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How to Roll an Extendo Joint


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Sometimes, just one king-size joint isn’t enough when smoking with friends. If you are having a smoking session with friends and don’t have the time to roll several joints or L-joints, there is a straightforward solution to this problem; learning how to roll an extendo joint will allow you to pass around a blunt that lasts longer than usual.

If you are looking for a simple guide to roll an extendo joint, we have prepared the easiest way to do it so that you and your friends start puffing in no time and have a long-lasting smoke session.

How to Roll an Extendo Joint

Put into simple words, an extendo joint consists of two pieces of rolling paper glued together. While many users prefer to go for an L-joint to have longer blunts, this is another alternative that works just as well.



  1. Take two rolling papers and line them up, overlapping them around 0.4 inches. Wet your fingers and rub both sides so that they remain stuck for the time being.

  2. Cut off the glue strip of your third rolling paper and seal your two pieces together around the overlapped area, lining them up nicely. In case you want more security, add another glue strip.

  3. Fold your extendo joint by half to place your filter tip. For this, you can either use a glass filter or make your own with a piece of thin cardboard or a business card. Simply cut a small rectangular shape, create a small “M” shape at one end, and roll until you reach your desired thickness. 

If you want to level up your filter tips, you can also learn how to make a peace sign joint filter.

  • Use your KLIP or preferred grinder and ground your herb to the desired density.

  • Once your ground weed is ready, simply put it in your extendo joint and roll as you would typically do with a regular spliff. In this case, you want to make sure you take all the air out of your joint. For this, gently tap the joint against the surface a few times.

Now all you have to do is spark your joint up and share it with your friends. We suggest you use regular size papers since larger ones will make your extendo joint flimsy. To have a more sturdy joint, you can also use blunt wraps. However, these can become resinous, making your smoke harsh.

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