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How to Roll a Blunt with a Cuban Cigar

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We get it; sometimes, a simple blunt is not enough. Luckily for you, there is always room for improvement in the cannabis world.

If you fancy a new smoking experience, you can always learn how to roll a blunt with a Cuban cigar. It burns extremely slow so that you can enjoy it for a much larger time. Moreover, the oily and powerful flavored leaves of the Cuban Cigar accompany the terpenes of your flower perfectly, giving a classy boost to every drag. Plus, it gives you a nice head buzz on top of the high. 

Do you have enough money in your pocket? If the answer is yes, keep reading to learn how to roll a blunt with a Cuban cigar.

How to Roll a Blunt with a Cuban Cigar

How a cigar rolls depends on its shape and its production technique. Ideally, you would want to find a long-filler like Pajero or Corona cigar to have the most success rolling blunts as they employ both a wrapper and a binder. 

If you are looking for a cheap option, we recommend Allegro because they are cheap and lack the complexity for flavor typical to most other Habanos.

We would not recommend using Figurados such as a Perfecto or Pyramid, as the rolling technique differs from a standard Pajero/Corona and may make things more difficult.


  • Cuban Cigar
  • Dry cannabis flower
  • KLIP grinder or the one of your preference
  • Flat surface

Step by step

Step 1

You have to moist the entire outside just like they do in cigar factories, or they will fall apart in a second once you unwrap it. Dark Maduro/Obscuro wrappers typically have a moist, oily texture that may make them easier to roll with, whereas light shade-grown tobacco, such as Claro wrappers, do not share this property.

Step 2

Delicately, unwrap the outer leaves away on a flat surface. When unwrapping the outer leaf and breaking open the binder, you must take special care to keep them both quite moist. It should come off pretty quickly if long as the cigar is fresh and wet. 

You have to split the inner part down the middle in the same way as most other blunt wraps. Once you open the internal leaves, you will have several of them. After that, try to keep as much of them as possible to wrap it back later.

Step 3

Grind your dry herbs, leaving them as fine as possible, removing seeds and stems that you could find in them. We believe a KLIP grinder would be the best tool to do the job as this perfect device protects the flower by slicing it instead of crushing it so that you can keep the resin rest with your ground flower.

Step 4

Put your herb on the unwrapped leaves. You don't need to use more flower than in a regular blunt. Then, carefully roll that back on.

According to many fine cigar manufacturers, the wrapper contributes as much as 60% of an overall cigar flavor, so it is not a total waste of a good cigar. Plus many prefer the taste of bud to tobacco.

What Does a Cuban Cigar Blunt Taste Like?

Your final product will taste as it would have with regular tobacco, but with the added glory of the weed instead. Sweet and spicy at the taste, tingling your tongue. Then, you can sense the earthy and fuel notes of the herb in the smoke as it fills the air around you. Once you try it, you might want to repeat it sometimes as you think of the day you tried this aromatic blunt for the first time.

One of the benefits of rolling a Cuban Cigar is how slow it burns so you can enjoy better of your weed. If you liked this “How to Roll” article and you want to keep improving your smoking experience by getting better at rolling, you would love the How to Roll a Slow Burning Joint article in our blog. Indulge yourself and impress your friends.

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