What If Famous Characters Smoked Weed? - HØJ Reviews

What If Famous Characters Smoked Weed? - HØJ Reviews


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Have you ever wondered about a famous fictional – or even non-fictional – character being a stoner? Unfortunately, everything related to cannabis is still a bit of a taboo subject around the world, even in Hollywood and fictional films, so that’s why movie characters might appear to be smoking something or even making a reference to feeling or looking “high” in some scenes. However, the screenplay won’t mention if the said character is smoking weed or not, it’s just like a nod to cannabis. But you know, even if it’s not official, everyone has their headcanons about some of our favorite movie characters, and you know what? The sky's the limit! 

Join me and let’s explore some hypothetical scenarios and famous headcanons about fictional characters, superhero movies, and why not, a bit of non-fictional famous celebrities too as if they smoked a little something. In this article we used some real "Simon reads" reviews to relate famous characters with HØJ products that customers think totally match this character's lifestyle.

Movie characters smoking weed

Marijuana and its use have been a popular subject in movies and TV shows for many years, despite being a bit hidden in some of them still. In some cases, characters are portrayed as frequent marijuana users and really show their love for weed, such as the famous stoners Cheech and Chong, Harold and Kumar, and the characters from the movie "Pineapple Express”. In their fictional world, smoking marijuana is often portrayed as a harmless, comical activity that brings people together, helps them relax and give them the giggles.

Have you ever wondered…

What do they smoke in Lord of the Rings?

A very popular movie character that’s associated with smoking from a pipe is Gandalf from "The Lord of the Rings," along with all the hobbits—especially Merry and Pippin. 

According to Tolkien Gateway, the wizard learned to smoke pipeweed from the Hobbits, where the herb was first domesticated by a character called Tobold Hornblower. It is mentioned that the cultivation and exploration of the herb became key for the Shire’s progress. In the books, J.R.R. Tolkien refers to these herb varieties by the name of “pipe-weed”, the most popular ones being Longbottom Leaf, Southern Star, and Old Toby. This last leaf was not meant to be a reference to marijuana, but some fans theorize it could be seen as a sort of fantasy version of the drug.

Throughout the movies, Gandalf is seen blowing smoke rings, but while it is not explicitly stated that he is smoking weed, some fans have speculated that his pipe may have contained some sort of herb and tobacco mixture. Nonetheless, Tolkien does state in the book’s prologue of The Lord of the Rings that it is “a variety probably of nicotine '', i.e. tobacco. I mean… the book was written in the 20th century in England. But the movie? Well, that’s a whole new and adapted concept. 

Wise wizard smoking with a KØL 2.0. pipe
Wise wizard smoking with a KØL 2.0. pipe (AI - Midjourney)​​

Could you imagine your father or grandparent smoking some CBD from a pipe? I know mine would remind me a ton of Gandalf. Here's an amazing story of a KØL pipe user relating it with the Lord of the Rings wizard.

Here we have a clever Lord of the Rings fan. That’s hilarious, isn’t it? I like to think about which type of pipe modern Gandalf would smoke in this century and the real world. The KØL pipe is no exception for him being a wizard in his magical world. People had described the KØL pipe as “magical”, so it would definitely match this wizard’s expectations and desired smoking experience.

Being a nerd myself, this whole thing makes me think about how the story would have developed if Gandalf had shared his pipe-weed with Frodo Baggins. I bet he might have become more relaxed and less anxious during his journey. His task of carrying the One Ring to Mordor was so stressful and it took a lot out of him, so a quick dab could make the journey a bit easier for him.

Stoner superheroes and fictional characters

In the world of fiction, there are countless characters who are known for their larger-than-life personalities and unique lifestyles. Some of them might be more likely to indulge in marijuana use than others, depending on their individual quirks and motivations.

So, what would it be like if some of our favorite fictional characters and superheroes smoked weed? Let's take a look.

Batman is a brooding, serious character who is constantly battling his inner demons (aren’t we all?) If he smoked weed, he might become more introspective and reflective instead of acting out on his impulses, but it's unlikely that he would let it affect his crime-fighting abilities. He can totally control that in the most stylish way, of course. People say that smoking from a KØL pipe and using the KLIP grinder can relate to Bruce Wayne’s lifestyle… Or basically make them feel like Batman when they're smoking.

Justice seeker superhero smoking from KØL pipe
Justice seeker superhero smoking​​ from KØL pipe (AI - Midjourney)

HØJ’s product characteristics totally match Batman’s. With its unparalleled blend of sleek black aesthetics and durable materials like anodized, recyclable aluminum and titanium-coated stainless steel, KØL sets itself apart. What truly distinguishes this high-end pipe is its filtering technology, its vortex cooling system, and its ergonomic design, which are unmatched in the industry. These features perfectly align with the luxurious and elegant lifestyle of Mr. Wayne, don’t you think?

