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OCB Rolling Papers and HAMP Rolling Papers: Organic Rolling Paper Brands


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When rolling a joint, we sometimes forget about the importance of choosing a good rolling paper for the best possible result. Even if it looks like another accessory in your stoner drawer, you should know that rolling paper can affect the way you smoke big time. And this, of course, can be for the better or can ruin your experience. So take a seat and keep reading, we have here some things you should take into consideration when choosing between different rolling paper brands.

Why Choosing The Best Rolling Paper Brand?

Health comes first

We all know that smoking (that being tobacco, cannabis or anything else you like to smoke) is not the healthiest thing for your lungs, but there are things you can take into consideration to reduce the risks while doing it. 

The problem is real: many rolling paper brands have plenty of ingredients in their composition like lead or pesticides and even other substances that can even cause cancer in the long term. 

What can you do about it? Just make sure to check the way your rolling papers are manufactured and the materials they contain. Avoid the ones that use chemicals; we are 100% sure that there are several rolling paper brands you can choose from that have no hurtful ingredients for your lungs and body.

Avoid changing the flavor of your herb

Some accessories or smoking devices that are in direct contact with your herbs are not always free of chemicals or particles and can affect some of the properties of your weed… in this case: flavor.

 To avoid your rolling paper affecting the flavor of your herb, look after products made of materials that won't lose any substance while burning or being used, and also, in the case of rolling papers, the best option is to go for those plant-based, like the ones manufactured with hemp.

HAMP rolling papers over a magazine page with KOL pipe and KLIP grinder
HAMP rolling kit with KØL pipe and KLIP grinder (HØJ Media)

Eco-friendly materials


Thinking about the planet we live in is another good reason to choose sustainable, organic, or eco-friendly manufactured rolling papers. 

We are stoners, but that's not an excuse for not taking care of our natural resources and all human beings that live on the Earth.

Size matters


There are many sizes of rolling papers you can get in the market. It's not only about having more or less weed within your joint, but about being able to find the size that adapts to your rolling skills. With this in mind, there are also some other options you can use for rolling the perfect blunt and for them to be comfortable for you. 

We highly recommend choosing 1 ¼ rolling paper size if your looking for a solo session (mini rolling paper with not much weed on it) or the king-size slim papers if you're looking to share it with some friends or if you have plenty of time for your smoking session.

OCB Rolling Paper: All You Need To Know

One of the rolling paper brands we are reviewing today is OCB, a company with a lot of history (they started as a regular paper company during the end of the 19th Century) that specializes in sustainable, organic and eco-friendly rolling papers. One of the most outstanding features of OCB products is that they have a huge variety of them, so you can choose the one that fits your smooth smoking desires.

They also are dye, gluten, GMO and bleach free. With different thicknesses, sizes and textures, you can get good quality and large or small packages of every product.

HAMP Rolling Kit, What Makes It So Good?

HAMP by HØJ is what you get when you mix excellent quality, green materials and an awesome design. Just like OCB, HAMP rolling paper is made with 100% unbleached and organic hemp. HAMP papers are dyed with organic soy ink and come with special filters that optimize the airflow. The way these rolling papers are manufactured you're just not affecting your body's health but also helping nature.

Another genius feature HAMP has to offer is the built-in rolling stray included, all of this because of its amazing packaging. HAMP's packaging design was made thinking in the respect that HØJ has for nature. This booklet would not just store your papers but provide you a tray to roll joints easily anywhere you want and with any mess.

HAMP rolling papers
HAMP rolling papers (HØJ Media)
OCB rolling papers
OCB rolling papers (OCB USA)

Where Can I Find These Rolling Papers Brands?


Both of these rolling paper brands have their own e-commerce online, so deep dive and look for their best offers! You can find  HAMP rolling kits and HAMP Box available online at www.hoj.life, they ship worldwide. And OCB rolling papers at www.ocbusa.com if you're in the United States. 

We hope this article has helped you to make the right choice between these two rolling paper brands. Remember to decide it depending on the smoking experience you're looking for!

Simon Folmann
Simon V. Folmann

Simon Folmann

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Disclaimer: HØJ is not a medical advice blog, so please consult with a doctor or a specialist if you have any questions regarding smoking or anything related to cannabis consumption itself.

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