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How to Roll an Airplane Joint

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After some time of  smoking and consuming pot in all its presentations, you could feel the necessity to explore new limits and break the routine. Nothing it’s the same and the effects are just not as exciting as they used to be. However, you can change that. And if you're reading this is because you are ready to challenge your abilities.

Although rolling an airplane joint may seem boss level, it is quite simple once you’ve tried it. It looks super crazy and wicked, still it is worth giving it a chance at least for fun, as a party trick for your friends in one of those groupal smoking sessions where anything is apparently a great idea. We will show you how to make a perfect airplane joint in six simple steps.

How to Roll an Airplane Joint

The materials you will need for an airplane joint are about the same as the supplies  you would need for a regular joint. Obviously, you will need more of them, plus a few items that aren't in your normal equipment.

  • Small  and large rolling papers
  • Needle or pin
  • Scissors or a cutter
  • KLIP (or your choice of Grinder)
  • Your chosen strain
  • A small cardboard or filter tips (optional)

Three joints will need to be rolled, one of them considerably larger than the other two. You can use 2 joints, one on each side in order to have full-size wings, instead of one joint pulled through the middle like you would do for a cross joint. Make sure you  use a filter on the larger joint if you intend to use one. Both ends of the small joints will be blazed up.

This first move requires that you take the large rolling paper and roll a joint that for a daily smoking session is quite a bit larger than one you would roll. And here we don't talk about length, we talk about thickness. Leave a little empty portion to twist at the top end of your joint as you roll this fat joint. The empty twist makes it easier for the joint to light up when it's time to smoke it.

After you have the three of them, you may proceed to complete your airplane joint successfully:

  • Take a sharp pair of scissors or cutter and perforate the body of the fat joint about half an inch above the middle part of it near the top end. With the tip of the scissors, hollow these out so that the joints have space to go far enough to have stability in the body.
  • Into the main body, insert the wings strut joints. Meanwhile, please ensure that their structures  have strong airflow. It'll close them off by jamming them in too tight into the fat piece. To guarantee good airflow, take a pin or needle to poke near the beginning of the wing, meaning the part that will be put inside.
  • Cut several glue strips off rolling papers to secure them and use them to build sling supports, tying the wing struts to the body, and sealing them on without leaks for optimized airflow forming a ‘X’ with the strips around the three joints. By twisting the tip, you can put pressure on the wings to move the weed down deeper into the main joint.
  • Grab 2 rolling papers and measure them all along the joints of the wings struts. Adjust and cut to length, and after placing the papers back to back before cutting, fashion the wing shape symmetrically. By licking and sticking, simply add them to the wings struts simulating the ailerons in the back of a real airplane wing.
  • Take the excess paper that you cut off the wings' ailerons, and style them into the airplane's tail. To achieve this, trim so that the paper is about twice as long as the tail to do this, then cut the edges at angles on either side of the glue point, creating a trapezoid. 
  • Once you have that trapezoid, fold the paper in half, and crease it perpendicular to the glue. Slightly open it so you’re able to seal it at the tail of the airplane. Fix it up a little for final touches. 

Your airplane joint is done and ready to take off! All you have left is take a lighter and light the three tips up so your travel starts. It is a creative way to spend your time and even if some consider this a waste of pot and time, focus on what you want and have a good smoke no matter if you’re alone or with friends.

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