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How To Use A Nectar Collector: 4 Things You Should Know

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We are truly living through a second Golden Age of Weed, with more options and alternatives than ever to enjoy what Mother Nature has brought to us. This culture has grown beyond the humble joint, pipe, or bong that you might remember from your younger days, so it is very easy to feel left behind a little by the amount of choices and alternatives you can choose today to enjoy a good high. Dabs, tinctures, concentrates, and even nectar collectors await for you if you are willing to explore. However, what is that and how to use a nectar collector? 

This is where we get a little technical, so stay with us while we go through the nuances of these varied cannabis subproducts and the way you are supposed to use them. This guide is meant to walk you through the whole process of making nectar, understanding what it is, how to prepare it, and everything you should know about how to use a nectar collector, taking a dab, and enjoying it as fully as possible. Thanks for reading!

1. What is nectar?

If you are new to this side of cannabis culture, then the term “nectar” might confuse you. In a few words, nectar “often refers to the process of making hash oil only from flower nugs, rather than trim”, according to the site, which might not say much to you. On a more thorough explanation, nectar is the result of reducing the entire cannabis flower to a concentrated and almost pure (80%) THC crystal, meaning that you end with a kind of hardened oil that can give you a major high even in small quantities. This substance, known as nectar, needs a specialized tool to smoke properly, so we’ll get on that. What you need to know is that this type of weed product hits hard, so we only recommend you to try it if you have a decent tolerance already. Otherwise, you might want to get more experience before getting into the game of nectar and dabbing. For the rest, though…

2. What is a Nectar Collector for dabs?

Unlike traditional methods of weed smoking, like bongs, pipes, or joints, smoking nectar or similar substances need a more involved method to enjoy appropriately. At first, you needed a tool called a “dab rig” used to smoke the oil (get it? An oil rig? Stoners sure love their puns), which consists of a water pipe designed to work with cannabis concentrates like wax instead of using the dry herb directly. 

A nectar collector (also known as honey collector or honey straw because the term “nectar collector happens to be a trademarked brand name, just like Kleenex), is usually made of glass or silicone, and has a tiny little titanium dab nail to put the nectar or wax on it, and requires water for filtration purposes. The main difference with a common dab rig is that in a dab rig you put the wax on it to smoke it, while a nectar collector requires you to put the device on the wax, which means that nectar collectors are a little more difficult to use on the go (which is the reason why a silicon option exists, although it seems to alter the flavor of the vapor somewhat).

3. How to use a Nectar Collector

With all those explanations out of the way, let’s get into the process of how to use a nectar collector right, so you can get the best high of your life out of an almost pure THC concentrate. So, as we already mentioned, a nectar collector is a type of dab rig that is used to vaporize concentrates such as wax or shatter. To use a nectar collector, you will need a heat source, typically a butane torch, and the concentrate of your choice, and then follow these steps to use it properly, since you are using fire and very hot metal directly. So take the appropriate precautions, and then… 

  • Heat the tip of the nectar collector with the butane torch until it is red hot.
  • Allow the tip to cool for a few seconds before touching the concentrate with it.
  • Inhale through the mouthpiece while touching the concentrate with the hot tip.
  • Exhale and enjoy the effects of the vapor, which can be very strong if you have a low tolerance. 

  • It is important to note that the tip of the nectar collector can get extremely hot, so handle it with care and use heat-resistant tools to handle the concentrates. You might want to use the nectar collector with a partner that can help you keep track of this tool, since the use of butane torches and hot metal tips can be dangerous if you are inexperienced and very, very high (which is a given with wax concentrates).

    4. Do Nectar collectors have any benefits or advantages?

    As we said before, using these kinds of concentrates are only recommended for experienced stoners that have an already high resistance to THC. You will have the high of your life with this method, no doubt about it, but it’s absolutely not for everyone. Here at HØJ we have talked before about how CBD or low-effect weed variants are popular right now because more people are using cannabis casually to just have some relaxation through the day, and for those people, a nectar collector might not be the best investment. Also, we should remark, nectar collectors can be somewhat dangerous thanks to the need of torches, boiling water, and hot metal tips.


    Still, for many people, the traditional ways are still the best. If you prefer to roll a good old joint, for example, HØJ has the best quality paper you will ever use in the form of our HAMP rolling papers, our KØL 2.0 and KØL Mini as the best and easiest to use pipes you will ever own, and of course, the KLIP grinder to ensure your weed is in top shape to use as in as many ways as you want. So yeah, if your tolerance is high already, go for a nectar collector, but for people looking for something a little less hardcore, then HØJ has what you are looking for.

    Thanks for reading, and until next time!


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    So just wanted to say water is not required and it can be used for any concentrate not just “nectar” which i love CA n never heard of there is crumble or shatter or live resin/rosin. Just never heard it called nectar.

    Posted by Bob on February 15, 2023

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