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KLIP vs. Santa Cruz Shredder: Which Is The Best 4 Piece Grinder For Your Herb?


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The widespread use of cannabis as a recreational drug has increased the demand for related products for its consumption. This has brought a massive amount of options regarding price, quality, and availability, which makes it at the same time harder to select the best items. For this reason, we present you two of the most popular names in the cannabis industry along with two of their most requested products, their best 4-piece grinders. For this article, we've chosen to compare the KLIP grinder to Santa Cruz Shredder grinder with the intention to provide certainty in your future purchases.

Why buying a 4-piece grinder with kief catcher?

We all know the advantages of grinding our cannabis: it's more convenient, it saves time, the flavor and aroma are improved, it's more portable, and,  since the texture is enhanced, it's more cost-efficient. However, why is it important to compare this particular 4-piece model? Well, traditional 4-piece devices, add -besides all features and advantages of 3 and 2 pieces models- a fine screen and an extra chamber on the bottom to catch the finest product resulting from the process: kief. For this reason, most cannabis-related companies put extra effort while making these products as they understand that their potential users are looking to get the very best out of their cannabis.

KLIP grinder by HØJ


HØJ is a Danish company that has analyzed and improved upon the old grinding methods with the latest technology of the modern world and it keeps innovating big for the cannabis industry. KLIP slicer is made with anodized aluminum and rare earth magnets, which has become popular also on other grinders, however, KLIP also added to the mix eco-friendly plastics on its reusable packaging and recyclable aluminum as one of the main materials in the grinder. An interesting similarity that HØJ might share with Santa Cruz Shredder, is the way both companies totally changed the way cannabis is grinded, and while the Santa Cruz Shredder focused on changing materials and teeth patterns, KLIP developed a completely unique system in which the herb is not crushed but sliced. Want to know more about it? Keep reading as we're about to review KLIP in detail below. 

Hands KLIP grinder in packaging
KLIP grinder in packaging unboxing (HØJ Media)
Hands holding KLIP grinder open
Hands holding KLIP grinder open (HØJ Media)

KLIP Features:

HØJ designers noticed that, even with the finest materials and patterns, the cannabis was still being crushed, and with that principle in mind, KLIP was born. Engineered to perfection, this device guarantees a perfect consistency mainly because,  instead of grinding, it slices the herbal blend, and having no damage equals a fluffier and superior result. For this task, HØJ equipped KLIP with a pair of extra durable custom dual blades that virtually levitate thanks to an ingenious combination of magnets. The result? An advanced tool that will satisfy even the most demanding stoner. You can rotate KLIP only with a finger! 

Besides all this, it's necessary to mention that KLIP is fully customizable; you can switch and replace parts with no effort according to your needs It can become from a 4-piece grinder with kief catcher to a 3-piece grinder with a more compact size to take anywhere you want. Also, it's worth mentioning the transfer funnel made for KLIP; a convenient accessory that allows users to pack their pipes (works better with the KØL 2.0 pipe and KØL mini) without using their hands, the only thing you have to do is align the funnel hole to your pipe, glass stem or any other device you may prefer and rotate. Done. No more sticky residue all over the floor or table.

Finally, let's not forget that this piece of machinery has arguably the most beautiful design ever created for a grinder. The black matte color and the quality of its materials give a classy and elegant look that feels amazing at the touch. All this obsessive attention to detail was planned with only one thing in mind: to make KLIP the last grinder you ever buy, and it will certainly be if you want to; this beauty has a lifetime warranty that proves so.

Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder


Santa Cruz Shredder is a cannabis company based in California, USA, that has been around for a while as they've been pioneers within the cannabis industry. The secret of their success is based mostly on their constant search to create safer and healthier products. It is well known that -even though there have been similar artifacts in ancient times- grinders specially designed for cannabis are a relatively modern artifact. Just a few years ago, it was common to see people using cheap devices or other worse unorthodox methods to prepare the herb. That was precisely what started everything for this company.

Santa Cruz Shredder 4 piece grinders in colors
Santa Cruz Shredder 4 piece grinders in colors (Smokey Shays)

Santa Cruz Grinder Features:

Santa Cruz designers noticed that common devices had something in common: a diamond-shaped teeth design that generated tiny fragments of metal caused by friction. This would also tire users, particularly those who suffered from arthritis or similar conditions. With that in mind, the design was changed to an inverted square that tested much better in aspects such as cutting and avoiding burring. Nowadays It's safe to say that the Santa Cruz Shredder grinders have a revolutionary tooth design compared to typical cheap grinders. It has a wonderful grip and requires no effort to twist.

Another thing they noticed was the poor quality of these old devices. They were mainly made out of cheap materials that degraded fast, leaving unhealthy remains among the cannabis. They then made the objective to be in a constant search for the best materials and the most appropriate process for long-lasting and safe products. Nowadays their models are made of medical-grade aerospace anodized aluminum and rare earth magnets for a friendly lid closure system. The quality and care can be easily perceived.

Most Santa Cruz models actually feel great and resistant to handling, both internally with the unique thread patterns, and on the surface with the beautiful finish. As a final comment, it's necessary to mention the wide variety of grinding models they have developed for their customers, ranging from compact and easy-to-carry sizes to big industrial machinery. All of that with the sole purpose to ensure a pleasant smoking experience.

Some Final Words

Now that each grinder has been analyzed, hopefully, you'll be ready to shop for the device that best suits your needs.

In conclusion, it may be possible to say that, honestly, both grinders are top notch and each of them has been designed with the intention to give you the best smoking experience. For some people, the larger variety of grinders might tilt the scale in favor of Santa Cruz Shredder, while the meticulous care put into the making of KLIP might be more important to others. In any case, both machines have been a complete revolution in the cannabis world. Old tools had to be re-imagined from scratch and every element had to be tested, so it is now a matter of selection for the consumer.

Thank you for reading this article. Be sure to return to check the best products, reviews from real customers, and experts' bits of advice. 

Author: Emerson C.

Disclaimer: This article is completely informational and written from a user’s point of view. Brand content and product specifications were taken from each brand’s public websites.

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