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Rolling Paper Sizes: Choose The Right Papers For Joints


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When smoking weed, there are some essentials that will make your life easier. A grinder for breaking out your herbs and getting a nice texture, a good lighter, maybe a pipe or a one-hitter... But if you want to go for the basics and roll a good joint, you will need some rolling paper that helps you with the task. Before buying the first option you find online, is it necessary that you know that there are different rolling paper sizes, and choosing the right one will be key to getting a nice tuck.

Maybe you hadn't thought of it cause it looks like a very basic element for rolling a joint, but there are different qualities, materials, and types. If you still don't know what to look for in the ideal rolling paper, including the size, we are here to help and let you know everything you need so you make the right choice for you.

Types Of Rolling Papers

What are rolling papers made of?

It is crucial to consider the material used for the rolling paper when selecting one.  This can change your experience while smoking, so is not such an insignificant topic. Here you have the most popular rolling paper materials and the way it can impact how your blunt turns out.

  • Hemp:

    This is a very good option if you are into natural products, as hemp is made out of cannabis. Although there are many kinds, generally speaking, they have fewer chemical ingredients than the other kinds in this list. Also, as it is a fiber obtained out of weed, the flavor won't interfere with your herb. If you want to try hemp rolling papers, don't forget to try out HAMP rolling kit.

  • Tobacco leaves:

    Used for rolling blunts instead of joints, tobacco rolling papers have more additives, and that can make them a little bit more unhealthy than hemp rolling paper. One of its perks, though, is that it burns more evenly.

  • Cellulose:

    You can identify cellulose-made rolling papers because it is transparent, it doesn't have a flavor, don't create a lot of ashes, and is easy to roll. The downside is that there are many presentations and qualities and some of them might have chemicals that aren't that good for your health.

  • Rice:

    The most important characteristic of rice rolling papers is that it is a thin material that will burn slowly. Is also a good option because of the little material used, and in this case, the less, the better.

HAMP rolling paper kit and KLIP grinder
HAMP rolling paper kit and KLIP grinder (HØJ Media)

Rolling Paper Sizes

We are sure you have seen numerous sizes of joint paper, and the final choice, besides the material it is made of, depends on the amount of weed you want to smoke.

  • Single Wide:

    Size: 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches.

    The smallest and most popular one, you can get a regular-size joint out of it.

  • 1 ¼:

    Size: 3 by 1.75 inches.

    Only a little bit bigger than the single wide, it can be more comfortable to roll.

  • King Size:

    Size: 4 by 2 inches.

    Don't be shy and make a considerable-sized joint with this one.

  • King Size Slim:

    Size:4 by 1.5 inches.

    Same length as the king size, but less width. This works pretty well if you want a slower burn.

As you see, there are many rolling paper sizes that you can choose from. Some consideration you might want to have is that a bigger one will work for sharing, as if you are smoking with a group of friends. A small one can be used as a solo joint or a one-hit thing.

Still, in doubt about which rolling paper kit to buy?… check out HAMP and HAMP mini rolling kits, you'll never regret this decision. HAMP rolling kits come in two different sizes, the new HAMP is a King Size Slim paper, perfect for sharing, and HAMP mini is a 1 ¼ paper to enjoy yourself. Both rolling kits are made of great ecological material as those are made out of hemp.


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