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How to Smoke Weed Without Coughing


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It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced smoker; we all have coughed before when smoking herb. It just happens to the best of us, and it is part of the experience. Moreover, coughing is not always a bad thing. In fact, you stimulate the muscles in your lungs when you cough, allowing the smaller air capillaries to open up. Therefore, more of the smoke makes it to the lungs, and as a consequence, greater THC absorption is guaranteed. 

When one thinks about it, coughing incessantly after smoking marijuana is similar to the first time someone drinks vodka or tequila at the local bar and can’t help it but to scrunch their face. Thankfully, to help you cough less and join the list of professionals who know how to smoke, there are a few things a person can do to get rid of this issue effectively.

If your face goes all tomato red, and eyes begin to water, we understand how worrisome it can be for you. If you’re worried about looking like a beginner, this guide will help you learn how to smoke weed without coughing. 

How to not cough when smoking weed?

If after a big hit you find yourself coughing, maybe your lungs aren't meant for that much smoke. As a first method, try taking smaller hits if you have limited lung capacity. After a while you will realize that the more you smoke, the less it makes you cough. Simply get started with smaller hits, and don’t rush.

Before they are ready for a heavy smoke all of a sudden, the lungs need some finessing. Let them know what is going on beforehand, similar to a warning notice. It isn't a race to  see who smokes marijuana faster! If that's what needs to happen to keep one of your lungs from ending up on someone’s place floor (or your own), never be afraid to take a smaller hit than anyone else. True professionals mark their own boundaries.

Another move that helps reduce coughing when smoking cannabis is to inhale deeply after you take a hit. Taking a hit and hesitating to suck the smoke down into the lungs right away is one of the most common big mistakes beginners make. This may cause the smoke to get trapped in the throat at times, and of course, here is where the violent coughing appears.

KØL 2.0 pipe on marble table (HØJ Media)
KØL 2.0 pipe on a gold ​​marble table (HØJ Media)

Instead, inhale into your mouth first, then take the joint, pipe or bong away and suck the smoke along with fresh air into your lungs. Like this, the smoke has the opportunity to cool down for a second until it gets into your lungs. Then, it won’t be that heavy for your lungs to hold it. Similarly, after you take a hit, leave a small gap in your mouth so you can pass along with a little fresh air.

On the other hand, this whole time it could have been your pot and not you. There is something worthy to be noted about purchasing marijuana of greater quality. Many of the products sold on the grey and black market could contain hazardous pesticides and other chemicals, or be just straight-up skunk, making even the smallest hits all too rough. And no one wants to smoke weed that's been poisoned with unknown substances anyway.

Thus, the safest choice is to purchase cannabis products from a licensed store, one that is subject to inspection and other laws that certify that the marijuana you buy is safe. Go for cannabis of better quality, as this will have better smoke of better quality. When it comes to controlling those breathing problems, that could change the situation entirely.

Looking for a no cough pipe?

Likewise, you can choose wisely your smoking devices. For some, joints may be a bit harsh on the throat, since the smoke goes directly into the lungs without any filtering. So, learning how to smoke a joint without coughing is a bit harder than from a pipe, but not impossible. A no cough pipe can be your greatest ally here, as there are pipes that have filters added to them, or water pipes, that clean the smoke before it goes into your lungs.

For instance, you can try a one-of-a-kind pipe.

The KØL 2.0, inspired by the scales of the Mako shark, is an aluminum pipe that has everything you need for a functional smoke. With its stainless steel filters, the KØL will cool your smoke before entering your lungs to prevent it from harming you. This way, the coughing when smoking cannabis will significantly decrease, allowing you to enjoy your herb without worrying about making a fuss.

Woman smoking weed from KØL pipe without coughing
Woman smoking weed from KØL pipe without coughing​​ (HØJ Media)

Now... let's smoke weed without coughing!

Some people, however, are definitely not meant to smoke. It doesn't matter how strong or good the cannabis is or how cautious they are when they take a toke, each time they partake, these people are only doomed to cough until you think their eyes are going to pop off. Do not give it a second thought if you start noticing that you are one of those who falls into this group. Yet, there are plenty of ways available in the market to enjoy marijuana such as delicious edibles, which don’t involve any smoking and certainly any coughing. 

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i look forward to trying one of your items you described. Hopefully it is not too difficult to find. If I am able to locate and purchase one….. I will be back to give a (hopefully) good comment. I’m eager & looking forward to it

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I contacted Covid last year and now have diminished lung function. I’m desperately looking for some way to keep partaking in smoking for other health related issues. Do you think this pipe is THE most painless way to smoke?

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