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Best Cannabis Strains, Gifts and Games for Stoners these Holidays


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Without doubt, the holidays are the best time of the year. It feels like it's always Friday. You feel a harmonious vibe and the best thing is that you get together with family and friends that you don't see every day. But the best of the best are the Christmas gifts. Just kidding is family and stuff, however, gifts have always been a very important part of holidays. Our memories from childhood would never be the same without the excitement and curiosity of what presents I was going to have.

Unfortunately, as we grow this spark is lost, we don't get excited like we used to. Of course, it moves me to see my distant family and hang out with my loved ones but there is nothing like childhood and holidays. How many times have you repeated yourself: "we were happy and we didn't know".

However, this holiday can regain the gifting and curiosity feeling. For the older ones if you are tired of receiving the same monotonous gifts year after year or for some not even receiving gifts. Cheer up. I know what a perfect Christmas and gifts look like. A gift exchange with the theme of weed. So, I'm listening to what are the best gifts a stoner might have for these holidays including exotic strains, feminized seeds and the best gadgets that will definitely bring a genuine smile to anyone who receives them.

Best gift ideas for yout stoner friend!

SHOUGN strain

This great sativa shares the genetics of Amnesia Haze and Royal Gorilla. Shagun was developed to create a potent strain and typically contains up to 25% THC. Although it is uplifting sativa, it is also great for calming down the body. Shagun strain is a very easy plant to grow, which produces very good results indoors and outdoors. 


Double OG CHEM strain

A 90's classic is back and one of the top five America's top five weed strains according to the Emeral Cup Awards. The judges could not deny the classic lemon and pine flavor which made this classic but fancy strain be among the top five. Without mentioning its high levels of THC which made this strain the top sold in Woody Harrerlson´s weed shop in LA.

Red Bullz strain

Leading breeder Compound Genetics has begun running Red Bullz for the California legal market. Strain which also was among the top five American strains in the Emeral Cup Awards. Red Bullz is a cross of Grape Gas and White Runtz. The smell is unique, grape, and tropical spice. According to users’ reviews this strain makes you feel very energetic. Perfect for hanging out in dynamic activities.

These are some of the best gifts I would like to have for Christmas, but we are missing an important point.  High quality strains deserve high quality artifacts for smoking. Ordinary papers and pipes are not worthy of these strains. Lucky you, here the best artifacts in quality and vanguard.

First step, before you roll a joint a grinder might be helpful, I always say, grinding is up to 70% percent of the job, and applies for a lot of situations.  

KLIP Slicer

We are still talking about high-quality standards, there is a huge difference between giving a grinder and giving a KLIP. Is like giving an ordinary pen and a Mont Blanc pen. Why? KLIP has been fundamentally reimagined for the first time in over 110 years. Evolution is not enough; revolution is barely enough.

Unlike traditional grinders, KLIP doesn’t crush the herb. Instead, custom-built dual blades finely slice through it, creating a much fluffier consistency that burns more evenly. If I must choose my favorite car I'll go for an Aston Martin, if I must choose my favorite beach for vacation I'll go for Bali, if I must choose my favorite grinder I'll totally go for KLIP. Man, I’m not exaggerating, just going for what I deserve, the best of the best. KLIP is the utopia of grinders.

Every KLIP is built to last with a lifetime warranty, it is 100% respectfully created, its Danish design keeps sustainability as a priority. You can personalize it and make your own. KLIP´s patent-pending magnetic accessory system comes with three different control discs and a collection mesh, all of which snap effortlessly into place. For its maintenance you don't have to worry, within 5 minutes every while your grinder will always look like a new one.

HAMP Rolling Papers

We have said a lot about quality, what about practicality, well HAMP plays this part. Designed as an all-in-one solution and includes filters, a built-in mixing tray, and carefully crafted papers that burn slower without any chemicals, taste less when lit, and will rarely burn out of the tear.

These hemp papers outperform any other paper, and I’m not a liar, HAMP is the best for the environment and your health, find out for yourself.

If someone gives me some rolling papers I'll be so pleased, but if they give instead some HAMP I will be as excited as a child having his first bike for Christmas. So, it is not that hard to make holidays exciting again, hang up with your loved ones, and exchange gifts that create smiles. Taste your products, smoke your weed, laugh, chill, love, be yourself and every day will be a holiday.

Simon Folmann
Simon V. Folmann

Simon Folmann

Simon is an accomplished entrepreneur and inventor in the cannabis industry. He’s the founder and CEO of HØJ; a revolutionary high-end cannabis accessories company. His mission is to change the way we experience the herb and enhance people’s smoking experience through knowledge and unique products.

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