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Smoking out of a Brass Pipe - Is it Safe?

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With more materials available than ever before, smoking accessories come in a plethora of designs and materials. Lately, the vast majority of smoking devices you can find are made from glass. And, while it certainly is cleaner and durable, the slightest mistake can end up breaking it. Fortunately, we have metal accessories. These are sturdy, durable, and ready to face neverending smoking sessions.

Among the most common metal accessories, we find brass pipes. They used to be the best type of smoking pipe back in the day, but when glass pipes made it to the market, they slowly started to lose recognition. However, there are still many users who take into consideration these items when deciding which type of pipe to buy. In case you are one of them, and you are wondering if brass pipes are safe to smoke out of, this article will help you find an answer.

Is Brass Bad to Smoke Out Of?

If you go online and search for brass pipes, you will find thousands of users claiming that these accessories are bad for your health. This, however, is just a misconception that comes from the belief that almost all metal elements release toxic fumes when heated. As a result, many smokers have decided to refrain from buying brass pipes, thinking they will cause damage to their health.

The truth is, brass is not bad to smoke out of. At least not a brass pipe that hasn’t been covered with harmful chemicals. As a matter of fact, pure brass is non-toxic and has no links to health complications. This is why you should always make sure you are buying only pure brass pipes. 

One of the easiest ways to know that a brass pipe is safe to use is by looking for a patina. Over time, pure brass will begin to change color, becoming blue-ish green. In such cases, the pipe has not been covered by any element that releases toxic fumes when heated, ensuring you are only inhaling the smoke of your herb.

Brass pipes that are coated with copper or nickel, on the other hand, are highly unsafe. Never buy a pipe that has this coating, especially in the bowl, since the constant exposure to heat will ultimately make you inhale their chemicals without even noticing. If you ever go to a head shop and find a shiny brass pipe, ask about the material it has been coated with. Most of the time, the reason why brass pipes look shiny and perfect is that they have a nickel coating.

Another misconception about brass pipes is that this metal is highly toxic when heated. The thing is, brass is not a metal, but an alloy. Its nature is more resistant than many other metals such as silver or gold, allowing it to resist heat. In addition, the brass melting point is extremely high, and you only hold your lighter for a couple of seconds around your pipe before removing it. In such cases, it is impossible for the brass to reach its melting point and release toxic fumes.

Are Brass Screens Safe?

Just as your common brass pipe, brass screens have been around for decades. First used in tobacco pipes, they made it to the cannabis market thanks to their affordable nature and convenience. Moreover, they can fit any type of bowl, making them perfect for a last-minute purchase where you don’t have time to decide on a more suitable option.

The only downside to brass screens is that they easily degrade over time. As we mentioned before, you won’t generate the temperature required to melt brass in just one smoking session. However, continuous exposure to heat will break down the brass screen. In this case, it is highly important that you keep an eye on it. Brass screens are safe as long as they are not coated with nickel or any other harsh metals, and also if they are removed at the first sight of holes.

The heat will eventually break down your brass screen. When the time comes, throw it away to avoid inhaling brass, since this is the sign that the screen is starting to release chemicals. While pure brass is non-toxic, we are pretty sure you won’t like to inhale it.

As you can see, brass is a material that has faced great misconceptions over the last years. Nowadays, glass pipes are the most common forms of smoking cannabis. This doesn’t mean, however, that more affordable options are not as good as it is. Now that you know that brass pipes are safe to smoke out of, you can confidently choose to use one to enjoy your herb. After all, many users claim that it doesn’t change the taste of their weed and make them feel classy. Pipes are continually evolving and improving, check out HØJ’s KØL for immaculate Danish design.

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I have brass pipe for years using stainless steel that lasts few more burns before throwing it out and heating the brass burning off the reside from the brass pipe and cleaning off the ashes to bring up fresh taste of cannabis

Posted by Bob Lapshinoff on August 22, 2022

I love the brass pipes and blue

Posted by Debbie Shilling on June 07, 2022

Hi, I read this article when I was debating purchasing my first brass pipe and I’ve come back with a couple questions since. The article states that “pure brass” is safe to smoke from however it doesn’t directly define what composition pure brass is. Since purchasing my pipe I’ve learned that nearly all machined brass contains some amount of lead, generally 3%, this makes it easier to machine. My first question is what do you define as pure brass/what is the element composition? My next question is about leaded brass. Since almost all machined brass contains lead, nearly every brass pipe option is made with leaded brass. This likely includes the infamous protopipe as an example. Is leaded brass still safe to smoke from?

Posted by ImperialStew on May 23, 2022

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