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How to Inhale Weed Properly


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If you don't inhale your weed properly, you are ruining the experience. And as the cannabis burns too quickly, so does your money. This is how to know if you're smoking properly and making the most of your bud.

The vast majority of people who consume cannabis blame it all on their herb or smoking devices. The truth is most of the time we waste our precious herb by smoking, and therefore proper inhalation is the secret to conserving cannabis.

When you search on the internet, you will find this and that about what is the right way to smoke cannabis. However, there isn’t really one way to correctly inhale. Each person has a separate perspective on the habit and learns differently. Still, there exist certain things that are not refutable. Marijuana works in your lungs, so you want it to be there for a while.

The following article is here to lead you through how to inhale cannabis correctly so that you can obtain the full effects of it, whether you're a beginner, or trying to get as much from your hit as possible. In addition, you can learn a thing or two about your body and how THC is processed.

How to Inhale Weed vs. Smoking a Cigarette

It takes a minute to understand that smoking marijuana is not the same experience as smoking a cigarette for many beginners, and even some veteran users. When you draw in the smoke and blow out a cloud, the overall process of smoking marijuana is very close to that of smoking a cigarette. The real difference between the two is the pace at which you inhale.

When smoking a cigarette, you are most probably inhaling pretty rapidly and nervously, flicking the end of the cigarette to knock the ash off and puffing away. However, an entirely different method is created when it comes to inhaling cannabis. It is all about taking your time.

You may have the idea that lungs are two big balloons inflating and deflating in a repetitive process. Nonetheless, lungs have complex parts that promote the "gas exchange" that happens when they collect oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the body as a waste product.

After being conducted through the trachea and bronchi, the air then passes into air bags called alveoli where it is absorbed into the blood. Here is where THC finally travels to the brain. You begin to get the high effects that people associate with marijuana as soon as the THC reaches your brain. Consequently, you don't get the maximum effect of your weed if you're not inhaling properly, which not only wastes valuable weed but also valuable money and time.

However, because the anatomy of the lungs cannot tolerate more than it needs if the intake is too big, it will only flow to the trachea, nose, and mouth. This is the reason why many first-timers say they don’t feel the effects of cannabis. In this sense, you need to smoke more conscientiously than you smoke a cigarette. Yet it is understandable that, right from the beginning, it's not something you can catch quickly.

Woman inhaling a weed joint
Woman inhaling a weed joint (Envato)​​
Woman smoking a tobacco cigarette
Woman smoking a tobacco cigarette​​ (Envato)

How to Inhale Weed Properly

If you inhale nicely and steadily until the smoke is in your mouth, don't stop inhaling. Most inexperienced users sit there before blowing it out with the motionless smoke in their mouths. Others are struggling to swallow it. Both strategies are totally ineffective and an utter waste of precious THC and other cannabinoids.

You need to keep inhaling while the smoke is already in your mouth to feel the full effects of marijuana. Keep bringing the smoke deep into your lungs until it is no longer possible. Since your mouth should be closed, be sure to breathe in some fresh air through your nose during the process. When your inhalation limit has been reached, don’t you dare to let it go! Try to fill 2 parts of your lungs with the smoke and leave the last third for the oxygen at the end.

Breathe the smoke back out slowly after retaining the smoke in for as long as you can. Do not exhale too fast, no matter if it was there for one second or ten. Once you understand how to control the steam of the smoke, you will know what it means to experience a stronger punch of that THC.

Waiting for a minute between hits is another great tip for getting the most out of your weed. Taking quick tokes back to back instead of gradual tokes will rapidly waste your herb, and your body won’t correctly absorb cannabinoids. Space the hits out more, and don’t hit the pipe, bong, or joint over and over like a maniac. This allows THC to get to your brain and move through the blood-brain barrier with a wider time span. As a consequence, after just one or two hits, you will discover that you are far higher than you thought you would be, almost out of this world.

How to Know if You Are Inhaling Wrong

There are also other signs telling you you’re doing things wrong, although they are pretty common for all kinds of stoners, from the ones that have years in the game to those who have been days in. Try to change whatever you do to smoke weed if you have suffered from the symptoms explained below.

It is likely that you will have a coughing attack at any stage when smoking, in which you will feel that your eyes want to escape from its place and your face becomes a tomato. The good news is that you can prevent this embarrassing and scary moment from happening, you can also learn how to smoke weed without coughing.

Only start off with tiny hits rather than one huge hit to do this, Maybe try to puff twice and then give it a rest. This is a workout for the lungs since the body is not yet fully used to this unknown visitor. Therefore, by slowly building up your inhalation tolerance, you also build up your cough resistance.

Another symptom is a horrible burning throat. If you have avoided experiencing this somehow, then you are more than welcome to enjoy a group smoking session, because that’s a pro move. It has to happen at least once, as a burning throat is a common problem that beginners encounter when inhaling cannabis. The hot smoke from your lit pot, often from joints, is what causes the fiery feeling in your gullet and it is, to some degree, dangerous.

Try smoking out of a bong or bubbler for the first few occasions, because those devices are able to cool down the smoke with water. Before it reaches your lungs, the water will actually soothe the burning sensation in your throat and it won’t affect the later results. If the burning throat becomes unpleasant or painful to the extent that you cough a lot, just stop smoking immediately.

Things also change depending on what device you are using to enjoy your pot. The other popular methods are bongs and pipes. Both have tricks to inhale correctly, as they are built and designed with different features.

For instance, you first need to use a grinder to break up the bud finely before you pack your bowl. You'll see there's a little hole on the side of the bowl. Place your thumb over the hole and put the mouthpiece over your lips.

Light up the bowl using your free hand and inhale the smoke at the same time. Lift your thumb to open up for air to flow into the pipe when you feel a good burn. This will allow you to start to inhale the smoke you have gathered inside the pipe.

Bongs are similar to pipes, since a bong has a stem that has a bowl at the end of it. With your weed and light, fill the bowl and put the flame over it. Bring your mouth to the stem and start drawing in the smoke. You need to let fresh air into the process, (like you would do with the bowl), so you can inhale an even stronger toke. Pull the bowl out from the bong once you reach that desired point, and begin to inhale.

Take advantage of all of these advices before you fully enter into the game. Learn from the early stages how to inhale weed correctly so that you can experience the full benefits cannabis offers. Saving money is an important plus, too. Last, hopefully you will be able to pass your expertise to another beginner someday. Better safe than sorry, people say.

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