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What Is A Carb On A Weed Pipe?


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Smoking pipes, especially glass pipes, have gained popularity among herb enthusiasts for their unique smoking experiences. These devices and also some bongs, often incorporate a small side hole, known as a carburetor or carb, which serves a vital purpose in enhancing overall enjoyment. In this article, we will explore the significance of these holes on the side of these devices, including their advantages, methods of use, their connection to other gadgets, and when it isn't essential.

What is a Carb Hole Used For?

What is a carb? A carb is the small hole, commonly found on bongs and glass pipes chambers, enables precise control over the airflow during inhalation. 

By covering the carb hole with their thumbs, users can regulate the amount of air entering the bowl. This control directly impacts the density and flavor of the smoke. Covering the carb restricts the airflow, resulting in a more concentrated and flavorful inhale while uncovering it increases airflow for a lighter, airier hit. The carb provides the smoker ability to customize their experience and explore the full range of flavors offered by different herbs with their fingers while smoking a pipe with a carb.

Temperature Regulation and Smoke Cooling:

Another significant function of side holes in smoking devices is temperature regulation. Manipulating the carb allows users to adjust the oxygen intake during inhalation. This process helps control the temperature of the burning dry herb, preventing it from becoming excessively hot or harsh. Finding the right balance results in a smoother and more enjoyable smoking session. The side hole acts as a cooling mechanism, reducing the risk of throat irritation and enhancing the overall experience.

Efficient Smoke Clearing and Cleaning:

The side hole in smoking devices also facilitates efficient smoke clearing. After taking a hit, uncovering the carb while continuing to draw on the mouthpiece creates a rush of fresh air through the device. This action clears residual smoke, preventing it from becoming stale and preserving the quality of subsequent hits. Additionally, the carb aids in easy cleaning of the device. By covering the carb while drawing, the smoke is directed through the mouthpiece, minimizing the accumulation of debris and ash in the side hole. This helps maintain the cleanliness and functionality of the device.

Integration of Carbs with Pipes, Bowls, Grinders, and Glass Materials:

Side holes are strategically incorporated into smoking devices in conjunction with the bowls and glass materials. The bowl, which holds the dry herb, is designed to work in harmony with the carb. The side hole allows for controlled airflow between the bowl and the user, optimizing the experience. Grinders play a crucial role in grinding the dry herb for smoking, ensuring a consistent burn, and getting a good one like the KLIP from HØJ collection, this “grinder” slices the herb instead of grinding it, resulting in a more even and fluffy herb, aiding the side carb in proper combustion. Moreover, many smoking devices, including bongs and glass pipes, are crafted from high-quality glass materials. The presence of a side hole complements the overall design and functionality of these glass pieces, adding to the enjoyment of the experience.

Glass bong with a carb hole
Glass bong with a carb hole (Canva)
green glass pipe with a carb hole
Green glass pipe with a carb hole (Canva)

Is a Carb Hole Necessary For Pipes?

Of course, there are alternatives that don't require a carb hole. Some high-end pipes like the KØL 2.0 and KØL mini pipes from HØJ, are designed with micro-channels that effortlessly strip the heat from the herb mechanically, allowing every puff to be cool and smooth, without the need of the use of a carb hole. Only by using a pipe like KØL you'll notice the difference on the airflow without the need of any carb hole. Try it today and notice how it truly elevates your smoking experience!


The side hole in smoking pipes, bongs, and glass pipes offers users a versatile tool for controlling airflow, regulating temperature, facilitating efficient smoke clearing, and ensuring easy cleaning. By skillfully manipulating the carb, enthusiasts can optimize the flavor, temperature, and density of the smoke, resulting in an enhanced dry herb experience. The integration of side holes with bowls, grinders, and high-quality glass materials enhances the functionality and aesthetics of these smoking devices. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of dry herb consumption, understanding the purpose and advantages of side holes will undoubtedly elevate your smoking sessions. 

You may also try alternatives that don't require the carb, like KØL 2.0 and KØL mini pipes from HØJ.

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