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KØL 2.0 Pipe Vs. Genius Pipe: A Comparative Review


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When it comes to being the greatest stoner of all time —and we know that's your goal for sure—, if you prefer using a pipe, it is indispensable to start considering getting a good quality one. It's very common when entering the world of consuming weed to get a variety of pipes through time, and this happens for many reasons: maybe the right one hasn't been found, perhaps some are uncomfortable to use or the materials are weak or simply not ideal. The truth is there are many pipes out there in the market, and sometimes they can't meet the best standards that you and your smoking experience you deserve.

KOL pipe in hand with leaves in background
KØL 2.0 pipe in hand with leaves in background (HØJ Media)

Why Choosing A Pipe Instead Of Other Smoking Devices?

Pipes are incredible devices for smoking, as they are super simple to use and great for sharing as they can hold a decent amount of herb. They have some other perks you might want to consider in your decision of purchasing one:

- Portable:

Taking your pipe with you while being discreet won't be a problem, as their size is generally small and the shape is not too voluminous. This is going to allow you to have easy access to your weed whenever you want to smoke. A mini-pipe can be also a good option for you.

- Quick access:

If you have only few minutes for getting high, a pipe would be a good ally. Rolling blunts, using a bong or baking some weed edibles won't be necessary if you have a pipe with you; filling it up will be enough for you to ensure a very good experience at a high level of convenience.

- Conserves the flavor:

A big perk of pipes is that they don't leave any residues that can interfere with how the taste of your herb. In such a manner, you can for sure have a better feeling of the cannabis you bought.

- Easy maintenance:

If you get a pipe from a good manufacturer, it will be easy to maintain in good shape, as it won't be as fragile as a poor-quality one. But don't worry, there are many options you can choose from, and it is not necessarily always the most expensive product that is the best fit for you.

- Durable:

If it is good, your pipe will last for a long time and will become an investment. Try to look for a pipe with a lifetime warranty too! Not many companies offer warranties, but HØJ absolutely does.

KØL 2.0 Pipe vs. Genius Pipe

Now that you know how a pipe could improve your smoking situation, we want to talk about two of the main brands in the market right now: HØJ's KØL 2.0 Pipe and Genius Pipe. As we describe the most important features of each one, keep in mind that they are both good, but they might have certain outstanding characteristics that could make one of them better for you and your needs.

- Materials:

According to their website, Genius Pipe is made of medical-grade anodized aluminum, while KØL 2.0's materials are titanium-coated stainless steel for the filter, and anodized, recyclable aluminum and rare-earth magnets for the pipe.

If you are wondering what anodized aluminum's advantages are, let us tell you that it's aluminum that has been treated with an electrochemical process where it gets an anodic layer. This helps to protect it from corrosion, which will extend your device's life.

- Mechanism:

The technology both of these pipes have is somehow similar, but with some differences that make them still distinctive.

Both of them have a mechanism that cools the herb's temperature through the length of the device, in a way that it won't burn your mouth.

An important feature of KØL 2.0, is that its design makes a vortex where the air travels through and that works as a filter for impurities, so you have a cleaner hit.

- Practicality:

Cleaning HØJ's pipes is really easy. Just wipe it with a wet piece of cloth or wash it in the sink as you would do with any mug or dish in your kitchen. For this, snap open the two parts of KØL 2.0. It's that simple! On the other hand, for cleaning the Genius Pipe you'll open it and rub both parts with a piece of cloth with alcohol, and then, a dry piece of cloth.

Both brands are simple to use: to smoke from your Genius Pipe, slide off the magnetic cover. You'll find two sides: one with a small container or bowl (here goes your grinded weed), and the opposite side would be the mouthpiece. Now you put the weed into the bowl, burn it and enjoy it. You can slide the lid again to kill the flame.

Using KØL 2.0, is as easy as loading your herbs within the bowl and burning them.

- Ergonomics:

As easy as it is to carry the Genius Pipe with you everywhere, even in your pocket due to its slim design, it might not be that comfortable to use for everybody. The ergonomics are overcome by the sleek shape, as you'll have to grab it like if it was a card.

In this matter, KØL 2.0 has the lead. Its shape has the perfect grip, which will help to avoid falls and incidents that might cause your pipe to get any kind of damage (although KØL 2.0 is thought to be your lifetime pipe, so is super durable).

- Extra perks:

Genius Pipe is multipurpose, as it works for both flowers and oil. Another perk is the sliding lid, which can help you keep your herbs there when you are not using them; they will be stored and ready for your next hit.

With KØL 2.0, you would be able to smoke without coughing, because it's built for a smoother experience thanks to a microchannel and coated filters that come with it.

- Durability:

KØL 2.0 Pipe's goal is to be the only pipe you will need in your entire life, unless, of course, you lose it. Genius Pipe is not promising to last forever, but is sturdy and looks and feels resistant enough, and the reviewers that have had it for a long time say it doesn't seem to get any damage with time.

Hand holding Genius pipe
Hand holding Genius pipe (420 Science)​​
Hand holding KOL pipe
Hand holding KØL 2.0 pipe (HØJ Media)

So, which one is better?

After we review both models, we think the answer to this question depends on what you are looking for. They both are leaders in the market, very well thought, built with high quality materials and almost the same price. 

We would recommend KØL 2.0 if you want an ergonomic, super elegant and minimalistic design that will last for a long time. At the same time, maybe it will be good to consider getting the Genius Pipe if you need a very portable gadget you can keep in your pocket in a discreet way for everyday life. Or maybe just go for a KØL mini pipe which matches that modern design and portability.

Which one would you get?

Disclaimer: This article is completely informational and written from a user’s point of view. Brand content and product specifications were taken from each brand’s public websites.

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