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Best Pipe Screens


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If you have run out of pipe screens, you are probably wondering what to buy next. Maybe your stainless steel pipe screen is not enough for you now. Likewise, it could also be possible that you saw a brand new type of pipe screen at your local head shop and need to know if it is worth the investment.

No matter what the reason behind your questions is, you definitely need to know what are the best pipe screens for your needs. While stainless steel pipe screens are pretty cheap and useful, you can always level up your game and go in a different direction. In such cases, this article will walk you through all the pipe screens that exist so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Best Type of Pipe Screens

When looking for the best type of pipe screen, the first thing you need to take into account, besides your budget, is the material it is made from. As you may know, the most common types of pipe screens are made from stainless steel. These are affordable, they come in various sizes, and fit almost any type of bowl. However, they are disposable and only last for a couple of weeks before the heat eventually damages them.

For this reason, the best type of pipe screens is those that are made from more durable materials, like glass, quartz, or titanium. Additionally, they last longer than about 100 stainless steel screens, making them more affordable in the long run. 

Best Pipe Screen Material

One way to decide on the best pipe screen is to analyze the different materials these filters are made from. As we mentioned before, the most common ones are made from stainless steel and glass. However, there are many other pipe screen materials that work just as well, with durability being the only difference between them. 

Stainless Steel Pipe Screens

By far the most used pipe screens, stainless steel screens are cheap, easy to use, and easy to find. While they can become weakened by the heat over time, eventually breaking down, you can buy them in bulk. This way, you won’t need to buy one every single time they get damaged.

Another downside of this pipe screen material is that sometimes it releases toxic fumes. This is the reason why you should constantly change your stainless steel pipe screen.

Brass Pipe Screens

Brass screens have been around for decades since they are commonly used in tobacco pipes. One of the reasons why these pipe screens are so popular is because they are easily and cheaply obtained, working out just well for any type of pipe.

The only downside to brass screens is they easily degrade over time. While you probably won’t generate high temperatures in your pipe or bong, continuous exposure to heat will break down the brass screen. For this reason, this is not the best pipe screen material if you want a more durable option.

Glass Pipe Screens

This pipe screen material is slowly becoming the most loved one due to its convenience and efficiency. Glass and quartz screens don’t wear out like stainless steel or brass ones, as the glass can withstand heat. They are often made to fit a specific bowl, which can make it quite difficult to buy if you have a one-of-a-kind pipe.

This is considered to be the best screen pipe material since it is durable (if you take good care of it), easy to clean, and also comes in different styles and sizes. Moreover, they create a better airflow, giving you a clean taste. 

Titanium Pipe Screens

Durable and more resistant to heat, titanium pipe screens are a great choice for those who have frequent smoking sessions. These screens are able to withstand high temperatures without producing harsh chemicals, working great for bowls that have small holes but need more airflow. 

Take as an example the KØL Filter. Made of titanium-coated stainless steel, this filter can withstand heat up to 600°C, making it a great choice for your smoking sessions. You won’t need to buy big packs of stainless steel or brass pipe screens, and there is not risk of it breaking like a glass pipe screen. Moreover, the KØL filter delivers smooth smoke, making your smoking experience a total success.

Best Brass Pipe Screens

The best brass pipe screens you can find on the market are those from GRIMM. Affordable, durable, and with a plethora of sizes, these brass screens have been around for years. They are made in the U.S, ensuring you support local production.

In addition, GRIMM produces the best brass pipe screens on the market that fit your bowl. They have a universal size, meaning that you will most likely find the perfect fit. Unless you have a quite extravagant pipe, there is no way that GRIMM brass pipe screens won’t work for you.

Best Glass Pipe Screens

Daisy screens are the best glass pipe screens on the market. These glass pipe screens come in a colored flower shape, and they cool your smoke way more than a regular stainless steel or brass pipe. You can get a 100 count for under $10, which should be more than you will ever need. If you want to buy a glass pipe screen, this is your best bet. Not only are they cheap, but also last for a long time.

Best Metal Pipe Screens

You may have come across Made in the USA metal pipe screens before. Without a doubt, the best metal pipe screens you can find on the market are from this brand. They sell these pipe screens in various sizes, with affordable prices, and a high-quality design. You will find 50 in a container, and they will last way longer than a regular metal pipe screen. 

In case you are not ready to invest in a glass or a titanium pipe screen just yet, you can rely on the classic metal pipe screens for better smoke. This particular brand also makes sure its products do not release any harsh chemicals, making them safe to use.

As you can see, there are several types of pipe screens that only vary in durability and quality. Whether you are just starting to smoke or are an experienced user, you will easily find the best pipe screen for your needs.

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