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How To Roll A Cone: Cones For Smoking


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Do you know how to roll a cone joint? One of the best ways to enjoy a good weed smoke, is the cone! A cone joint is a type of cannabis joint that is (of course) cone-shaped, wider at one end and narrow at the other. It is typically rolled with a larger rolling paper and contains more cannabis than a regular joint, which it’s the best feature of this method, with the wider end of the cone filled with more cannabis and the narrow end twisted to close the joint. As you can imagine, cone joints are popular among cannabis users because they hold more cannabis than a regular joint and thus can provide a more potent smoking experience. And that’s without mentioning how they are also easier to pack and can be a convenient way to consume cannabis while on the go, so knowing how to roll a cone should be an essential part of your stoner toolkit. Wanna learn more? Let’s look into it!

Now, you might be asking yourself why mastering several rolling techniques can be beneficial for your smoking habits. Well, for starters, it allows for versatility in the types of joints you can create, such as regular joints, cone-shaped ones, or even creatively shaped ones like an airplane joint, a donut joint, a diamond joint, and more crazy shapes!  Having multiple rolling techniques in your arsenal allows you to quickly adapt to different situations and roll the joint that best fits your needs. Secondly, mastering several techniques allows you to roll joints more efficiently and minimize the time and effort it takes to prepare your cannabis for consumption, keeping your desired high always close. And finally, when smoking with friends, everyone may have their own preferred rolling technique, so mastering several techniques can accommodate everyone's preferences and establish you as the go-to person for rolling joints. So, in conclusion, mastering several rolling techniques can give you more flexibility, convenience, and efficiency when it comes to enjoying weed, and that can help you tailor your smoking experience to your exact preferences.

How to Roll a Cone Joint?

Start rolling a cone shaped joint

Rolling cones for smoking marijuana involves a few basic steps, so here's everything you need to know to get started. Remember, practice makes the master!

  • Choose your rolling paper:

    You'll want to use a cone-shaped rolling paper, which can be found at most smoke shops or online. Make sure to choose a paper that's right for you in terms of size and thickness. Take a look here if you are a hemp paper fan!

  • Grind your cannabis:

    Using a grinder (we recommend the best one right here!), break up your cannabis into small, evenly-sized pieces. Make sure to remove any stems or seeds.

  • Fill the paper:

    Hold the paper with the wide end facing up and fill the narrow end with your ground cannabis. Be sure to leave some space at the top of the paper so that you can twist it closed.

  • Pack the cannabis:

    Using a small, thin object like a pen or pencil, pack down the cannabis to make sure it's evenly distributed and tightly packed.

  • Twist the end:

    Once you've packed the cannabis, twist the narrow end of the paper closed to seal the cone. Make sure it's tight, but not so tight that you can't inhale.

  • Roll the cone:

    Starting at the twisted end, gently roll the paper between your fingers, tucking the edge of the paper under the cannabis as you go. Keep rolling until the wide end of the paper is sealed and the cone is complete.

  • Pack the tip:

    Use a small object to pack down the cannabis at the tip of the cone, making sure it's tightly packed and won't fall out.

  • Enjoy:

    Light the cannabis at the tip of the cone and inhale slowly, enjoying the smooth, flavorful smoke.

Remember, mastering how to roll a cone joint takes practice, so don't be discouraged if it doesn't turn out perfectly the first time, patience is key! You can also think about getting an automatic grinder and cone filler to help you get a feel for it, but whatever method you use, with a little time and patience, you'll be rolling like a pro in no time!

man rolling a cone joint
Man rolling a cone joint (Envato)

Best Cones For Smoking

Raw cone joint vs. other shaped joints

Now, if you don’t want to bother with rolling or “wasting your time” (it's common to be a bit lazy when it comes to rolling), you can try a RAW pre-rolled cone joints. And we don’t mean that this is somehow undercooked; it is a type of pre-rolled cone-shaped joint made by RAW. These are made from unbleached, natural rolling paper and come with a built-in filter tip, pre-rolled in a cone shape, with a wider opening at the top that tapers down to a narrow tip. Raw cones are available in various sizes, from small one-hitters to larger king-sized joints, and are designed to make rolling joints easier and more convenient, especially for those who may not have the skill or patience to roll their own joints.

And while RAW pre-rolled cones are a great option and very popular among cannabis users. You can always be a bit more traditional when it comes to freshly rolled joints and rolling papers. If that's the case for you, don't forget to check HAMP papers, these rolling papers are the perfect choice if you are a hemp fan!

Still interested in learning more about cones for smoking weed? Here are some pros and cons to consider when looking for a consistent and reliable smoking experience with cone joints. On which side do you fall?

Why Choosing a Cone Shaped Joint?

Pros of Cone Shaped Joints:

  • Can hold more cannabis: Because cone joints are wider at one end, they can hold more cannabis than regular joints, making them a good choice for people who want a more potent smoking experience.

  • Easier to pack: The cone shape of these joints makes them easier to pack than regular joints, which can be particularly useful for beginners or those with limited dexterity.

  • Uniform shape: The cone shape also ensures that the cannabis is distributed evenly throughout the joint, which can result in a more consistent smoking experience.

Cons of Cone Shaped Joints:

  • Can be expensive: Cone papers are typically more expensive than regular rolling papers, which can add up if you're smoking regularly.

  • Difficult to roll: Rolling a cone joint can be more difficult than rolling a regular joint, especially if you're new to rolling or have limited dexterity.

  • More cannabis consumption: Because cone joints can hold more cannabis, they can also lead to higher levels of cannabis consumption, which may not be desirable for everyone.
cone shaped joints packed with cannabis
Cone-shaped joints packed with cannabis​​ (Envato)
A grinder and a joint rolled with HAMP rolling paper
KLIP grinder and a joint rolled with HAMP paper (HØJ Media) 

Conclusion on Cone-Shaped Joints

Ultimately, the choice between a cone joint and a regular joint comes down to personal preference. While cone joints can be more expensive and difficult to roll, they can also offer a more potent smoking experience and a more uniform shape. On the other hand, regular joints, on the other hand, can be a more affordable and easier-to-roll option, so it comes down to taste, and what you want out of the joint.

Not for nothing, however, having varied experience in smoking cannabis is the best part of the whole hobby!

First, regular use of cannabis can lead to an increase in tolerance, so varying your smoking experience by using different strains or consumption methods can help prevent tolerance buildup and maintain a more consistent and enjoyable experience. 

Secondly, different strains of cannabis can produce different effects, so trying different strains or consumption methods can help you tailor your experience to your desired effect and discover new ways to enjoy cannabis, especially when you consider how the flavor of cannabis can vary depending on the strain and how it's consumed, so trying different strains or methods can provide the opportunity to experience unique profiles and discover which ones you enjoy the most. 

And last, varying your smoking experience can also be beneficial for your health, potentially providing a different and more pleasant experience.

Overall, having varied experiences in smoking cannabis can help you maintain a more enjoyable and consistent experience, prevent tolerance buildup, and discover new and enjoyable ways to consume cannabis. 

So what do you think? You will give the cone joint a chance? 

Have fun!

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