In the Batman universe, there are a variety of weed-related accessories available, such as Batman-themed grinders, trays, and pipes. It's also been suggested that the character of Bruce Wayne might be partial to a strain of marijuana called the Dark Knight strain. No wonder why…

How about an alien smoking pot from an alien pipe

Have you ever let your imagination run wild —or maybe were high as a kite— and wondered what kind of smoking pipe an extraterrestrial being would use? Picture a stoner E.T., puffing away on a weed pipe straight out of a sci-fi flick. Well, hold onto your seats because this HØJ customer has cracked the code on what an alien-designed pipe would look like, and it's called the KØL pipe. In their review, they boldly declare: “If I was watching a science fiction movie I would expect the protagonist to get off the ship with the HØJ KØL 2.0 pipe in hand.” Mind-blowing, isn't it? This pipe is truly out of this world!

And it might be true as another customer seems to feel the same way about KØL mini pipe. In their words: “Looks and feels like an alien artifact made from a meteorite. It's very ergonomic, easy to use and I'm amazed by how good the quality of the smoke is.” 

Could someone call Hollywood already and tell them to use KØL as an alien movie prop?

Alien smoking pot from a joint (AI - Midjourney)
Alien smoking pot from a joint (AI - Midjourney)​​
Alien smoking weed (AI - Midjourney)
Alien smoking weed (AI - Midjourney)​​

Overall, the KØL pipe offers a unique and high-quality, and kinda futuristic smoking experience that is perfectly suited for those who appreciate innovative and ergonomic design. There’s no doubt people say this pipe is something outside of this world, as yet another customer mentions that it is an “Alien technology”. Another user wrote in their review the following description: “feels like something from the future or from an alien spacecraft”.  So, whether you're a fan of science fiction movies or simply looking for a high-end smoking accessory, the KØL 2.0 pipe is definitely worth checking out.

Cartoon characters smoking weed

In the world of animation, there are a few instances of cartoon characters smoking weed or pot. For example, the characters from "South Park" have been shown smoking marijuana in several episodes, and there is a popular Scooby-Doo meme running wild that says Shaggy is definitely a stoner and provides joints for the team every now and then. There’s this brief moment in the 2002 live-action movie where they’re flying to Spooky Island and a blonde, curly haired woman sits next to Shaggy. They engage in conversation and eventually when Shaggy asks what her name is, the woman introduces herself as Mary Jane. Shaggy’s eyes open wide and he exclaims, “Mary Jane is my favorite name!” Coincidence? I think not.

Disney characters smoking weed

Within the realm of the Disney universe, we haven't witnessed any instances of characters indulging in weed. However, there have been moments of subtle adult humor and innuendo that might have flown over the heads of younger viewers. Take, for instance, "The Little Mermaid," where the sea witch Ursula is seen puffing on something resembling a cigarette, though its exact nature is left open to interpretation. But if we delve into her villainous demeanor, one can't help but draw parallels to the effects associated with cannabis.

Watch"Simon Reads Reviews" Episode 1 and relate these characters to HØJ customer reviews.

Famous people who might smoke weed: Famous stoners

In real life, some important historical figures are “secret” stoners—they might even have smoked weed at the White House. It’s no surprise that some actors who have played superheroes on the big screen have also been known to smoke weed. For example, Robert Downey Jr., who played Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been open about his marijuana consumption.

Additionally, other famous people from the music industry like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, are known for their marijuana use because they’ve been open to using cannabis for their creative process even though some of them have won Grammy Awards! Others are more private about it. 

Another celebrity who has been related to marijuana consumption is Elon Musk. This controversy heads back to the video where he smoked a joint during a live interview in 2018. It's unclear whether he is a frequent marijuana user or he was simply trying to make a statement, but we know Mr. Musk would definitely grind his herb with a slicer like KLIP, as some users call it “The Tesla of Grinders” because of its well-thought engineering design and technology. 

KLIP as a NASA grinder in the moon
KLIP as a NASA grinder in the moon​​ (AI- Midjourney)

KLIP’s Danish design has been well recognized by many of its current users, some of them think its design, construction, and performance are so good and unique that not even NASA could improve it. Remember our earlier discussion? Well, here's the undeniable confirmation that HØJ products transcend the boundaries of the cannabis industry's technology. They are on another level entirely.

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