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What Can You Smoke In a Pipe? - Types Of Pipes


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A pipe is definitely one of the nicest accessories you can get for your stoner life. They are easy to take with you and to use, as well as convenient because of their small size that fits everywhere in your pocket or purse. But not all pipes are the same, there are various styles that you can choose from, and, of course, different uses you can give them. If you want to learn more about the pipes, keep reading to discover what can you smoke in a pipe and the difference between several types of pipes out there. 

What Can You Smoke From A Pipe?

Learn about the origin of pipes:

Did you know pipes were invented by the Olmec culture (earliest known major Mesoamerican civilization) between 1200 and 900 BC?  They were kind of different from what we have nowadays (but not that much, really) and resembled animals and plants traditional to their civilization. After Europeans were aware of the existence of tobacco after the conquest and when they found out how good it was, they started creating their own pipe designs. So, even if weed had been around in many civilizations for a long time, pipes for smoking started being popular way later.

But tobacco is not the only thing you can smoke from them, and for sure there is some sketchy stuff you can use a pipe for, but as we don't support any of that, we will focus on more friendly substances that you can enjoy with it.

So, here are some of the best things to smoke on a pipe:

Cannabis / Weed / Marijuana

Of course, we couldn't forget weed, as smoking it with a pipe is one of our favorite methods, especially if you can use a pipe like KØL, a high-end pipe like you've never seen before. Using a pipe will help you avoid making joints or blunts, so it is quicker and easier. The effects will also be faster than what happens with edibles.

Hand holding a weed pipe with cannabis plants
Hand holding a weed pipe with cannabis plants (HØJ Media)


The same way Olmecs did back then, you can use your pipe for a smoking session of your favorite loose tobacco. This way, you can have better control of what you put into your body, so you can maybe try to reduce the health risks that it implies. Even though smoking tobacco from a pipe seems like an old thing to do, traditional wooden tobacco pipes are still in the market in the 21st century!

Herbal blends

Maybe you've seen those handmade smoking cigarettes that are a mixture of different herbs and can be smoked like a regular tobacco one, these are most commonly known as “blends”. So that same mix, which can include chamomile, lavender or peppermint, for example, are also regularly used for these purposes. You may be wondering: "Why would I want to smoke herbal blends?" and the answer to that is it helps some people on the journey to quit smoking tobacco, and also some herbs have medicinal properties you can take advantage of. On the other hand, they are added sometimes for flavor reasons.

Smokable herbal blends
Smokable herbal blends (Envato)

Traditional medical smoking herbs

But if you want to really get into the world of medicinal herbs, it has been a tradition for many cultures to smoke some like damiana, mullein, coltsfoot, mugwort, or even ginseng. All of them are supposed to have different properties that go from being aphrodisiacs to help with headaches or being laxatives, among others.

Types Of Pipes

Pipes come in different forms, colors, shapes, and materials and many other elements can vary. It is a matter of personal preference, but it's also about the use you will give them. Pipes for weed, tobacco, and other herbs are very different, as their functions are not the same either. 

Some of the most common materials you can find in a weed pipe would be: Glass, metal, wood, ceramic, stone, and silicone.

Glass pipes

Glass pipes are a popular choice among enthusiasts for their unique blend of aesthetics, functionality, and ease of use. Crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, these pipes boast a sleek and transparent design that allows users to witness the combustion process, enhancing the overall smoking experience. The smooth surface of glass pipes ensures a clean taste, avoiding unwanted flavors. However, glass pipes are somewhat delicate and can break if mishandled, necessitating careful storage and handling.  Read more about glass pipes pros and cons.

Metal pipes (Aluminum pipes)

A metal like aluminum is the most durable material for a pipe! It heats up very fast, so you need to get a good quality one if you don't want to get burned. There are some brands that are carefully designed to enhance your experience without these downsides. HØJ being one of these brands had called their pipe KØL with means “cool” in Danish, to show how efficient its cooling system is for an aluminum pipe. With this pipe, you'll get a lifetime experience with just one pipe without worrying about burning or coughing. Some metal pipes would modify the taste of your weed, another reason to invest in a good one like KØL 2.0 that assures weed taste would be even better.

Wood pipes

Wood pipes look great and if you are here for the aesthetically pleasant effect, you might want to consider this material. Wood pipes for smoking are favored for their timeless charm, durability, and rich flavors. Crafted from various wood types, they develop character over time and feature intricate designs. Nonetheless, they require maintenance to prevent odor retention and may heat up during extended use, as they get moisture or heat damage.

Read this comparison of wood pipes vs. glass pipes!

Stone pipes


Stone pipes are for you if you're looking for visual appeal, uniqueness, cooling efficiency, and a touch of elegance for you as a smoker. Stone pipes are carved from materials like soapstone, marble, or quartz, these pipes boast a robust construction that ensures durability and longevity. The unique grain patterns and colors of each stone pipe create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, often doubling as a work of art. However, their weight and size may make them less portable compared to other pipe materials, and they can require more effort to clean due to their non-porous surface.

Ceramic pipes


Ceramic pipes for smoking offer a fusion of delicate craftsmanship and functional design that appeals to those who appreciate both artistry and practicality. Ceramic pipes are renowned for their heat resistance, ensuring a cool and smooth smoking experience. However, ceramic pipes can be somewhat fragile so they can break easily. Their relatively larger size and weight may limit portability.

Sillicone pipes


If you are very clumsy with your pipes, not very careful with them, and also want some trippy designs, maybe a silicone pipe would match you. Silicone pipes offer a modern and durable option for smokers, crafted from food-grade silicone for flexibility and resilience. These pipes are virtually unbreakable, heat-proof, flexible, lightweight, and portable. They are easy to clean and often come in vibrant colors and playful designs. While taste neutrality may be a slight downside compared to other materials, silicone pipes have gained popularity for their user-friendly nature and suitability for travel.

Wooden tobacco pipe
Wooden tobacco pipe (Envato)
KOL metal pipes
KØL metal pipes (HØJ Media)

Pipes for other herbs

But if you are thinking about getting a pipe for tobacco or other herbs only, they have different characteristics. As similar as they can seem to the untrained eye, there is a whole world of shapes and sizes you can choose from bulldog, apple, billiard, calabash, Canadian, Dublin and freehand are only some of the families under that category, and each of them have many sub-variations, it's a whole world! Other than that, the materials may vary as well: wood is the most popular, but corncob and clay, among others, are also used often. 

Health Effects To Take Into Consideration When Smoking From a Pipe

Even when we really love being potheads, we shouldn't forget about the health issues related to smoking. It doesn't matter if it's weed or other herbs, it still has effects that you need to keep in mind so you can have a responsible smoking session.

First of all, there are some problems related to smoking in general that can affect your throat and lungs. Inhalation of smoke in general can cause heavy coughing and raise the risk of cancer. Make sure you look for a good-quality smoking device that decreases coughing when inhaling.

So, remember to take care of yourself and try to consume in a way where the risk of inhaling toxins and chemicals is lower, with the best smoking devices out there, trust me that's a really good investment. Also moderating your consumption, alternating with edibles and other methods, and keeping a general healthy lifestyle are measurements you can take so you have smoother experiences while smoking your favorite substances.

Author: Rola

Disclaimer: HØJ is not a medical advice blog, so please consult with a doctor or a specialist if you have any questions regarding smoking or anything related to cannabis consumption itself.

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