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Best Grinders For Kief: Get The Right Grinder For You


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It doesn't matter the way you consume your weed, there are always ways of making the best out of every session. In order to do that you'll need to take advantage of almost every component of your herb. A popular way of enhancing your herb is slicing it instead of grinding it (like with KLIP slicer) and another powerful way to do so is by collecting the herb's kief. Using a weed grinder with kief-catcher, will be the best method to achieve your mission.  

Here we will dig into important stuff for you, like what exactly is kief, the parts of a 4-piece grinder, and which are the best grinders for kief available out there for you.

But, What Is Kief?

Every time you grind cannabis, you'll get a very thin powder or pollen called kief. As similar as you can think consuming this is to getting high with the traditional parts of the flower, kief has properties that can make you experiment your trip in a more intense way, and this happens because it is the concentrated version of regular cannabis. To be able to get this precious powder you will need a grinder that has a kief chamber (also known as kief-catcher), where you can grind weed and save some particles of kief each time, till you get enough of it to use it. Normally 4-piece grinders are the ones that include kief-catchers, as their last chamber (the one at the bottom) is the one that helps collect this yellowish, fine, and potent powder called kief.

There are plenty of brands that offer a variety of grinders for kief out there. You can find different sizes, materials, and extra features in each one of them. Continue reading and find the best grinder for you. we're sure you'll find one that satisfies your needs with no problem.

KLIP grinder open lid
KLIP grinder open lid (HØJ Media)

Grinder parts: 4-piece grinder

The type of grinder you should buy if you're looking to collect kief,  is definitely a 4-piece grinder.  A four-piece grinder is specially designed for collecting kief, as they have a special bottom chamber that serves this purpose. 

Here are the four grinder parts that make up a 4-piece grinder:

  1. Lid:

    The top of your grinder can be magnetic or mechanical. This piece is not just used to “close” your grinder, it's also the part that you will need to spin in order to grind/slice your weed.

  2. Teeth:

    Or, if you choose KLIP, the slicing mechanism. Here is where you put your weed that's ready to get grinded. The sharp teeth or razors act with the friction from the upper part and, if you have a high-quality grinder, it's where you get fluffy and well-preserved marihuana.

  3. Mesh screen:

    After getting grounded, your weed is going to fall into this compartment, which will act as a sieve and let the finer powder go through it to the next compartment (the kief collector).

    There are some grinders like KLIP that include different screen sizes, so you can decide whether you want a fine, medium, or coarse grind for your herb.

  4. Collector chamber or pollen catcher:

    The last part of your grinder would be the most important for our purpose in this article, as is where your kief is going to be collected. This is also known commonly as the “kief-catcher”.

Top 3 best grinders for kief:

Grinders with kief catcher

Shopping for a grinder can be a little bit tricky, as there are many types of grinders on the market to choose from. Grinding up weed in an efficient and easy way depends on finding the device that can give you the best performance. If you want to invest in a grinder, we are here to help by showing you our recommendations for getting an awesome quality grinder online.

- KLIP slicer:

KLIP slicer is a “grinder” that was designed  with the highest standards and is perfect for making it easier to grind your weed in a smooth way.

KLIP has some amazing grinder features that differentiate it from others, as it slices instead of grounding and spins as if it were made of hot butter because it works through magnets, so there is no friction between the lid and the other parts. This helps with comfort and efficiency while using it, since you will find its twist is soft and easy. The slicing, on the other hand, will give you a fluffy consistency to your herb for it to burn evenly and provide you a smoother smoking experience. As KLIP doesn’t crush the herb, it protects the integrity of the crystals and trichomes, resulting in a more potent experience with the exact same herb. 

If it wasn't enough, as we mentioned before, KLIP also offers 3 different-sized screens (fine, medium, and coarse) for you to choose the perfect size for your grounded herb. How fine you'll need your herb depends sometimes on the smoking device of your preference: pipes, joints, bongs, etc.

KLIP grinder parts in 4 pieces
KLIP grinder parts in 4 pieces (HØJ Media)
Hand holding KLIP 4 piece grinder
Hand holding KLIP 4-piece grinder (HØJ Media)

- GR8TR Jar Body Grinder.

This is a good option if you want a much more traditional grinder, as it will break out your weed in the traditional way. The best part is that it has a lot of compartments where you can store your weed and more importantly, your kief, and is made of stainless steel, so it won't get rusty with time.

- Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder

Did you know Santa Cruz had his own cannabis grinder? They do, and it is a very good one. It is small, so you can take it everywhere, and this is because it is built only in three compartments. Simple and easy, but still very good. This one has the traditional teeth as well.

We know you're looking for the best grinder for collecting kief, and we got your back. Now you just have to choose the one that adapts to your needs, as the ones we showed you today have a very nice compartment and are planned for keeping your kief in the best shape possible. 

Now, you just need to break your weed and have a good trip!

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