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World’s OG And Oldies Characters Who Used To Smoke Weed

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Throughout time, humans have consumed cannabis in its different variations for different reasons, be it for recreational purposes, meditation, therapeutic and medical purposes. Since its origin in Asia approximately 5000 years ago, this enigmatic plant has crossed all the oceans of the planet, reaching the most remote places of the world and becoming one of the most famous plants in universal history. We know that in the twentieth century, misinformation about marijuana was widely spread, being in the eyes of the society of those times as a very heavy drug and as the beginning of a life that leads to falling into more vices, so it was outlawed and its mere mention became a taboo subject, and even remains so today for many people who remain uninformed, however; in the 21st century enormous advances have been made in terms of research into the real benefits of marijuana and this has led to its decriminalization in several parts of the world, bringing with it an end to the taboos of the past. 

Much of the pro-cannabis campaign over the last 30 years has been through celebrities or important characters talking openly about their consumption and their experiences doing so; we all know, for example, that Snoop Dogg is a real opinion leader on the subject or that Wiz Khalifa is one of the biggest personalities in the field and both are known for their fondness for the topic. However, there are many more personalities who, historically, have been cannabis users and, for different reasons, are not known as such. 

Within the music industry, there have been several users and faces of cannabis, and it could even be said that it is the industry that has had the most famous users. Speaking of big names, Bob Marley, a Jamaican reggae icon, is one of the historical characters who is known or is well known for his regular consumption of cannabis, as he considered it as a way to find peace in the earthly world since it is also one of the most sacred things within the religion of Rastafarianism, which was the one he followed with great devotion. In the Beatles, John Lennon was also a regular consumer of cannabis and got into several problems with the government of the United Kingdom and the United States in his time for his open stance on the subject and his pacifist ideas against the Vietnam War; he said that he considered marijuana as an escape from the superficial world to a higher existential plane. It was also later learned that Paul McCartney was a strong supporter of the movement and a seeker of a world where cannabis could be used not only recreationally but also for medicinal and industrial uses.

Singer and author Bob Dylan is famous worldwide for having introduced the Beatles to marijuana use and for being a heavy user himself.

Speaking of the political sphere, for example, the characters are less well known; however, that is not to say that there are not and even that they are not important, which is not the case at all. It is known that the governor of Colorado from 2011 to 2019, John Hickenlooper, is also an active consumer of cannabis and one of the great promoters of its legalization in the United States since he was the one who made it legal in the state of Colorado in 2014, being one of the pioneer states within the movement.

George McGovern, candidate for the presidency of the United States in 1972, was one of the biggest boosters of the movement in favor of cannabis and the LGBT+ community and was branded as insane for his extremely progressive ideas for the time, wanting to decriminalize it and abolish the marijuana law proposed in the 30s. 

This is not entirely confirmed, but it is said that President John F. Kennedy was also a fairly active consumer due to a chronic problem in his lower back; definitely not something 100% true, but because the sources of information about it are several and reliable in a way, it is also within the list. 

Former President Barack Obama also publicly declared to have been a regular user in his youth and even mentioned that many of the most important decisions of his life were made after smoking a joint.

Another president on the list, in this case, the former president of Uruguay, José Mujica, was also a cannabis user in his youth and was also widely criticized for being one of the world's biggest pioneers on the issue and the first in all of Latin America to legalize it at the federal level in 2013.

Moving on from politics, there have also been several business people known for their cannabis consumption, among which we can find none other than Bill Gates, owner, and founder of Microsoft and the Windows operating system software. Bill Gates once confirmed in an interview that, although his use and consumption was merely for medicinal purposes, he had tried cannabis, and not only that, but he was recurrent in it. He also positioned himself as a great promoter of the decriminalization movement in the United States and around the world in general. 

Finally, the magnanimous inventor and competitor of Gates, the genius Steve Jobs, was a massive consumer of hashish and marijuana, consuming it from his adolescence until the time of his death in 2011, even admitting in an important interview that without marijuana there would never have been Apple. 

Here is a constant, and that is that marijuana is an excellent enhancer of artistic talent of people and a great disinhibitor of pain and discomfort, hemp is a great source of industrial product that could even replace plastics, and there is a huge future in this area.

Different influential people have left their mark on the world of cannabis through their music. Others have done so through politics or the business world. The truth is that support for the cannabis world is no longer a minority thing, according to the trend.


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