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What is a Pipe Screen?

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When it comes to smoking your herb, one device that has gained its special spot among users is a weed pipe. Easy to carry, perfect to share with friends or for solo sessions, and easy to use, these devices are everything you need for a perfect hit.

However, sometimes we get nasty pieces of ash and burnt herb when we inhale too hard. It happens to the best of us. And it is this particular issue the reason why it is important to have a tiny but essential piece of smoking accessory. We are talking about pipe screens.

What are Pipe Screens for?

Pipe screens are small screens that serve to prevent clogging, pull-through, and resin buildup in your pipes and bongs. Moreover, they are perfect to keep your device cleaner, since they allow you to pool ash on top of them. This way, you can dump out the contents after your smoking sessions. In the long-run, you won’t have to clean your pipes as bongs as much when using a pipe screen.

There are many different types of pipe screens that appeal to each user’s preferences and needs. Your typical pipe screen is made from stainless steel, but nowadays many other materials are being used. You can find pipe screens made from brass, glass, quartz, and even titanium. Additionally, there are different sizes and designs to perfectly fit your pipe or bong.

Do You Need a Screen for a Pipe?

While it is not essential to have a screen for a pipe, it is definitely a great addition to your smoking experience. Many users go by without one every day, and some pipes even have small holes at the bottom of the bowl to do the work of a pipe screen. This, however, doesn’t always end up well. More often than not, these types of pipes get tar build-up, clogging the small holes that were supposed to do the work.

It might not look like an important item, but once you see the great difference a pipe screen makes for your smoking session, you won’t want to get rid of it. Moreover, they work wonders for bongs and bubblers since they help keep the water clean. Additionally, some bongs have large bowls where unsmoked material can be sucked through. Using a pipe screen in such cases will prevent unnecessary waste of herbs. 

Do You Need Screens for Glass Pipes?

As we mentioned before, it is not essential to use a screen for pipes, but it will definitely make the difference. When it comes to glass pipes, they are one of the easiest devices to clean. However, if you don’t frequently clean your glass pipe, it will eventually be covered in resin and tar. 

This can be prevented by simply using a pipe screen for your glass pipe. Of course, you will still need to clean the pipe regularly, but it will give you more time to use your glass pipe without cleaning it for some days. Virtually any kind of pipe screen will work for your glass pipe, which makes it easier for you to choose an adequate filter for your needs.

Knowing how important it is to have a pipe screen, HØJ has designed the perfect accessory to give you clean and cool smoke. With a KØL Filter, you will have a durable screen that won’t allow anything different from a flavorful herb to go into your lungs. Made of titanium-coated stainless steel, this filter can withstand heat up to 600°C. You won’t have to worry anymore about disgusting ash and disposable pipe screens for a long time.

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