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Spannabis 2024: World's Biggest & Most Influential Cannabis Convention


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Once again in the month of March, Barcelona is set to host the renowned Spannabis convention, consolidating its position as one of the most prominent events in the global cannabis industry. 

This gathering serves as a platform for the industry's leading brands to present their latest products and discuss trending topics within the cannabis sector. However, what makes Spannabis truly unique is its inclusive nature. 

This prestigious event welcomes not only industry professionals but also marijuana enthusiasts, dispensary owners, and anyone with an interest in or connection to the subject. National and international professionals and visitors will be able to exchange opinions and have the opportunity to interact. Sounds thrilling, right? 

Join us as we delve into the details of Spannabis 2024, exploring everything from the brands and companies participating to the diverse offerings that attendees will find. 

Whether you're curious about how to attend, what to expect, or where to find accommodations, we've got you covered.

The History of Spannabis

Starting in 2002 at Palau Sant Jordi, the first Spannabis event was a modest gathering organized by a group of entrepreneurs aiming to connect with a small community of cannabis enthusiasts. 

Over the years, its popularity increased to extraordinary heights, becoming one of the world's biggest cannabis conventions. Recognizing the need for a larger venue, the event relocated to Fira de Cornellá, a facility of 18,000 square meters (193,750.39 square feet) of capacity. 

This move showed a clear sign of growth in both scale and significance. For instance, in the edition preceding the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Spannabis drew almost 35,000 attendees, showcasing unprecedented growth and importance in the cannabis industry landscape.

Fira de Cornellá, Spannabis' Hosting Site

First things first, where will this cannabis fair take place? Fira de Cornellà ('fira,' a Catalan word that means 'fair') is a spacious venue adaptable for events, fairs, product presentations, filming of spots, films, etc., located on the south side of Barcelona. 

The fair will open its doors from March 15th to 17th, with operating hours from 11:00 to 20:30 on Friday and Saturday, and from 11:00 to 20:00 on Sunday. Prices for tickets are 25€ for a one-day pass or 55€ for a three-day pass. This pass allows you to enter and exit the event as you please, while the one-day ticket only grants you entry once. 

By the way, we strongly advise you to buy your tickets in advance; Spannabis 2023 broke all attendance records, and this year might attract even more people.

Photo of people outside Spannabis venue
Photo of people outside Spannabis venue (Spannabis, 2023)

What You Expect From Spannabis 2024

This international expo / trade show / feria is a three-day event where relevant agents of the cannabis sector, enterprises and even political personalities will discuss the latest trends in cannabis. It will be the perfect opportunity to discover cannabis consumption methods, and find products such as vaporizers, pipes, grinders, papers, etc. 

Dispensary owners will have the opportunity to learn how to reach new potential clients and make new contacts, while cultivators will discuss methods of growing cannabis and explore topics related to cultivation and consumption. You will be able to find art, different music styles, live performances and everything around our favorite plant.

HOJ booth at Spannabis 2023
HØJ booth and staff at Spannabis 2023 (HØJ Media)
HOJ products at Spannabis 2023
HØJ products at Spannabis 2023 (HØJ Media)

Sponsored mainly by the nutrients company Mills, Spannabis will bring together well-known faces within the industry. Other sponsors include Terra Aquatica, Barney's Farm, Green House Seed Co., Plagron, among others. Evidently, HØJ will be present, too (stand 274), with some of our finest products and merchandise for your smoking pleasure! Be ready to find exclusive offers, contests, and giveaways from most exhibitors, in fact, the Spannabis guide will include a discount voucher booklet when entering the fair. 

Last year, for instance, the Spanish company Sweet Seeds held a contest in which 1,000 lucky buyers shared a total of 25,000 seeds.

World Cannabis Conference

In particular, one of the most important features will be the twelfth edition of the World Cannabis Conference. Among the distinguished speakers are Clara Sativa, Adriana Fortea, and Joana Piñero from Spain, Kitty Chopaka from Thailand, and Matthew Rockwell from the U.S. To give you an idea, more than 280 international exhibitors and over 3,900 professionals are expected to attend. 

