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The New HAMP Rolling Papers Are Here! Take Rolling To The Next Level


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The humble cannabis plant has been an integral part of human culture and tradition for centuries, with its various methods of consumption constantly evolving. And among these methods, the art of rolling a joint has emerged as a cherished skill for individuals who highly appreciate weed; while some may view it as a mere pastime, rolling a joint holds a significant place in the cannabis community.

For starters, one of the primary reasons for mastering the art of joint rolling is efficiency. When marijuana enthusiasts roll their joints the right way, they are ensuring an even and slow burn, making the most out of their precious flower. This efficiency translates into more economical use of cannabis, wasting less green in the process. This level of control over cannabis is particularly important for those who wish to maximize the value of their investment.

Additionally, joint rolling offers a degree of control and customization that other methods of consumption (such as bongs or pipes) may lack. Rolling one's joint allows you to tailor the size, potency, and even the blend of cannabis strains to your exact tastes and specifications. Whether one prefers a small, mild joint for a mellow experience or a larger, more potent one for a more pronounced high, knowing the art of rolling lets you make these choices.

Customization extends beyond mere strain selection; individuals who roll their joints can experiment with different combinations and varieties of strains, creating unique blends that provide the perfect experience. But while this versatility in crafting the perfect joint is almost a creative outlet for enthusiasts seeking variety in their cannabis consumption, rolling a joint is also a social activity. It serves as a fun communal experience, where you can bond and connect; as friends gather to roll and share joints, they create a special environment conducive to storytelling, laughter, and sharing of experiences. Crafting a joint together becomes an integral part of the ritual associated with smoking weed.

Furthermore, rolling a joint, as we already touched upon, is an art form in its own right. Some enthusiasts take immense pride in their rolling skills, striving to perfect their technique with each new try. The symmetry and craftsmanship involved in creating a well-rolled joint add an element of aesthetic pleasure to the cannabis experience, making it almost a form of self-expression. And from an environmental standpoint, rolling joints is a great way to contribute to sustainability. Pre-rolled joints often come in packaging that generates waste, adding to environmental concerns, but by choosing to roll your own joints, stoners everywhere can select eco-friendly papers and filters to reduce their environmental footprint.

Lastly, knowing how to roll a joint is a versatile skill that can prove useful in various situations. There may be times when pre-rolled joints are not readily available, or one may find themselves in a setting where rolling one's joint is the only viable option. Having this skill in one's repertoire ensures independence and self-sufficiency when it comes to marijuana.

In short, the art of rolling a joint holds a special place in the world of cannabis for its efficiency, control, customization, social aspects, cultural significance, cost-effectiveness, environmental considerations, and versatility. While it may not be the preferred method of consumption for everyone, those who choose to master this skill find themselves deeply connected to the rich traditions and diverse culture of cannabis. Rolling a joint is more than a simple act; it is a cherished practice that enhances the overall cannabis experience for enthusiasts around the world.

HAMP rolling papers kit
HAMP rolling papers kit (HØJ Media)

The Best Rolling Papers


However, although all this is well and good, we are leaving aside the most fundamental element of a good joint: the rolling paper you choose to use, which is a decisive factor in the overall smoking experience. After all, different rolling papers can impart subtle flavors to the smoke, and alter the final outcome. For example, rice papers tend to be neutral and allow the flavor of the cannabis to come through, while hemp papers may have a slightly earthy taste, and flavored rolling papers can enhance or alter the taste of your preferred strain.

For this reason, knowing to spot quality papers is another essential skill for the modern stoner. Rolling papers can come in various thicknesses and presentations that can affect how quickly or slowly the joint burns; thicker papers tend to burn more slowly, allowing for a longer smoking session, while thinner papers may burn faster. The choice depends on your preference and how you want to control the burn rate. The size of the paper will also determine how much cannabis you can fit in the joint, how long it will be, the ease of rolling, and how the joint smokes, coming in different sizes and shapes, such as regular, king-size, and extra-long.

Rolling papers can also be made from various materials, including wood pulp, rice, hemp, and more. Some people prefer natural and unbleached papers as they may contain fewer chemicals and additives, while others may opt for traditional papers for their ease of use, and the quality of the rolling paper can influence how cleanly the joint burns. High-quality papers tend to burn evenly and leave less residue, while low-quality papers may lead to runs and unpleasant smoke.

Ultimately, the choice of rolling paper comes down to personal preference. Different papers offer various characteristics, and what matters most is finding the one that suits your taste, rolling skills, and desired smoking experience. Experimenting with different types of rolling papers helps you determine which one works best for you!

