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How To Smoke Weed For The First Time? Smoking Weed For Beginners


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Weed is a drug that has been normalized over the past few years. More and more people are consuming cannabis around the world. Legalization has been the first factor that makes people feel curious about smoking marijuana. Thanks to legalization, weed has been regularized and more supported information is available to people. However, there is still controversy about how ethical it is to consume weed and some people have this idea that weed is a gateway drug

If you are reading these, it is because you might be curious about weed. Here, we are telling you from a neutral and real point of view what's up with cannabis in general. How risky it is to consume weed and what you should take into consideration if it is your first time smoking marijuana. 

First of all let's keep in mind weed has psychoactive effects thanks to THC, the chemical compound that makes you trip. However, you must know that every person in the world has THC receptors on nerve cells. So, it is not a 100% weird chemical compound in your body. Of all drugs in the world, any cannabinoid compound is the best available or the least harmful.

And about if it is a gateway drug or dependence on marijuana, well it depends more on your mental health since many people consider addictions as mental diseases. Addictions are side effects of mental illness. However, the percentage of people who get hooked on marijuana is less than 7 percent of cannabis users. No one should blame weed for mental disorders or dependence, what really influences bad experiences are your childhood or genetics. So before consuming weed be at peace with yourself. Having said this, now we will tell you how to have a nice relationship with cannabis if you are going to smoke weed for the first time. 

Beginner’s guide: First time smoking weed

The first step is what you are already doing, do research, ask your friends, and compare the information you are gathering. First time smoking weed is such an experience. Well, first times, you will see, in the future, you will appreciate these experiences, because as you keep smoking and gaining tolerance the effects are diminishing. 

Anyway, if it is the first time you smoke, decide which strain you would like to smoke. Choose between Sativa or Indica, keep in mind, Sativa has an uplifting and euphoric effect, while Indica is great for relaxation and sleeping effects. 

For your first experience with THC, I will recommend avoiding edibles, since the effects are stronger and quite unpredictable. It is much better to roll a joint or take hits from a pipe. For your first time, I'll recommend you wait a few minutes after every hit and check how you feel. 

Woman lighting a weed pipe
Woman lighting KØL 2.0 weed pipe (HØJ me​​dia)
Woman smoking weed from a pipe
Woman smoking from​​ KØL 2.0 weed pipe (HØJ media)

Here are some tips for first time weed smokers:

Make sure you have comfortable environment

First, you'll need to choose your smoking device; smoking from a pipe or a joint are the best options for beginners. Then, make sure you have a pleasant environment. As we already mentioned, first-time weed smokers will experience intense effects. That's why you need a safe environment. Your cannabis high will also last longer than you might expect. Choose a group of friends you trust and avoid strangers. Make sure there is at least one experienced cannabis user. I mean you are not doing ayahuasca, however, nice people can calm you if you panic

Avoid going to overcrowded places, and stick only to people you know and trust. As you gain experience you will be able to go everywhere and do anything while high, but in the meantime avoid crowded and public places like malls or restaurants. On your first time smoking weed, you just need to chill and be with your friends.

Take it easy your first time smoking

Your high will depend on the quality, but most importantly, the amount of THC you consume. So, start little by little. The effects of smoking hit almost immediately after inhaling the smoke, so you will see if you can take more or if you had enough. 

Start smoking a small amount of weed, see how you feel, and then make your next move. Smoking for the first time will be a positive experience if you take it easy, otherwise, you might panic. That's the only risk of a bad experience, you might feel discomfort or anxiety. You won't like to have a bad trip, also avoid medical marijuana, it might be too strong for beginners.

Chill and enjoy

After you smoke cannabis for the first time make sure you have essentials. You will need water or any liquid to drink. Avoid alcohol, it is very fun, but not for the first time smoking cannabis. Make sure you have control over your experience, and measure well the amount of marijuana you are having.

Set yourself comfortably, listen to music, turn on the TV, and enjoy yourself. Hunger is one of the effects of THC, you will have the munchies. You can make yourself something at home for food and never forget to have some non-alcoholic drinks too.

How to avoid a bad trip the first time trying weed?

You may have heard about the bad trip. And you may be wondering how to avoid it. If it's your first time smoking cannabis you will feel curious about how to avoid it. But first, what is a bad trip? There are two ways to have a bad trip.

Mixing substances

This is the most common way to have a pale and a bad trip. If you don't smoke weed regularly your tolerance will be low. And even with a small amount of weed, you might experience strong effects. Avoid mixing weed with alcohol, especially with strong liquor like vodka, whiskey, etc.


The pale is a very horrible experience, first, you feel nausea and disgust. You will feel sick and the only thing you will have on your head is "I need somewhere to lie down". The problem with the pale is it doesn't matter where you are, in a bar, a party, or a festival you will feel so weak and sick to even keep yourself standing. You are going to be scattered in some chair or corner with your mind everywhere except there, in that moment and time.

Psychosis and paranoia

This bad trip may be worse, and it is because the only responsible would be yourself. Psychedelics clearly reveal some things that we avoid such as toxic behavior patterns or some uncomfortable truths about us. Weed can be very introspective and some people feel this very strongly and may be scared. That's psychosis and paranoia

And I'm not saying that you can't smoke and chill, however, you will feel very sensitive about what's going on and different points of view might be hard to digest sometimes. If you are smoking marijuana for the first time and start to get anxious just go with the flow, don't overthink, and accept what is going on. A marijuana high lasts no longer than two hours, so just relax. 

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Blonde woman smoking weed from a pipe in a beautiful landscape
Blonde woman smoking weed from KØL pipe in a beautiful landscape ​​(HØJ media)

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