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How to Smoke Weed From a Pipe

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For centuries, smoking cannabis from a pipe has been a tried, true, and  reliable. If you're just beginning your pipe journey, this is how to smoke weed from a pipe.  Don't be intimidates, pot pipes are fairly simple to use.

What is known as a 'spoon pipe' is the general definition of a cannabis pipe, which is your basic marijuana bowl with a stem attached, sort of like a regular spoon that you eat food with. The vast majority of marijuana pipes are made of glass, which is suitable for all types of shapes, sizes, colors, and some of them are almost something that should be in a museum, as they are pieces worth calling art.

How to smoke marijuana out of a pipe is an ability that must eventually be mastered by any cannabis connoisseur. Probably this is not your first nor last time smoking, so be patient because your time will come and using pipes will become a piece of cake after a while. Sure, there's plenty of other devices such as vaporizers, bongs, and joints or blunts to smoke marijuana, but nothing beats the simple, classic, easy-to-use weed pipe. What’s better is that some claim that using a pipe is the safest way to smoke cannabis. If you need some help learning how to smoke weed from a pipe, this guide will give you some tips to master this.

How to Smoke Weed Out of a Pipe

A cannabis pipe is one of the most popular smoking methods. These pipes are divided into two groups: carb-less pipes and carb pipes. 

Often referred to as "chillums" or "one-hitters", carb-less pipes are typically straight tubes that resemble the appearance of thick cigarettes with discrete models which are available in a variety of shapes. 

On the other hand, carb pipes are sometimes referred to as "bowls" or "spoons." When we talk about those with a "carb," we refer to the ones with a small hole, enabling the smoke in the pipe to clear up. Carb pipes are built for larger quantities of cannabis, and it will last several puffs that normally go around a circle of friends a couple times.

First, to understand how a weed pipe works, you need to know its parts. This time we take glass pipes as the subject of our example, since they are the public’s favorite. For these pipes to comply with their purpose, they count with three basic elements:

The mouthpiece: as you may have guessed it, it is where you put your mouth.

The bowl: this is the space where you put your cannabis flower once you have ground it up.

The carb hole:  as mentioned before, there are pipes that have a carb hole designed to facilitate the user to "clear" the residual smoke inside the pipe. 

    Step 1: First, you need to grind up your weed to begin. Put a nug of dried flower in your grinder and twist it a few times until it has a similar texture of a loose leaf tea. Achieving this consistency will allow air to move through the plant matter easily and allows the flame to light up a wide surface area.

    Step 2: Let’s continue to pack your pot inside the bowl best as possible. Grab a pinch of ground up flower and pack it into the bowl ⎼that part that resembles a cup at the end of the pipe. Make sure your flower is stable enough not to fly out with the lightest touch but not too tight that it is not possible for air to flow through.

    Step 3: It is time to bring the lighter into action, or whatever you have at hand to light up your weed. Light up your freshly packed bowl while inhaling through the other end of the pipe, meaning the mouthpiece, at the same time. You should keep your thumb over it as you inhale to clear the pipe's inner smoke chamber if your pipe has a carb. When you're done inhaling, simply lift your thumb.

    You can find plenty of designs that could fit your needs and personality. Weed pipes made of metal, wood, and even stone are available on the internet and many specialized stores. Be aware that the aluminum pipes are not considered to be a suitable material for a tobacco pipe because, when heated, aluminum fumes can be dangerous for your lungs!

    How to Smoke Weed From a Metal Pipe

    Whether you're just starting out or are a true professional, metal pipes are perfect for any smoker. Usually, these pipes are made of anodized aluminum, brass or steel.  Anodized aluminum smoking pipes are more resistant to corrosion and wear, and they provide better adhesion for paint primers and glues than bare metal does. Note that this can be harmful for your health, reason why it is better to do proper research before purchasing.

    Anyone would think that metal pipes are not a smart choice because metal heats, and we are literally putting a lighter close enough. However, this is not something to worry about. It is normal for metal pipes to have a rubber or wood barrier to help prevent pipes from becoming hot to the touch. 

    Just like glass pipes, metal pipes also come in several different colors and styles. Once again, it is all about finding the one fits your preferences! Moreover, they work exactly the same as a glass one, same steps, same parts, same recommendations, different material. 

    How to Smoke Weed Out of a Tobacco Pipe

    Is it possible to smoke marijuana from a tobacco pipe? Virtually, yes. For those pipes with a carb or choke, it is pretty much the same thing. There is no carb hole, because the configuration of a standard tobacco pipe is a little different from a cannabis-focused pipe. Nonetheless, at the end you are burning leaves but changing the effects, making it suitable for smoking weed.

    Another distinction between weed smoking and tobacco smoking is that glass or ceramic weed pipes often tend to have screens for these pipes that can and should be used in any weed pipe, be it made of metal or wood. When you breathe in the smoke, screens prevent cannabis leaves and ash from being drawn into your mouth. Certainly, an unpleasant experience.

    In addition, you can find that the bowl in a tobacco pipe may be too wide to use a screen as efficiently as you would like. You will also need to clean it more often, since you probably don't have a screen that covers such a large bowl. Nevertheless, with some practice you can get to master the art of smoking weed out of a tobacco pipe

    How to Smoke Weed Resin Out of a Pipe

    Resin —or known as weed resin too— is the gunk that accumulates in your pipe or bong when you smoke several times without cleaning your tools. 

    With almost non-existent levels of THC and other cannabinoids thrown in, resin consists mostly of tar, ash, and carbon. And we are not exaggerating at all! That is why you need to know this before we continue: burning down on resin is one of the unhealthiest ways of trying to get high, because resin contains high levels of substances you don't normally want in your lungs.

    Unless you are talking about live resin that is high in terpenes and other cannabis material, you are good to go. But when talking about normal resin, this oily and gross residue, there is hardly any THC that is worth the effort. In case you want to proceed, do it at your own risk.

    The best way to use all the resin in your pipe or bong is to apply heat to the outer surface before the resin vaporizes and then extract it. You will see how it becomes more liquid, like melted caramel, right then you need to toke as much as the resin allows it.

    Keep in mind that everything will be really hot if you want to try this technique. You're probably going to need some sort of potholder, oven mitt, or tongs, so you don't burn your fingers. And when you place a pipe or bong on your lips, be careful. It is likely that the mouthpiece is warm or even hot.

    How to Smoke Weed Wax out of a Pipe

    The only way you can enjoy your wax using a pipe is placing a piece in a bowl with some regular bud. You can try to layer it; put a piece in between before you finish packing the bowl, like a sandwich. As an alternative, you can just top your weed with your wax the way you would with a cherry on an ice cream.

    When you hit it, you just have to be more careful. Keep the lighter away and slowly melt it so that the wax just bubbles in the bowl. It both makes the bowl last longer and makes it more powerful. This is not the best way of using wax, and is somewhat wasteful, since there are other devices that are specially made for this purpose. However, you can smoke weed wax out of a pipe when you don’t have any other alternative.

    Hopefully this guide will motivate you to learn and try the wide variety of pipes. When it comes to smoking, there is nothing better than a clean, smooth smoke provided by a quality pipe. For this reason, you may want to check out all the different options available on the market. 

    For instance, HØJ has re-designed from the inside out of your traditional weed pipe. The KØL is an innovative pipe that will create a clean, cool smoke to reduce your coughing. If smoking and cleaning a pipe sounds like too much work, The KØL will show you how easy it is to make the most out of your herb without the usual drawbacks of common weed pipes. Once you have it in your hands, you will never want to use another type of pipe.

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