to see a clearer path to follow from now on.

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