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Weed Pipe Types: How To Choose The Best Pipe For Weed


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There are many weed pipe types in the market, and we want you to choose the perfect one for you. Using a pipe is an effortless way of smoking, as you won’t have to roll a joint, which is kind of difficult for some people, especially beginners. If you are one of those who struggle with this issue, you might want to try a pipe that serves the purpose without getting you into any kind of difficulty.


Although pipes were originally invented for tobacco, nowadays there are many models that are designed specifically for weed, and their main difference is that they are smaller, and also the technique for using them is not the same.

Having a better understanding of the possibilities and getting the one that fits your needs the best will definitely enhance your experience while consuming. Keep reading as we tell you everything you need to know about the world of weed pipe types.

Spoon Pipe

Out of all the weed pipe types, this is probably the most popular: it comes in a variety of materials, being mainly a glass pipe, and in a characteristic shape, that, as its name indicates, looks like a small spoon, with a chamber that connects to the mouthpiece. One of the perks of this model is the portability it has: is easy to carry everywhere, because its pocket size adapts and occupies not that much space wherever you want to take it. On the other hand, depending on the material, like glass, for example, it can break easily.

Sherlock Pipes

This is a good option if you like a cool looking marijuana pipe, since it’s inspired by Sherlock Holmes’ one. You’ll feel like a true fancy sleuth with this hand pipe, but the problem that you’ll face is that it is harder to clean than the spoon pipe, which can seriously affect your experience at smoking cannabis. The main reason for this is that, due to their longer size, the resin can stay in the nooks and be hard to remove. Also, this is not the cheapest option and is not as portable as a spoon pipe. You’ll have to consider that, as well as the fact that if it’s made of glass it is going to be more fragile and can break if you don’t pay enough attention to taking good care of it.

Chillum Pipes

This kind of smoking pipe has a very interesting shape, but is also very antique, as it was first worn by Hindu monks. They are made of glass and are long and straight, so you need to use them at a 45-degree angle so the weed doesn’t fall because they have no carbs. A negative point about this pipe is that you don’t have a lot of control over the smoke in every hit, which can be uncomfortable. You can also find some chillum pipes made of clay or stone, with different ranks of prices.


For this model of pipe you’ll need some water. It has many chambers, as a whole process happens there so you can smoke and enjoy your weed. First of all, it has a mouthpiece, where you will be smoking from, a non-removable bowl, and a downstream where you put the weed on, and, as we mentioned, the water chamber. This is one of the kinds of weed pipes that will give you a nice experience if you want to smoke in silence as it is less noisy than bongs, and also the water will provide a better taste that you will for sure enjoy. Obviously, as you can tell because of its complicated shape, this pipe is not easy to clean either, which can make it less practical than the others in this list.

Steam Rollers

As a slightly more sophisticated version of the chillum pipes, the steam rollers are mainly made of glass and straight, but they include a bowl on the top where you will put your weed and burn it. This one has also a carb, which helps to have better control over your hits. As with many of the weed pipe types we mentioned today, the models for this one are mainly made out of glass.

One Hitters

If you are a very mild consumer and don’t like to smoke big amounts of weed to get as high as you desire, the one-hitter pipe is a good option for you. They are tiny and simple: just a small bowl and a mouthpiece. It makes them very easy to use and also they can be helpful if you just want to have a quick hit without a whole process involved like you read in some of our other options.

An Alternative You Might Want to Try

Lastly, but not less important, we want to mention KØL 2.0 is a super cool type of pipe you would maybe like to try. Its shape —closer to a spoon shape, but way more sophisticated—, makes it easy to use, and as it has a filter covered with titanium, the substances get trapped there, resulting in purer hits that will prevent you from coughing. So, if you thought this was an inevitable part of smoking, this can be a game changer for you.

There are many characteristics that make KØL a very good option for your weed accessories collection, as it is made with the best Danish technology and creativity to make smoking as smooth and nice as possible.

man hand holding a black KOL pipe in white background
Hand holding KØL 2.0 pipe (​​HØJ media)
KOL pipe and mini pipe standing next to a water glass cleaning an opened KOL pipe
How to clean KØL 2.0 and KØL mini pipe ​​(HØJ media)

How to choose between all the weed pipe types

Here are some aspects you might want to consider when you choose your pipe, and while there are many options, it all depends on what you are looking for and your lifestyle and smoking routine.


If you really like to enjoy your trip while chilling comfortably with friends or by yourself, an ergonomic and easy-to-handle pipe is ideal. Make sure it’s not difficult to hold, like by having a too-short mouthpiece, and that the material is not that slippery so it doesn’t fall from your hands. This will assure you a better grip and one thing less to worry about.


In this case, it’s very possible that the saying applies here and you get what you paid for, so we recommend you think about the frequency of your consumption and how long you want your weed pipe to last. Consider if you are a beginner that maybe doesn’t need something that fancy or a usual user that wants something that lasts for a long time.

*General Experience

Smoother or drier smoke, with a longer process or for a quick hit, to share with others or to enjoy by yourself while you chill, the weed pipe types we talked about are super different in the adventure of getting high. The important part is that there is always one that will fit you and your expectations.


As much as functional as they are, weed pipes are also an object that can look super cool in your supply collection and can give some style to your environment. Looking for innovative and well-designed pipes with a great aspect is a luxury you definitely could treat yourself with.

We hope that this guide helped you through the journey of getting the best appliances for smoking between all the different types of pipes and that you can find it simpler to get the indicated tools for taking the most advantage of your trip.

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