HØJ's Wholesale Program - The Best Wholesale Smoking Accessories
HØJ Business
At HØJ, we strive to reshape the herb experience by crafting exceptional products that touch upon every stage of the herb journey: from consumption and preparation to the ultimate enjoyment.
All HOJ products exhibit together: KLIP grinder, HAMP rolling papers, KOL and KOL mini pipe with filters, KLIP funnel and blades.
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Sustainability at our core
As a destination for the consciously-minded, we have always been passionate about bringing the best products that are good for you and for the planet. Your wellbeing, and that of the planet, are at the heart of everything we do.
We don't do business with businesses,
We do business with people
We're passionate about building long-term business relationships that matter
HOJ products: KLIP grinder, funnel and KOL pipe on beige background
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Our philosophy is centered around being better, together. We constantly update and curate our content library for our wholesale partners. You will always have the sharpest and most up-to-date visual assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

black and white photo of KLIP grinder over wood
How long does it take to deliver?
Normal delivery takes 3 to 5 days, depending on the location. We do provide express processing with next-day delivery for an additional fee.
Can I order a sample order?
Yes, we offer sample orders. Your first order comes with free shipping and 1 of each of our products. 
Do you ship to my country?
We ship worldwide from our warehouses in United Kingdom, Germany and the US. 
How are warranty claims handled?
Our products come with a lifetime warranty and have a QR code in the packaging, which gives access to our app HØJ House.
How do I access your content library?
You can access our content library through our wholesale platform. We do bi-weekly content drops that is curated towards both E-commerce, Social Media on in-store experiences.
Join our community
Follow us on @hoj.life and use the hashtag #hojlife to be featured
hand holding KOL pipe
KLIP grinder over cork packaging and KOL pipe on the side
One KOL pipe and two KOL mini pipe in their packaging stacked on a wooden bench
KOL and KOL mini pipe surrounded by green leaves
Hand holding an opened black KLIP grinder showing its blades and control disc
Blond woman with red lips smoking from a KOL pipe
HOJ products in their packaging: five recycled cardboard boxes with HOJ logo on them

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