Eight HAMP rolling kits
Eight HAMP rolling kits (HØJ Media)

Meet the new HAMP

If you have tried already our signature rolling papers, HAMP, then you have good taste in cannabis and its accessories, I can say you prioritize quality and smoking experience above anything else. And you know how we roll (pun intended): the HAMP is a paper designed to give the best possible experience in every joint, respecting your weed strains like they deserve. Flavor, burning rate, texture, and even aesthetics are important to enjoy cannabis, and that’s why today we are making the next step in rolling paper design.

Meet both of our new HAMP offerings, an improved experience in every sense of the word. But what’s new in the papers here? Well…

Enhanced Filters

Experience a noticeably improved rolling efficiency thanks to our meticulously engineered filter design, now thicker, sturdier, and tailored to ensure an impeccable smoking experience every single time. 

Redesigned Packaging & HØJ House Access

The new look of HAMP does more than just taste and look good. It's your key to be part of HØJ House, an exclusive platform for all new HAMP users. Discover tutorials, advanced guides, direct support, and more to elevate your rolling skills. 

A Higher Chance To Find A Golden Leaf

Your golden opportunity is now five times more likely! When buying HAMP, you can find a smokable 24k gold leaf in every 200th pack, and claim a free HØJ product. You might be the next winner of a KLIP slicer or KØL pipe

Get smoking today, baby. 

Two Sizes For Every Occasion

If you already loved what HAMP could do for your smoking experience, these new options will surely make our paper your go-to option for the best high. Wanna know more? 

HAMP rolling kit features and size
HAMP rolling kit features and size (HØJ Media)
HAMP mini rolling kit features and size
HAMP mini features and size (HØJ Media)

The King And The Mini Arrived

Welcome to the latest HAMP and HAMP mini rolling paper's evolution, designed to redefine and take your rolling experience to the next level. These hemp rolling papers feature enhanced and thicker filters for sturdier rolls, each session is now more efficient, giving you the perfect balance between luxury and practicality. Each smoke session is a step above, making HAMP and HAMP mini the top rolling paper choices for connoisseurs.



HAMP mini

  • Standard Size

  • 33 Hemp Fiber Papers

  • 32 Ariflow Filters

  • Standard Rollling Tray Size

  • King Size Slim

  • 33 Hemp Fiber Papers

  • 33 Airflow Filters

  • Rolling Tray Size: 

    100 x 85 mm /

    3.94 x 3.35 in

  • 1 ¼ Size

  • 40 Hemp Fiber Papers

  • 40 Airflow Filters

  • Rolling Tray Size: 

    80 x 86 mm / 

    3.15 x 3.35 in 

HAMP rolling kit sizes comparison table


As you can see, with every pack, now you can find a gateway into the best possible cannabis experience. With HAMP mini, you’ll find your all-encompassing solution, thoughtfully designed for smaller or solo sessions. Its 1 1⁄4 rolling paper size is a perfect fit for the most personal moments, while the new version of HAMP offers a king-size slim paper, perfect for those social moments where sharing is the best part of the experience. Each pack includes eco-friendly filters, a convenient built-in tray, and our high-quality hemp rolling papers that guarantee a slower, smoother burn, offering just the finest example of a well-enjoyed roll.

Furthermore, each redesigned package of HAMP opens the doorway to HØJ House, a trove of resources that the modern smoke cannot miss: from videos teaching you how to roll a perfect joint with HAMP, guides with advanced rolling techniques, everything you need to know about rolling papers online, to direct and personalized communication with our team. We provide more than just rolling papers; we present a journey of mastery and discovery. 

You can be part of HØJ House and get exclusive content when buying any HØJ product, KLIP grinder, and KØL pipes also have some content on their end. 


And let’s not forget that caring for nature is also caring for your experience. Made from 100% TUV SÜD-approved unbleached hemp, and colored with organic soy ink, the new HAMP rolling papers offer something green beyond the cannabis: a chance for a more sustainable high that will not damage our environment in the long run. Plus, don't miss out on the chance to find a smokable 24k gold paper in every 200th pack and win a HØJ product! Indeed, green can be golden!

Indeed, rolling paper is more than you ever imagined; is the start of a new way to look at cannabis. If you already knew HAMP, be ready for an experience so improved that you will not believe it, and if you are new to our papers, prepare to never look back. Only at HØJ, you will find an experience of this level for your personal strains of weed. Visit our store today!

Simon Folmann
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