Here's a brief list of the schedule:

World Cannabis Conference 2024 logo

Spannabis 2024: Friday 15th

  • Learn how to explore the Deep Web in 45 minutes/14:00-14:45
  • Cannabis Social Clubs: Spanish model as an example of regulation/15:00-16:00

  • The cannabis industry organizes itself. Sector project for 2024-2025/16:00-16:45

  • Living soil and the American Craft Revolution/17:00-18:00

  • Smoked stories: A review of cannabis cinema/18:15-19:00

Spannabis 2024: Saturday 16th

  • Lemon Tree: the evolution of an authentic Californian brand/14:00-14:45

  • Psychedelia in 2024: medications, microdosing and community use/ 15:00-15:45

  • 2024: new horizons in cannabis regulation: analysis and future strategies/ 16:00-17:15

  • If legalization is not for everyone, this is not my legalization: The case of Thailand/17:30-18:30

  • Women and cannabis in the history of humanity/18.45-19:30

Spannabis Champions Cup

The event will culminate with the traditional Spannabis Champions Cup, during which enterprises and exhibitors will be recognized and awarded in categories such as the best seed bank, best booth, best cannabis product, best innovations, etc. The award ceremony will take place on Friday from 19:30 to 20:00.

World Cannabis Conference 2024 logo

International Cannabis Business Conference

For all of our friends interested in B2B information, we are glad to announce that The International Cannabis Business Conference will collaborate with Spannabis to organize the fourth edition of one of the most important business meetings. The event will take place in the Cornellà Auditorium on Thursday, March 14, 2024 with a VIP party afterwards. For more information click here.

World Cannabis Conference 2024 logo

Spannabis 2024: Traveling & Accomodations

Is traveling to Barcelona expensive?

Evidently, it depends on how close you are to Spain. For instance, flying from L.A. in March, you can find flights from Iberia for around $600 (+ taxes and fees). If you're in New York, there are slightly cheaper flights using TAP Air Portugal. 

From Canada, you can explore similar options with different airlines such as Air France, Air Canada, or Delta, ranging from $650 to $700, depending on your preferences for flight upgrades.

Where can I find accommodations nearby?

These are the closest hotels to this Barcelona event. We have several options for you:

  • HOTEL IBIS FIRA DE CORNELLÀ 2: Albert Einstein, 53 – 55 Tel. 93 475 17 77
  • HOTEL CAMPANILE 3: Av. Del Maresme, 7 Tel. 93 377 21 01 
  • NOVOTEL CORNELLÀ 4:  Av. Del Maresme, 78 Tel. 93 474 70 00 
  • HOTEL NH CORNELLÀ 3: Av Can Corts, 11-13 Tel. 93 475 08 95 
  • HOSTAL RESTAURANTE CORNELLÀ: Carretera d’Esplugues, 135 Tel. 93 376 50 96

If you prefer to rent a more private space, there are Airbnb hosts in the area which range from $40 (+taxes and fees) around the area and the event date.

Spannabis 2024: Recommendations & FAQs

Specific directions to Spannabis Barcelona

To reach the event, you have multiple transportation options based on your preferences or convenience. 

Nearby, you'll find bus stops and taxi services. If you prefer to drive, you can rent a car and use the fair's parking lot. For those staying in accommodations nearby, pedestrian access is fairly easy, but if you're arriving by private vehicle, the B-10 Ronda Litoral, B-20 Ronda de Dalt Salida 15, and A2 Salida 60 highways provide access. 

Alternatively, if you're using the subway, the METRO L5 (Cornellà stop) is within a 15-minute walk. Other options include using local bus routes such as L57, L67, L68, L94, and L95 to get you nearby.

Do the facilities provide restrooms, parking, and general security?

The fair is located inside a modern venue with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable experience. It provides three areas of restroom services, a secured parking lot with 450 spaces, private security, internet areas, and emergency exits, etc.

Will there be any food services inside the fair?

The fair does have cafeteria and restaurant services, and it will also be possible to find other food at the stands or booths from exhibitors.

Will the fair take place outdoors, or is it located inside a building?

The fair will have roof-covered areas and open-air sections.

Can I smoke inside the venue?

While cannabis is not legal in Spain, personal use is decriminalized. Specifically, the law in Barcelona forbids the public use and display of marijuana; however, there are up to 300 cannabis clubs. In conclusion, the legislation around cannabis de facto has many gray areas (wink, wink*). For more certainty, we strongly advise you to search for an official statement on the matter and to follow local laws.

Thank you for reading this article. 

Remember to visit HØJ's booth this Spannabis 2024! You'll get the opportunity to see all our products and get exclusive deals and discounts at the event. Don't miss the chance to win free products and other special prizes from HØJ; we have plenty of surprises prepared for you this Spannabis' edition. For more information, stay tuned on our social media, follow us on Instagram.

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