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Glass Pipes vs. Wood Pipes

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Having a quality weed pipe can make the difference between a smooth and a harsh smoking experience. Moreover, with a market full of a tremendous amount of pipes, coming in a plethora of sizes, materials, and shapes, sticking to what works best and easier is essential.

Nowadays, the most popular smoking accessories are glass and wooden pipes. At first, you may think that there’s no need to tell them apart, but knowing which is better between a glass and a wood pipe will save your money and time. In this article, we will shed some light on the issue and help you decide for yourself whether you like a glass or a wood pipe better.

Glass Pipes

When it comes to smoking, you will find a great deal of users preferring glass pipes over wooden ones. Due to the glass material, these pipes won’t alter the flavor of your herb, and it is also easy to clean (if done regularly).

Moreover, you won’t feel the heat in your glass pipe when smoking -that, if you have bought a quality pipe. This material has become a massive success for pipe making, and you can even find the most precious glassworks in thousands of smoke shops. The designs and colors of glass pipes make it a valuable smoking tool. A drawback, however, is that glass can be easily broken when not maintained carefully.

Wood Pipes

One of the most ancient materials of the world, wood is for sure a great resource to create pipes. 2000 years ago, Indians used wooden pipes for their weed, carving intricate designs and affirming their connection to nature.

While it is not as common to find cannabis users smoking from a wood pipe, it is a popular accessory for those who like to collect pipes. Nowadays, wooden pipes are not on the functional side, although some manufacturers have come up with new ideas that make these kinds of tools easier to use and clean.

There is a reason, however, why wood pipes are just as popular as glass pipes: the good ones will give your herb a richer taste. If they are made with premium, heat-resistant hardwoods, we are pretty sure you will go a long way with your wood pipe.

Glass vs. Wood Pipe

Is a glass pipe better than a wood pipe? There is no correct answer. While you could take a look at the facts, it all comes down to personal preferences. Do you prefer natural-looking accessories, or do you prefer modern designs? Do you have the patience required to clean a pipe, or can you take some time just to dedicate to cleaning your tool?

If you have trouble deciding, here are some advantages and drawbacks of both glass and wooden pipes to help you make a choice:

  • Wooden pipes can get easily burnt inside if not properly covered by varnishes. In addition, if the pipe doesn’t have a metal bowl, the wood itself will burn.
  • Glass pipes will deliver a much cleaner smoke, allowing you to taste the pure flavor of the herb. On the contrary, wood pipes can add some flavor to your weed, although many users think of it as an advantage.
  • Although both can be pretty durable, glass and wood pipes have their drawbacks regarding durability. On the one hand, glass breaks pretty easily. Of course, it all depends on how thick the glass is, but the material is very prone to breaking if dropped. On the other hand, wood will only last a couple of years, because it ages. After heavy use, the porous material would have picked up a great amount of resin and dirt.
  • Glass pipes can be pricey if you are looking for the most durable or aesthetic ones. On the contrary, wooden pipes are very convenient for those who want cheaper alternatives.
  • Cleaning a glass pipe is not difficult at all. Nowadays, you can even get some pipe cleaning formulas that will have it good as new. Wood pipes, on the other hand, have a more meticulous cleaning method, and if not done carefully, it could accelerate the aging process of wood.

Now that you have more information about glass vs. wood pipes, we are sure you are ready to make a decision. Always make sure you are buying from quality manufacturers who have sustainable, ethical, quality resources and processes to make a good investment. You wouldn’t want to spend your money on a low-quality pipe from an unreliable source.

In case you can’t decide between a glass pipe and a wood pipe, there are many other options for you. After a lot of planning, HØJ came up with the unique KØL. Inspired by the scales of the Mako shark, this aluminum pipe has everything you need for a functional smoke. With its stainless steel filters, the KØL will cool your smoke before entering your lungs to prevent it from harming you. Moreover, it has been designed to allow you to clean it easily. If you want to have a brand new smoking experience, check out our nature-inspired designs.

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