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Weed Ideas for Valentine’s Day? 10 Activities You Should Try


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Happy Valentine’s Day Stoner! When it comes to a special day to spend with your significant other, it’s very difficult to beat St. Valentine’s Day, the most lovely day of the year. We all have memories attached to such a singular date, and planning special things to do on this day is a tradition that many people really take seriously. After all, if you are with someone you truly love, you might want to make your best effort. Furthermore, let’s think of the following scenario: you both love weed, you want to spend an amazing day together, and you want to make sure this day will be one to remember. If that’s your case, then you might need some weed ideas for Valentine’s Day, and we don’t want to disappoint  you.

So, to ensure you have the best Valentine’s Day you can spend with a person who loves weed as much as you do, the good people at J want to present you ten amazing ideas so you can plan a day enjoying cannabis alongside your partner, with a wide variety of things you can try today, for all kinds of tastes and expectations. So thanks for reading, and we hope these ideas result in a memorable day with your favorite person in the world! 

1. A romantic dinner for your significant other using cannabis-infused ingredients.

Let’s start with an easy one, but that can make any Valentine’s Day special: food. Here at the HØJ blog we have plenty of recipes you can try your hand at, so let’s start from the beginning. Here you can find How to Prepare Weed-Infused Ingredients for Cooking to get you started, a recipe for cannabis Torrijas for the perfect romantic breakfast, how to make the perfect weed-infused cannabis chocolate, and even some healthy snacks too. And this is just the start, so read around the blog and find the perfect dinner recipe for you! 

2. A spa day at home with cannabis-infused bath salts or lotions.

Cannabis bath salts and lotions are totally a thing you should try, especially if you want this date to be as calm and relaxing as possible. A spa day at home is a great idea if you want to enjoy cannabis in a different way, and although official cannabis spas do exist, they are few and far between, so planning a day of chilling at home is your best bet. Prepare the bathtub and have the best time of your life!

3. A private wine and weed tasting with your partner.

Wine is a great companion of the best Valentine’s Days, and having a fancy tasting on this date is something everyone will enjoy. So imagine what an amazing day this can be if you pair it with a weed tasting to enjoy alongside your partner, or downright make some cannabis-infused wine to share a glass during your fancy dinner at home. The possibilities are endless!

4. A gift of premium cannabis flowers, concentrates or edibles.

Okay, but what if you want to give your significant other the perfect Valentine’s gift for stoners? If they are as much of a cannabis lover as you, then a gift basket of premium cannabis flowers, their favorite strain of weed, oils, tinctures or edibles is the perfect Valentine’s gift. Roses are not the only romantic flowers for this day, you know?

"I'm In Love Weed You" chocolate edible (HØJ Media)

5. A hike or nature walk while enjoying cannabis together.

However, if you have a day with perfect, sunny weather, blue skies and you are both lovers of nature (which is kind of a given, considering how much you appreciate weed), then a going hiking, or for a simple nature walk at you nearest national park can be the answer, especially if you pack some edibles to go with you. Just remember to be careful, tell someone where you are going, and take whatever necessary precautions so this day is absolutely perfect.

6. A "weed friendly" movie night with your partner, where you can enjoy your favorite films while smoking or vaporizing.

When it comes to films, HØJ is an expert recommending the best ones to accompany with a good bowl of weed. A movie date night is always a good idea for Valentine’s Day, so feel free to check out our guides for the best movies to watch while high and select the perfect one for your significant other. You won’t regret it!

7. A romantic atmosphere by lighting scented candles and smoking or vaporizing cannabis together.

With enough scented candles, any hotbox can turn romantic, so if you are both stoners who never pass up an opportunity to vaporize some good weed, then this idea is just for you. Get some rose petals, maybe a good wine, and you have a party going. Just remember to stock up on snacks and select your best strains to share with the most special person in your life!

8. A romantic atmosphere by putting on some soft music and smoking or vaping together.

For many people, the perfect Valentine date is a quiet romantic night spent with your significant other, just enjoying each other’s company. And if you are both fans of cannabis, then selecting a good album to listen to, and preparing some joints or your favorite pipe, just talking and getting romantic, is all you need. Never pass the chance for a low key night to remember!

9. A game night with your partner and incorporating cannabis into the games.

For a special kind of stoner, the most nerdy ones, a game night sounds like the perfect date for Valentine’s Day. Here at HØJ we also have a guide with some very fun stoners games you can try; however, those are more fitting for larger parties and the like, so if you want something more intimate, try a more traditional game, and give it a cannabis spin: Jenga, but every time someone loses, they have to eat an edible. Or light up some joints and play strip poker! Weed makes you horny, after all, and today is Valentine’s Day, so get on that!

10. Creating a romantic atmosphere by reading poetry or your favorite book together while smoking or vaping.

Finally, for the most romantic idea on this list, reading poetry or your favorite book together while smoking your favorite strain of weed is a good bonding activity for a date you really want to make special. So get some more candles, select your books, turn off your phone, and enjoy an evening with your significant other like you never had before. Literature is always the best bet!

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