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What Is A Funnel For Cannabis? Transfer Funnel For Weed Grinder


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Weed-wise, this is an exciting era to be alive. Long gone are the days when using or buying marijuana-related items was a shameful and frowned upon activity, and slowly, but constantly, more and more countries are getting more tolerant and open to its benefits. This freedom and technological innovations have brought new devices that make our lives much easier by obtaining the max of our herbs. One interesting gadget is the grinder, particularly with a top-sold add-on like a funnel.

What Is a Funnel?

Grinder and funnel for weed


Typically, a grinder is used to break cannabis flower into finer pieces in order to load easily pipes, blunts, bowls, joints or pre-rolled cones, however, it's important to mention that grinding is also essential to keep quality: every time herbs are hand manipulated, chemicals, bacteria and similar alter its conditions. It's also worth mentioning that grinding marijuana also helps to ensure quicker and simpler storage. Finally, it can't be ignored the fact that ground weed burns evenly, works better, and overall makes for a more pleasant smoking experience. 

But the real question here is what is a funnel and how is it related to grinders and weed itself?

Even though grinders provide undoubtedly valuable solutions to weed users, smokers demanded a solution for better handling and a more efficient way to avoid waste. Here's where the funnel comes into the scene, a weed or grinder funnel is a great tool when it comes to how to take grounded weed from your grinder to your pipe without wasting any herb or doing a mess. A funnel is the best ally to maintain everything clean and in order, no more sticky fingers dealing with sticky flower buds.

KLIP Funnel to transfer weed from a grinder to a pipe
KLIP Funnel to transfer weed from a grinder to a pipe (HØJ Media)

Using A Weed Funnel: Now is so easy to fill!

Until now, funnels were commonly used as a cone loader and most of them were plastic or silicone funnels. A funnel as a basic tool is really useful, no doubt about it: it allows people to transfer content without even touching it and it gets rid of messy loads.

HØJ, a high-end cannabis accessories brand, is always looking for a way to improve the consumer experience among stoners, this is how all of their products have been created and designed. HØJ has gone one step ahead and designed a perfect system to grind and pack quickly the smoking device of your choice, without any sticky fingers or messy table. Thinking about giving a very valuable add-on to their best-seller grinder KLIP, they came up with the idea of creating The Funnel, basically the best way to transfer grounded weed from KLIP grinder storage chamber to any smoking device. They personally suggest a KØL pipe that would magnetically stick to The Funnel tip to avoid any weed waste.

What is KLIP?

KLIP is nothing but the best grinder on the market. These are some of its features:

  • Slice don't grind mechanism (protect the herb to get the best high).
  • A classy but practical design.
  • All of its components are manufactured with eco-friendly materials.
  • A beautiful black matte color.
  • Easy to clean: Watch tutorial video.
  • And most important: It's unbelievably easy to use versus the old counterparts.

How to use KLIP and The Funnel:

  1. Assemble the four parts (they're magnetic, so the process is painless).

  2. The bottom part is the container, remove it and add the HØJ funnel instead. The funnel will attach firmly but smoothly.

  3. Now hold the top and bottom with your hands. Twist or circle the KLIP until no resistance is found. KLIP has a dual blade that ensures better consistency leaving most trichomes intact, which means a higher THC value, and thus, a better experience.

  4. Finally, remove the little cap on the funnel (also magnetic), and voilá, you are ready to fill, roll or cook.

Some Final Words

Finally, it's worth mentioning that the HØJ funnel works best with the KØL and KØL mini 2.0.  The components align perfectly and the cannabis will go straight from the funnel's tray to your pipe preventing any mess, nonetheless, do not panic, KLIP can be used too with our HAMP papers to roll perfect joints (for more information check the following guide). Remember that The Funnel can be acquired separately or together with the KLIP.

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Author: Emerson C.

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