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Does Weed Gets You Higher With An Empty Stomach?


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Maybe you have experienced this: you haven’t had a proper meal during the whole day, but somehow you are now at a friend’s place trying to smoke a wonderful joint. You don’t think much about it, but then you are as high as possible and you can’t even explain to yourself why that happened. Keep reading if you also wonder: does weed gets you higher on an empty stomach?

When you consume weed, the cannabinoids on it get processed by your organism by going through your stomach and then to your liver if you eat, or through your bloodstream if you smoke it.

Food helps the cannabinoids slow down the weed absorption in your body. If you eat an edible on an empty stomach, you won’t have this reaction and, as a consequence, it will hit harder. But besides that, imagine this: when you don’t eat, you can suffer from faints, dizziness, or weakness, so naturally those symptoms can intensify if you add weed to the mix.

So the best you can do is have a snack before, because as tempting as it may sound to get a strong high by consuming the same amount of weed, the negative effects might outgrow it. Anxiety and other experiences you might have when greening out could be way more intense than you wish. Also, if you are not a usual consumer, it can be way too much to start.

How to decrease your high effect with food

What to drink and eat before smoking weed?

Eating a snack or even a complete meal before smoking is a good idea to control your trip and avoid unwanted side effects. Here are some of our favorites that can help you:

Meals with a good amount of fat

As cannabis is fat-soluble, you can definitely have an oily meal to make things easier. Get that burger with avocado and cheese you are craving for. This way, it will be absorbed more efficiently. Nuts will also match the mood: how about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?


Maybe it is not the first thing you think about when you are planning your pre-weed meal, but broccoli is actually a pretty good option because it has a substance called beta-caryophyllene that pairs very well with cannabinoid receptors. This will result in pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Black and green tea

Drinking tea before and while you smoke will enhance the relaxing characteristics of weed, creating a smooth and nice sensation as you are able to have a good time and avoid feelings of anxiety. If you want to leave stress away from your life, go for a big and hot cup of good old tea.

French toast with berries and a weed pipe on a side
French toast with berries and a weed pipe on a side ​​(HØJ media)

But if you want to enhance your high?


This delicious fruit is supposed to be great when you want to enhance your trip. It contains a terpene called myrcene, which can pair with THC by increasing its absorption and intensifying the high.


Everyone loves chocolate, and there are many reasons: its flavor is sublime; the texture feels awesome while it melts in your mouth and it releases tryptophan, which motivates the brain to produce serotonin, the happiness substance. So the math is easy: an amazing combination that’ll make you feel your best.

How to get more high? Here are some techniques.

If you came to this article thinking about using fast as a way of getting higher, you already saw that having weed with an empty stomach is not a super good idea. We suggest these good techniques for accomplishing it, as they might help you reach your goal without having to spend a bad time starving.

Try new weed strains

There is a huge variety of weed strains in the market that you can try and enjoy. Each of them has different characteristics and effects, and for sure there is one that’ll match you and your expectations. Remember that there is a whole world to explore out there and experimentation is the key!

Check out their unique traits that could give you a better idea of how much you will like a strain. For example, the Indica strain will relax you, while the Sativa strain has more uplifting effects that make you feel energized.

Take a weed tolerance break

Stop consuming marijuana for a while. If you smoke as a habit, it is possible that your body got used to your consumption routine and now you don’t get as high as before. This is called tolerance, and you can fight it by taking a break from weed. After that, you’ll notice you get a stronger high the next time you smoke or eat it.

Prepare the environment

Have you thought that the environment you smoke or eat your weed in has an impact on how high you get? And let’s not forget the way it affects the positive or negative sensations that you might have during your trip. If you choose a very comfortable, relaxing, and nice space, it could help you focus on what you feel, and you may get higher. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Otherwise, if you decide to smoke at a place full of distractions, noise, and movement, where you maybe feel alert, you won’t be giving your body the chance to relax so the weed can do its thing. Some good ideas for creating the perfect moment for yourself are listening to calm music that makes you feel good and watching movies. We have an awesome list of our favorites you might be interested in.

Fresh lemonade drink with weed pipe
Fresh lemonade drink with KØL pipe (HØJ media)​​
Cheese pizza slice with weed pipe (HØJ media)
Pizza slice with KØL ​​pipe (HØJ media)

At the end of the day… it all depends on what you prefer

In conclusion, there are wanted and unwanted effects of marihuana that can feel like being high, but don’t necessarily mean we are getting the best out of our weed.

Consuming with an empty stomach will probably feel intense, but the intensity is not the same as quality and a good trip. Looking for these last ones will make you enjoy the experience of getting high on another level that being lightheaded and weak by skipping meals won’t.

So, next time you are in this situation, go get some snacks, something really delicious that contributes to having a great time instead of a simple green out.

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